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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars16
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2014
Wow fans of this series are going to be falling over themselves to read this book. This instalment of the Jane Yellowrock series will tie up unfinished business and give answers that her numerous fans are dying to have but it's also a lynchpin as to just where this characters journey is going. This book is by no means an easy standalone novel and is probably best read as part of a series starting with Skinwalker. If you are looking for urban fantasy and a heroine with heart then look no further.
Janes life as a vampire hunter is finally making sense. Those around her now know of her heritage and abilities and it's strangely liberating to finally show her true self. The only true blot on the horizon is her bust up with her best friend and witch Molly but then again Jane did kill Molly's sister so that's probably to be expected, right? Well actually no as Molly's husband Evan has turned up worried that his wife has disappeared and swearing that Molly had understood and was trying to forgive Jane. Evan is convinced that Molly was on her way to see Jane but she hasn't arrived and the trail has gone cold. Janes not going to leave her friends in the lurch and starts to investigate.
Whilst trying to find out if Molly is safe Jane gets a call from the local vampires asking her to investigate the disappearance of two of their working girls. It's not a request Jane can easily refuse but when she meets up with Leo the Master of the City and he needs her to work at beefing up security at an important gathering he's arranged things start to get a lot more complicated. Is it possible that there's a connection between the missing person cases? It could all be a coincidence but vampire politics are very complicated and the world that Jane inhabits is full of danger.
I've only recently started to read this series as I spotted a novella set in this world in Kicking It and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've had to rapidly catch up and I'm so pleased I finally started reading these books. The character Jane leads a complicated life and a lot of this book is inside Janes head as we are treated to the internal dialogue that she has with her inner Beast. I love Beast! They hardly ever agree but when they do things get done . Beast has very strong ideas about those around Jane but just like Jane is über protective of those deserving it.
This was quite an emotional read at one point as Janes love life seems to be at a huge turning point and it's a pivotal moment. I fear there will be readers shouting at their books in disgust but I did say that Janes life was complicated!
Although I really enjoyed this I somehow still wanted more. It's a very good book and the writing standard is excellent as always but for me a little more action initially would have been appreciated. For that reason I'd rate this a four and a half
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on 2 March 2014
It breaks my heart to do this but I can only give this novel, the 7th in the Yellowrock series, a 3 star review! For the first time in the entire series, it took me nearly a week to read this instalment end to end - I found myself comfortably doing other things in my spare time instead of grabbing the book and escaping into another favourite world.

Ms Hunter writes beautifully. She writes captivating tales that keep us poor, starving readers tied to her pages in total fascination. She writes about a kick-ass heroine who is feared by all the fang-heads and other sups but is capable of loving, and being loved by, Angie baby and the rest of her motley crew. Ms Hunter created Jane and Beast, an I/we symbiotic entity that clearly demonstrates the strength and instinct of Beast coupled with the human-heart softness of Jane. A balance, if you like.

Now I feel the balance is skewed. I see Beast as the protagonist and Jane as the side-kick, I see Beast as the kick-ass heroine getting out there and doing her thang! And I see Jane as the weaker one, Jane who cries over Ricky-Bo becoming an ex for the second time, Jane who tingles when Bruiser is near but can't seem to take it anywhere, Jane always blaming herself when things go wrong instead of just dealing with it. And like Jane, I want to cry in frustration!

Ms Hunter is also very good at weaving new plots, of creating mystery that slowly reveals itself as you continue to read. However, there were times I was just plain confused - Leo seems to know everything that's happening around him and the facts are only revealed afterwards - but in some cases, I felt this undermined Jane, highlighting the fact that she was always catching up, always blaming herself and then just reacting as the situation demanded it. Again, in my opinion, this just made Jane appear weak. I feel that if this series is to continue successfully, Jane needs to grow a pair and start taking control of her own destiny - and the men in her life!

On the plus side we see Jane learning to accept her past and who she really is and we see her coming to the wonderful realisation that Beast is happy to be I/we. We see a definite change in Leo's attitude to Jane but I couldn't understand if that was because of Beast's binding to the MOC, or vice versa?? Or another of those confusing threads that allows Ms Hunter to continue with another book in the series?

I'm not sure I'll be reading any future releases - who knows, maybe Ms Hunter will start tying some of those loose threads together to create a stupendous end to the series? One can hope.
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on 7 January 2014
The seventh book in the Jane Yellowrock series keeps the reader on the edge of their seats.

Coming into New Orleans convinced that his wife, Molly, had come to see Jane, Evan Trueblood discovers that the witch made it to the city and then disappeared. Jane's desperate search for her best friend leads her deep in a web of black magic and betrayal and closer to a new enemy, one who is more powerful than any she has ever faced.

This steady to fast paced plot keeps the reader on their toes with lots of suspense and action. The author brings it to life with vivid imagery, intense details and strong bewitching characters that capture the imagination and doesn't let go. The well written scenes are appropriately timed and believable making it easy for the reader to get totally caught up in the story.

The characters in the Jane Yellowrock series are compelling with intriguing lives that the author incorporates with ease into Jane's adventures which add lots of depth to the story. Jane is a kick ass ruthless heroine that always comes out on top, but goes through hell to do so. Watching Jane's personal growth and accepting herself as she is adds additional spice to the story, really making the character come alive. All the characters work great together and blend well with the plots of each and every story.

The author keeps reader's guessing with new enemies, intriguing problems and lots of action and suspense. This book is no exception she grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning and keeps it to the very end. Faith Hunter is a wonderful storyteller that knows her characters well and makes it easy for all her reader's to get to know them too.

I have followed Jane Yellowrock's story from the beginning and I find her to be one my favorite urban fantasy heroines and highly entertaining. I really have fell in love with all the amazing characters and the mesmerizing series keeps getting more and more interesting with additional elements that I can't wait to see unfold and I wait (very impatiently) for the next book with anticipation.
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on 18 January 2014
I was first introduced to Faith Hunter by my husband (just as much a fan as me) through the Rough Mage series, if you are an urban fantasy fan please check out this series also it's amazing. Anyway back to Jane and beast this is the seventh in the Jane Yellowrock series, if you have read the first six then what's stopping you?!

This series has everything you are looking for, vampires, shape shifters, witches, romance awesome fighting scenes and unputdownable plot, the relationships between the characters all keep me coming back for more.

Give Jane and the beast a chance and you won't look back...
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on 10 February 2014
Where to begin? Well, at the start. If you haven't had the joy of Jane Yellowrock, go back to the beginning and read the first " Skin Walker". In this one Jane's best friend, Molly has disappeared when coming to visit Jane in New Orleans. It's only when Evan (Molly's husband) turns up ready to kill, that Jane steps in to help.
I love this series, so much. Each book has showed us another layer to both Jane and Beast. There is everything you could want in here, mystery, fear, fun, fighting (you are so gonna love one particular fight scene!!) and heartbreak.
All I can say is if Faith Hunter wants to write it, I am happy to read it. She weaves a tale that will keep you up at night and will stay with you long after you finish the book. Go on, treat yourself!
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on 9 August 2014
I have enjoyed the series so far but, in this book, started to get a bit fed up with Jane's inability to sort out her love life and getting a bit bored with the description of her calling on Beast - too repetitive for me although, if you only read one book in the series, you wouldn't notice! Overall, well written and high standard for the genre but want to see some resolution to Jane's personal quandaries soon and I will be sticking with the series hoping for some decisive outcomes
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on 12 March 2014
The story of Jane continues. And with each adventure we get the gradual development of the supporting cast. Eli, Derek, The Kid and Bruiser continue to provide muscle, brains and snark aplenty. Leo, Katie, Del and the newly presented Shiloh seethe undeath and vamp politicking while Molly, Big Evan, the babies and the ladies of the sweat house wrap it all in magic and mystique. A Beast of a series!
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on 18 October 2014
I love this series. Others have given details of the story/characters so I won't go into that other than to say, like others, I am a little frustrated with the romance angle - she's such a strong character and it feels a bit of a cop-out to make her a bit wimpy in the romance dept. Still, I love the rest of the story so am willing to live with that.
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on 15 April 2014
I only recently discovered Faith Hunter, having taken a chance on the first Jane Yellowrock novel back in December. I was annoyed that I'd waited so long to discover her, but very pleased that it gave me the opportunity to read her books back to back. Nothing else to say, except this joins my list of favourite authors of this genre.
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2014
The latest in the Jane Yellowrock series is every bit as great as those before it. Other reviewers have described the story, so I'll just say it's a must read. It can stand alone, but why deprive yourself of hours & hours & hours of pleasure? Start from book 1 or even better, buy and read the whole series in one go!
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