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on 7 June 2010
I really enjoyed this book, firstly as it has Cat-People in it, there have been many Cat-People in Doctor Who before, i.e the Tharils, cheetah People and the Kitlings who were cats that could teleport people to other worlds. This book linked it all up, saying what galaxy the Cheetah People came from and that they where all connected.

This book also has one of these Doctor Who Paranormal things where the "Ghosts" turn out to be aliens that where stuck in some machine or time. I have seen that one before. Other than that, this book is chilling and if you are lightly entertained then you will enjoy this book, please do ignore the reviews before, as that is just their opinions.
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on 10 September 2007
Whilst I have to agree with the previous reviewer (Lords of the Storm is pants), I have to disagree slightly regarding this offering. Whilst it is clearly not Russell's finest hour there are far worse books out there (think The New Adventures' 'Legacy' for a start. The main problem with Cat People is that it is too long - there is a lot of unnecessary filler - but that aside it is an enjoyable, if undemanding read.

The Doctor (in his Second incarnation) becomes embroiled in a plot by the eponymous felines to destroy the Earth. His companion Polly appears to have some kind of latent phsycic ability that means she is of great importance to both the cat people and some other aliens who came to Australia 40,000 years ago and influenced the Aboriginal peoples. This is where it all becomes a bit vague but if you are looking for cohesion and meaningful concepts then you shouldn't be reading a Doctor Who 'Missing Adventures' novel anyway!
Overall a solid entry in the Doctor Who canon which is intriguing but doesn't break any new ground.
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on 15 November 1998
After the excellent Legacy novel I expected great things from Gary Russell. Instead I found myself wading through a truly dire book. Take my advice and judge this book by its cover, it is that bad. The story is poor, the characters are poor and the villains - the cover says it all. Sadly this book seems to be the way of things as Mr Russell's next effort (Scales of Injustice) was even worse. Read Legacy and leave it at that.
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on 18 January 1999
I read this book about 3 years ago. Or at least I think I did... Taking it off my shelf again this evening a few vague memories about cat-people mewing at the Doctor, but the book was so forgettable and so badly-written that I can't remeber anything whatsoever that happens in it, whereas conversely I can remember vividly books that were read to me when I was five years old. By far Gary Russel's worst book. Probably the worst of the Virgin MA's (although Lords of the Storm runs it a close thing). I always liked Patrick Troughton, so its a shame all the books with him in a re rubbish, oh well...
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