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4.7 out of 5 stars39
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2012
Alex has recently lost her beloved Father to Alzheimer's. A worse tragedy lurks in her childhood ... where she witnessed her Mother and brother being brutally murdered by monsters. Her Father and she escaped from Florida .... Fleeing to Harmony in Alaska and building a new life for themselves. Alex has done everything she can to escape the past but she can't outrun it forever. She discovers the murdered bodies of a family of friends and her life begins to spin out of control. A complete stranger inspires trust when familiar friends cause unease. She is certain that she knows what has committed the atrocities but how can she tell the townsfolk without them believing her insane?

Kade escaped Alaska a year ago. Escaped his brother's dark secret, his own wildness and the disappointment of his Father. The invite to join the Order had given him the perfect excuse to escape it all ... or so he thought. However, now he's back, investigating the brutal killings of locals and finds himself drawn to the local bush pilot, who just happens to be another Breedmate.

Kade initially suspects the murders are committed by Rogues. Then he begins to have misgivings about the innocence of his own brother. Something far more sinister then rears it's ancient, alien head.

Kade falls hard and fast for Alex. He knows that he has to tell her the truth about who he is, who she is and about the world they inhabit but .... How can he confess to being the very thing she despises and fears?

This is book 7 in the series. It has it's predictable twists. Every book features a different Breedmale (usually a Warrior) and how he meets his human Breedmate. Despite this predictability, the on-going story of the escaped Ancient, the evil Dragos and the thousand year old battle that the Warriors have waged keeps the stories fresh and interesting. These books are action-packed, fast moving and an enjoyable read.
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on 31 August 2011
Lara Adrian keeps wowing me with these fantastic Midnight Breed novels, not least because the story moves around from Boston to Germany to Prague and now to Alaska. This, of course, provides plenty of new scanarios and variety.

Ms Adrian paints a wonderfully realistic picture of the bitter, snowstorm driven Alaskan winter. The scenery just comes alive, whether on the ground or from Alex's small bush plane; you feel the bitter cold and the Ancient is terrifyingly real - he actually reminded me an awful lot of Robert de Niro playing Frankenstein's Monster in the film by Kenneth Branagh. Once he was on the loose, he cut a lonely figure of a monster, wandering the forbidden frozen landscape alone, trying to survive. And as was mentioned above, I don't think the Ancient is dead either. The next book is Brock's story with Jenna (Alex's friend who was tortured by the Ancient in Shades of Midnight). I'd be astonished if this creature did not make a re-appearance in book 8! A fall from the cliff and a covering of avalanche snow can't possibly be the demise of the most powerful otherworlder.

I'm now loving these books so much, they have actually surpassed JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood for me. And I never thought I'd say that! I WISH I was a Breedmate!!!

The only thing that disappoints me slightly (and I know I've said this in the other reviews) is that the whole war the Order is waging is meant to be with Dragos, the very epitome of evil directed not only toward the vampire race but all humanity to boot.

And yet, as evil as Dragos is meant to be, he never stands his ground. He is forever running with his tail between his legs. He doesn't seem evil enough to me. But that's a minor point and, obviously, one day there will have to be the inevitable showdown and the death of Dragos - it's just a question of how many more warriors' stories we will get until the conclusion. Until then, I guess Dragos will just have to keep running.

A totally addictive series. Most highly recommended 10/10
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2010
Finished this last night and I really enjoyed it! I like this series, although I am getting the BDB and Order mixed up and can't remember all the females and I keep imagining them all living in a big compound together instead of two separate ones, and it took me ages last night to try and remember who was the leader of the BDB! My memory is bad, true? lol Anyway, I like the mythology behind these vampires more so than the stupid scribe virgin in the BDB series, and I like where the plot is going and also that there IS one and damn but all these guys are just gorgeous (I keep checking to see if I've grown a breedmate birthmark overnight but no such luck!) This was Kade's book and it was set in Alaska and of course since it's a romance there is a female involved and there's a HEA but it didn't feel so formulaic as some others - even though the formula was there - and it was a lot of fun. I did a quick check and the next book is out in September (tentative) and will be Brock's book. Brock is Kade's BFF and given the events in this book, it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Book reviewed 12 Jan 2010
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on 31 January 2012
The next installment in the 'Midnight Breed'series is Kades' story.Kade is from Alaska and after a gory slaying he is dispatched to find out if it is a rogue killing.Kade is worried that it may be his twin brother who the other members of the order don't know about.Alex a bush pilot is the one who found the bodies and once he meets her then sparks fly as they say.
I didn't find this book as good as the others,it was like i was reading a book by a different author.I read it quick,got a bit bored and was glad it ended but i didn't hate it.It just didn't feel part of'The Midnight Breed'series.
I did give it 3* though because the way the author described the snowy wilderness made me believe i was there,i even shivered at one time.
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on 24 February 2010
I enjoyed this book a lot. I liked Kade, found him sexy and good chemistry building up with Alex. The love scenes were longer than in some earlier Adrian books. Worth reading.
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What I love about Lara Adrian books is that they are believeable in comparison to the BDB books by JR Ward, a series which started before the Breeds novels. I like both authors, but JRW's 'world' is too complex and by the time another book comes out, I'm in need of a refresher of the terminology and what happened last with all the various factions, plus I need an urban dictionary to understand the slang. Lara Adrian simply delivers an excellent tale, with an Alpha male to die for, and his lady who is pretty much his equal in her own right.

Alex is a bush-pilot in Alaska, living with her wolf-dog Luna, and delivering supplies to the locals. On one visit, she discovers that an entire family has been a manner that seems vaguely familiar from her childhood, but she refuses to admit to this for fear of being scared again, and so she does not elaborate to the townsfolk or sheriff. A video of the slayings appears on the internet and comes to the attention of the Breeds, who immediately realise that maybe a Rogue - or worse, The Ancient - is on the loose and yummy Kade (6'4", long straight shiny black hair and silvery grey eyes, of possible Alaskan and Native American heritage) is despatched to investigate and he soon susses that Alex knows more than she's let on.

Alex (who looks like an older version of Kerstin Stewart from the Twilight films))is attracted to Kade from the very start, but does not trust him as he has to be very minimal with the truth, but when she finds him at the slain family home, and Luna seemingly mesmerised by him, Alex realises that he isn't all bad and she confides in him, and he hires her to take him out on further investigations. She realises that she cannot 'read' Kade but does not think too much of this until they get together, and she realises that his gift is telepathy with animals and the ability to see what they see and to command them, and when he sees her birthmark, he realises that she is a Breedmate, and therefore must have a gift, which turns out to be the ability to know when someone is lying, which she realises she did know, but unconsciously so.

Kade and Alex,Tegan, Hunter and Chase have to battle minions, Breed warriors created by Dragos and also The Ancient, who may or may not have survived a fall and an avalanche, which also kills Seth, Kade's twin who has been overcome by bloodlust, but who saves his brother at the cost of his own life...We also get introduced to Jenna, Alex's best friend, who 4 years ago lost her husband and daughter in a car crash, and who is finding the anniversary hard to cope with, and who gets attacked by The Ancient, ending up mysteriously imbued with the knowledge of his primitive language, which she starts to spout. I got the feeling that she is also soon to be found as a Breedmate, probably Brock's, as he came over all protective and Alpha+++ when he discovered her injured and healed her...and stayed to watch over her as the others went off to battle.

Yes, with all series, it is great to see mention of previous leads in each new book, but I like that you don't absolutely have to read all of Lara Adrian's books in the right order to be able to make sense of the series; this book could easily have been picked up and read by someone new to the series as a standalone. It was fast-paced, sexy, action-packed and I read it in the space of 2hrs. Whilst I know it's a paranormal, it did seem to make believable sense that Breeds and other species could well be alive and living amongst humans in this day and age, but that we're blissfully unaware...unless we're lucky enough to be Breedmates/similar!

I've since been on the author's website, and yes, Brock's tale is next, out in Aug 2010, and this has already been preordered via
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on 21 April 2010
This is the 6th in the series and my personal favourite. Kade has been in the background in the other books and certainly comes into his own in this one.
I won't give the game away but he is one of a twin from Alaska. He meets Alex who is a bush pilot and they click straight away. The story really works and the chemistry between the two of them is brilliant.

I have read and re-read all of Christine Feehan's books and thought I should give another author a chance to shine. Well done Lara, I look forward to the next one.
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This is book 7 in the Midnight Breed series & although each book can be read as a stand alone story I really recommend that you read the books in order in order to get the most out of the series and follow the ongoing story.

Alex is a pilot in Alaska who earns a living delivering supplies to remove villages. When doing one of her usual deliveries she discovers the bodies of an entire family who have been brutally murdered. The terrifying thing for Alex is that she has seen this kind of damage before - when her Mother & Brother were killed years ago. She had escaped the tragedy with her Father & they fled to Alaska hoping they would be safe there. Alex has never told anyone the truth about her past and doesn't know who to turn to now that it seems to be happening again.

The Order becomes aware of the killings when video footage of the bodies turns up on the internet. Suspecting that the family was killed by Rogues Lucan decides to send Kade back to his homeland to control the situation and make sure the Rogues are dealt with. Kade left Alaska a year ago to join the Order in Boston and hasn't been home since, avoiding issues he has with his twin brother Seth. Although Kade has made appearances in previous books we don't know much about him or his history and I really enjoyed finding out more about him. His talent is telepathy with animals and he is able to to see through their eyes and control their actions which I found really interesting.

The attraction between Kade and Alex is instant although he has no idea that she is a Breedmate and she struggles to understand why she finds herself so drawn to him. I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop and really loved Kade. There are so many things going on in this book & I couldn't put it down. The ongoing war between the Order and the Rogues is developing really well & I can't wait to see what happens next.

I've been a fan of this series since the first book but I honestly think it is just getting better & better with each new release. I love the world that Lara Adrian has created - it drew me in from the beginning and has kept me hooked ever since. The action is fast paced and building up to what I can only assume will be a spectacular finish, although I'm pleased to say we have several more books to come! I've already re-read most of the books in the series & I know I'll be happy to read this one again in the future. If you haven't already discovered the series then I'd highly recommend it.
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on 28 March 2013
I am hooked on this series, and every single book I have read so far (11 in the series so far, with one ebing written now) has gripped me. The characters are amazing, both supernatural and mortal, the love stories have you gripped, the steamy scenes are just that. I can't wait for the rest of the series from Lara. ABSOLUTELY BUY THIS SERIES........THE FIRST 4 ARE ON AT A GREAT PRICE.
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on 16 July 2012
I read the first book as a free download and was not expecting much. How wrong was I! It was non stop action, loved the characters and before I even finished the book I was downloading the whole series. I have to admit, not much house work was done and I thoroughly enjoyed the books, was sad to read the last instalment. Laura please, please can we have some more.
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