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4.7 out of 5 stars70
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2001
I read this book after a friend recomended it to me .I am glad she did as it is one of the best books I have ever read it was totally addictive and could not put it down. It is all about a 12 year old girl called Martha. Her parents belong to a stict religious group the 'Rightgious' which means she has to keep to strict rules and commands with no modern priverliges such as TV,computers and other things like that. She has a bad home life and her father beats her plus she is bullied at school. But the worst thing is the secret she hides .Her secret is Abomination !
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on 16 April 2001
Hi I read this book as a class reader and thought it would be wierd at first but it was excellent. It is about how sisters get in touch on the internet through wierd circumstances. It is about a girl called Martha who belongs to a religous group and cannot wear normal clothes or go out like normal kids. Martha makes one friend at school called Scott who helps her through her problems and makes her feel better. I thought he was very nice as he helped Martha contact her sister through the internet. Scott was a true friend and Martha gained more confidence from this friendship and was able to see her sister. There is a secret about her and her family in the book but you must read it to find out. I learnt a lot from talking about it in class and reading it again. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who loves a good book.
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on 22 October 2003
“Abomination is a thriller. It races towards an ultimate cliff hanger”
It is a very touching book that moves you as you read it. It does have some funny closed doors. It does show how a young girls life is controlled by her parent’s religion and emphasises what goes on in her life. It’s nicely written as diary entries of two totally different people and their feelings about life and each other. It shows that all isn’t what it seems to be as a 12-year-old girl lives two lives- hell: inside her house with her parents and heaven: outside with Scott. It does show different things that children experience; e.g.: bullying; neglect and growing up. It explores love between 2 12-year-olds and what it is that they feel for each other.
It is a great book to read and once you start, you can’t stop. IT’S REALLY THAT GRIPPING! I loved it, and recommend to anybody that wants a GOOD READ.
It’s not gruesome, sexist or scary. It’s just a book that shows how other people live.
I’m 13 years old and I loved the book. No matter how old or how young you are, it’s still a thriller.
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on 16 October 2001
This book is great. It's one of the best books i have ever read. Robert Swindells draws you right into the book and you just can't put it down. Martha a 12 year old girl has been treated badly in her home for her life. Her sister had run away from home when she was 16 years old. The family has a shameful secret never to be told. The family belongs to the righteous group you see and if they tell someone and the secret gets told they believe they will break the laws of god. I recommend this book to all people adult or child.
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on 24 January 2001
I read this book recently and I actually read it from cover to cover. My english teacher reccomended that I read it and I'm really glad she did. Martha is very lonely in the story and Scott who gradually begins to fall in love with her lures her mind away from the monster as it's described in the book, is very understanding of Martha's problems. Thanks to my English teacher and to Robert Swindells for writing such a great book. I reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys an amazing storyline. Stuart Laird.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 January 2009
Martha is bullied at school because of her clothes and introverted personality, but Scott is also new at this school, and feels sorry for Martha. Soon he, too, is being bullied by the other kids.

In ABOMINATION, the bad guys are a religious extremist group that encourages child abuse, dictates what its parishioners wear, and regulates how they behave. It is a condemning look at a religious faction in which the families do not have television, computers, or cell phones.

Twelve-year-old Martha is not allowed to have friends, and can never invite anyone to their house...they might learn of the actual Abomination that lives in the basement.

Her older sister, Mary, was expelled from the family at age 16 for bad behavior, and now sends an occasional post card to Martha, which is promptly torn up by their father, and then retrieved and saved by Martha. Though Martha is required to feed and care for the Abomination, the identity of this creature is not revealed until near the end of the book.

When Martha realizes what has actually happened with her sister, she and Scott decide to try to contact her, and the suspense kicks into high gear as the kids defy Martha's parents to right a terrible wrong.

Swindells has crafted a compelling novel that will keep you reading to the very last page.

Reviewed by: Grandma Bev
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on 3 June 2014
This book is very sad and exciting why? i will tell you why there are two young children called Martha and Mary. they are beaten by their parents and then Mary leaves home.

Their parents are very horrible and controlling over Martha, she had a disgusting,sad life until she met a new friend and is saved by a boy called Scott.

Martha is a young girl trapped in a world where her parents are cruelly beating her.she is not a bright young girl because of her parents.

my favorite part of the story was both disturbing and thrilling! it was when we discovered what the abomination was. guess who's little boys it was!!!!! it was Mary's little boy because she thought he was adopted six years ago. However,Mary comes back to get him!!!

In the novel we discovered how terribly cruel people can be and that they are stopped before they destroy others lives. Martha and Scott are very strong especially Martha because she gets hit but Scott saves Martha's life from getting brutally hit by her parents.

I would recommend this to people above eight because younger children might find it hard to read. It can be for both girls and boys because once you start reading it you don't want to stop. So if you enjoy reading you should read this book.

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on 27 May 2002
I think abomination is a very interesting read.It shows life situations such as child snatching and beliefs.Martha and her family belong to a group called the Righteous and Martha has a dark secret but when she meets an amazing boy named Scott she expresses her secret to him.Suprisingly her parents find out and she is being forced to move but can Scott save her by getting in touch with Martha's long lost sister,Mary through the internet.Each chapter starts with both characters talking about the previous day and how they communicate with one another although both come from different backgrounds.I found it exciting wondering what would happen next.I would thoroughly recommend it to other keen readers!
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on 14 February 1999
My mum bought this book last week because she is an English teacher and a great fan of Robert Swindells. She read it in one sitting and thought it was very good. I have not read any Robert Swindells before but decided to give this a go. I read it in three sittings and thought it was so good. It raises so many issues that are relevent to kids my age(9 1/2). It has made me think of bullying, religion (Mum's training to be ordained!) but most of all the importance of friendship. The other thing I liked about it was that I didn't feel as if I was being talked down to and treated like a kid. An excellent book. Thank you Mr Swindells. Luke Scrivens
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on 18 January 1999
Martha has a secret-a shameful secret. It's name is Abomination........... Martha is picked on at school because she is so unlike the others kids, No T.V., No huge room, No cool clothes and worst of all NO FRIENDS. Her parents are all to blame for this. They won't LET her have any friends, they are ardent followers of a strict religious group, they say she is too different from others, it will only cause trouble. They might have let her do so, if they were not scared of one coming round, and finding the truth about Abomination. Then a new boy, Scott, moves into Martha's class, and she starts to think, Should I tell? Should I tell him about the beating, the chuch, my sister and even Abomination? By way of raising suspension in the story, Martha and Scott take it in turns to be the first person. In this book, Robert Swindells does not find it hard to tackle disturbing issues aimed, normally for adults, like teenage sex, Illagitimacy, strict religious affairs and being beaten by your own parents. One of the most disturbing matters is, of course, Abomination, but certainly this reveiwer is not going to spoil the book for you by telling you what it is! Robert Swindells is very good at taking adult topics and turning them into children's books. We seen this in such previous books such as Stone Cold, where he takes homelessness and tries to show it as evil. He also likes having two points of view, also in Stone Cold and partly in another of his novels Staying Up. This bone-chilling, heart-stopping adventure is both frightening and partly romantic. I give it a great big TEN out of TEN, so go down to your local library and reserve it before it's to late! Robert Swindells I am your number one fan, I have read most of your books from Staying Up to Room 13, but this is by far the best!
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