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3.6 out of 5 stars15
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 July 2011
This book is the equivalent to the web sites and various books that have tried to discredit the idea that JFK was murdered by Oswald alone. The point is that unless you were there or know someone directly involved who you can trust the average citizen can never really know the truth about these matters and will not have the wherewithal to be able to carry out an investigation of their own. However according to the 'Disclosure project' many well placed military personel and government officials have stated and are prepared to swear before the US Congess that book 'Day After Roswell' is true and reflects pretty accurately what happened.
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on 25 May 2008
It is totally incorrect to say that the 'Alien Autopsy' film is purported to show Roswell aliens. The two have never been linked by UFOlogists and in fact the film is considered highly suspect and is not accepted as genuine by any investigators worthy of the name. So to perform a 'welcome' hatchett job on the film does not discredit Roswell at all.
That the isotope value in the silver and copper "fragments" is consistant only with that naturally occuring on earth and not with the probable values found in a Red Giant or Supernovae does not detract from the possibility that these fragments could well have been harvested on a planet like Earth. None of these fragments are large enough to display either alien or earthbound technical structure or design which neither proves nor disproves a connection to Roswell. Incidentally, how would any life form, alien or otherwise, harvest copper from a red giant or supernovae?
It is widely acknowledged that the debris field discovered on the Brazel ranch was very extensive,1/2 a mile by 300 yards minimum. We cannot therefore later be led to believe that this was the same Project Mogul wreckage displayed by Brig. Gen Ramey and Maj. Marcel and which would then hardly fill a suitcase.
Also, dozens of military and scientific personel were deployed to the debris site for days on a clear-up. All for one balloon? I don't think so. Mogul was declassified 50 years ago so why also have the authorities issued four seperate explanations for the debris origin since 1947?
Before his death Brig.Gen Ramey admitted to a cover-up and to deceiving the press and the public, as have several other participants. The signal paper in his hand shown in those early display photos was technically enhanced in recent years and clearly mentions, "SAUCER", "CRASH" and "VICTIMS".
It is well past the secrecy act 'sell by' date but that signal has still not been released, it has not seen the light of day from that moment to this.
This book clearly avoids the testimony of numbers of witnesses who all testify, not only to what they have witnessed but also to the physical and mental intimidation and threats that they receceived in an effort to maintain a cloke of silence. All this for a weather balloon?
Methinks I smell a rat. Contorted evidence, mis-representation, mistruth and mis-information. I could go on about the integrity of this book but time and space do not allow.
And so, in its various forms, the denial continues...
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on 25 May 2014
I bought this book in the hope that |I would be able to learn about the Roswell incident through an impartial presentation of the known facts. Instead what I found with this book was that the author is heavily biased and has an agenda to show that there was no ufo crash at Roswell. It just gets after page of spiteful almost obsessive bias against any theory of a ufo.

I could not read this book to it's conclusion and put it aside just past the half way point.
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on 24 May 1999
By the so called "ufologists," actually. It is really difficult to take one seriously when one doesn't take his job seriously. And that is the problem with "ufologists." Every claim that fits their scheme is valid, and they go unchecked. Hearsay becomes the truth, if it complies with their beliefs. It looks just like another sect.
This book uses the very material provided by the believers to show the incongruences of their stories. It doesn't try to prove if Roswell's UFO crash happened or not. Mostly, it checks the "evidence" provided and when it gets scrutinized, little remains. In order to do this, the author verifies basic documentation (which, of course, believers didn't look for) to prove some "witnesses" can't be trusted.
The author hardly expresses his opinions, he presents information hidden by UFO fanatics and the truth is obvious.
A great book, but not a fun one. If you are up to fantasies, don't read this one. Go see some Hollywood movie or read a book that makes up a Roswell case. (By the way, in my opinion aliens may be visiting our planet, but it's got to be proven by serious people)
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VINE VOICEon 6 January 2003
Roswell is a name that conjures up thoughts of the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial contact-for some people. Kal Korff gives a different view point to this and brings a well reasoned solution based on cold, hard facts to explain the so-called strange events. For those 'who believe' this book will provide you with down to earth answers to all the key points.
Kal reviews previous published works, alleged Roswell related time line of events and exposes gaps, holes and inconsistencies. He has done his homework and requests you do the same and independently verify the information put before you in his book.
For those of you who have seen the alleged 'Alien-footage' and believe you have see proof of an autopsy, and then take a second look. Kal provides a photograph and details of the photographer and catalogues inconsistencies and problems with the film he shot. The author puts forward a rather strong case for the film being a hoax.
Unfortunately Kal did not get time to debate 'live' the alleged facts put forward by Colonel Corso (author 'The day after Roswell') about retro-engineering but includes an Appendix B full of counter evidence you may chase up. A visit to the patent office is suggested for anyone still believing glass-fibres and the like were alien technology.
An Appendix B describes the New York University NYU Balloon Project and Project Mogel and sheds light on the so-called 'Hieroglyphics'. The 'I-beam' hieroglyphs can be explained by human hands along with other flying-disc debris.
For anybody who truly believes aliens were in and around Roswell during the late forties then take a look at the less fantastic evidence, solutions and conclusions. If you are still unconvinced Kal even supplies you with his E-Mail address and welcomes your comments-what more can he offer?
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on 10 April 2015
excellent read thank god someone has brought some sense to such hype
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on 24 March 2003
In my opinion this is the definitive book on Roswell.
Kal is a UFO researcher of long-standing.
The book is well written and laid out. It takes the scientific approach examining claims in the light of verifiable fact.
It exposes many falsehoods that have been absorbed into they mythology of Roswell because they have been taken at face value, rather being examined in detail.
The conclusions may not be what some would wish, but they seem undeniable.
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on 26 March 2013
I was rather disappointed about this book and it's author. whether Kal K. Korff was a true UFO beleiver or just someone employed by the authories to just sew disinformatiom.
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on 25 February 1998
If you think a saucer crashed at Roswell, you MUST read this book. We finally find out how and why what really happened at Roswell has been distorted by hucksters, con men, and the gullible saps who want attention. Read it, or remain ignorant!
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on 27 April 1998
I have independently checked this book's research and it is extremely solid. I used to think Roswell involved the crash of a real UFO, but now this book disproves it! I highly recommend it.
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