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4.8 out of 5 stars
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It's the year 1720, and Annalisa Townsend and her father are on their way to the Caribbean island of Mourning to set up a governorship when they are attacked by pirates. Hiding in the hold, Anna is discovered by the young James Sterling, who, surprisingly, says nothing of her whereabouts to the rest of the pirate crew. When he goes to take her necklace, however, which is all she has left of her mother, she begs him not to and he agrees, but only in exchange for a kiss. He then disappears with the rest of the pirates, and so does the treasure that the ship was carrying.

One year later, Anna has found a ship and crew of her own, and sets out to find James Sterling, determined to get her father's treasure back. She finds James and takes him prisoner easily enough, but getting him to cooperate is another matter entirely. As she spends more and more time with him, she slowly begins to forget that he is a pirate and starts to fall for him. James seems to feel the same about her, but has he really given up his pirating ways, and can she ever really trust him?

TO CATCH A PIRATE is a fun summer read full of swashbuckling adventure and romance on the high seas. Jade Parker, who also writes as Rachel Hawthorne and Lorraine Heath, has created a fantastic world with likeable characters that are sure to win over readers.

Reviewed by: Andie Z.
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on 15 June 2012
What initially attracted me to this book was the simple and refined cover, and the synopsis. Like most girls, I am guilty of having a slight weakness for simple damsel in distress books with a historical background. I soon found out that Annalisa Townsend wasn't quite the damsel in distress I thought she might be.

When the highborn lady Annalisa Townsend has her first kiss stolen from her by a pirate, in exchange for not taking her necklace, something snaps in her; and all the manners and good upbringing will not stop her from getting her own back on the seafaring perpetrator.

To Catch A Pirate is what you would get had Jane Austen ever met a pirate, and decided to write about them. Delightfully on the egde between politeness and plain-and-simple bad manners, courteous and outright rude; it was absolutely great!

Watching Annalisa and James was as much fun as it was irritating. I couldn't help but find comical how they sent verbal jabs at each other about manners and education. But at the same time I was terribly annoyed (as any reader would be) at seeing them fight what was so obvious to me. I wanted to reach into the book and rock the boat, effectively knocking the pair of them together because that was all it would take. I was sure of it!
Observing Annalisa attempt to try and retain some shred of her manners and moral compass, whilst James crossed every line he could think of was quite uniquely funny. This was only matched when James had to come to terms with the fact that despite his pirating ways, when the situation demanded it this sea wizened scallywag was in fact a gentleman in a pirate's clothing.

Through language style, locations and descriptions I could tell Jade Parker had done her homework in trying to recreate an ambiance and scene, that would be faithful to a time when we might have actually encountered such characters.
This historical romance advanced at different speeds depending on the scenario, but I never felt myself slow down when reading it.
Although others would argue that it has nothing out of the ordinary; I would argue that the simplicity and sweetness of this historical romance are its strengths. I know this is a tale I will return to (and already have) over and over again.

A short but incredibly sweet and romantic story. To Catch A Pirate is one of those books that you'll just grab after a hard day at work because you need a little of TLC with a cup of tea or wine (depending on how bad the day was), that will take you no time to get back into, console you and sweep you off your sea legs.

If you liked this then I recommend trying a modern day British Jane Austen version of a paranormal romance with vampires: the Fateful series by Cheri Schmidt.
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on 18 May 2008
'To Catch A Pirate' is a great a spot of light read reading to take up some time and easy to follow. The plot is good if slightly basic and i could personally see a few similarites to 'Pirates Of The Carribean' in it.
The main character of Annalisa is a great heroine, if slightly irritating at times. The romance plot is fairly obvious but follows through well.
The other characters are well thought up and described, especially Crimson and the other piarates.
Towards the end there is more development and excitement as most of the story is set on the one ship and can tend to be dragged out a little.
Overall a nice read for people looking for a simple book.
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on 18 December 2010
This is a beautiful story about a pirate and a woman falling in love. It's very cliché but that doesn't matter. Jade Parker builds up this story very well, and even though you know they're going to get together, it's still a very happy moment when they finally do.
There are parts where you cry, laugh and frown, sometimes all at once.
This is a wonderful summer read, quite short, but well worth the read.
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on 19 March 2011
Great Book!!! really cheesy but really funny!!

Isn't a deep book and the plot is: a good girl falls for "bad" boy but its funny and easy to follow but thats why I love it!!

A Great book to read if you don't take it too seriously also if you find "reading" boring but love stories!

Very easy reading!!
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on 15 June 2012
I've now owned a copy of this book for the past four years and can honestly say I've read it at least three times a year.
It was a simple add on book I bought purely for a holiday read which I expected to give to charity after reading it through, oh how wrong I was.
The story is evenly paced for me, it didn't drag out and didn't jump in too fast though I will admit I do wish it were slightly longer. The characters are believable and not too perfect and real pirates are referenced with true facts about the lifestyle rather than fairy tale.
If you're looking for a great summer read try this book, especially if you like a bit of romance with some pirate action! I fell in love with this little book within a few pages and can usually finish it in one sitting. It's a story that even though is basically a bit predictable (in places) will always leave you smiling when you finish.
A highly recommended light hearted read.
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on 27 July 2010
Annalisa Townsend's ship is set upon by pirates in search of the treasure owned by her father. One of the crew, James Sterling finds her in the hold, but he tries to take her necklace however she begs him not to, for it is the only thing left she has of her mother. He steals a kiss in exchange for the necklace and not taking her up on to deck before his captain.
A year later Annalisa wants to hunt down James Sterling and reclaiming the treasure from him. But she's in danger of him stealing something far more valuable this time : her heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book completing it in less than a day. The lies told by the pirates got me fooled, as well as Annalisa. A brilliant historical-romance for around the ages 12+.
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on 11 October 2010
A very enjoyable read that i think anyone will love...While i think the book is very short and the writter doesnt mess around but dives rite into the story so quick that u think uv skipped a few chapters, the story makes up for it,... any pirate of the carribbean fan will love this!
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on 8 August 2010
This book had a very pirates of the caribbean feel. The characters were interesting and the love story hooked me from the first page. Best read from a sun lounger n the beach facing the sea. Highly recommended light summer read!
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