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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars40
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 October 2006
I think I see what Christine Feehan is doing. It seems to me that she is trying to re-establish our conection to her Carpathians. Dark Demon has opened up more avenues to explore and now using this book the author is reuniting her other carpathians and their lifemates to move the reader forward in sharing the struggles and joys of her characters. Even when Christine Feehan writes a duff it's still a good duff. I liked the concept of all those gorgeous males together in one spot, and I always suspected that Dimitri was going to be for Skylar. I thought the running joke about Gregori "THE DARK ONE" playing the role of Santa was great and waited with baited breath for his reaction to the idea. The plot was very thin and really there was no place for this book to go. This book was vehicle to allow us to touch base with the characters of the other books in the dark series and as such it's done the job for me because I'm re-reading mine in order and no cheating and going for my favorites first. I have rated this book three stars because although it does what the label says and cebrates the dark series it cheats the reader by sticking a useless appendange of the Carpathian language in the back of the book, who cares! The recipes don't bother me I can use them. Come on Chritine put up or finish it now with grace.
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on 3 July 2007
This book finally brings my favorite couples together. This book was great and long overdue. This makes `Dark Celebration' a great introduction for new readers and a treat for those who have followed the series intently. Don't expect it to be all bright and cherry because Christine Feehan likes it dark in this particular sequence.

As the story opens, the Carpathians are in grave danger of extinction, not only from their enemies but also from the propensity of Carpathian women to have miscarriages. At Raven's suggestion, the Carpathians are gathering for their first community holiday event; but to her life mate, Prince Mikhail, it presents an excellent opportunity for their enemies to strike. Feehan brings us up to date with familiar couples, Raven and Mikhail, Desari and Julian, Shea and Jacques. She introduces the early stages of a possible new love story between Skyler and Dimitri. Feehan adeptly shifts between danger and humor, cooking disasters and passionate sex, as the group fights vampires and a dark mage, their oldest enemy. This book is everything that we have been waiting for. Having all our favorite characters together plus the added addition of an underline story that includes Skyler & her possible life mate has me counting down the days until this book is released.

`Dark Celebration' feels more like an evolution book setting the table for some upcoming series (thank goodness). The plot is pretty tame and the best part is that no couple takes charge of the story line. Still this is well written and will help newcomers obtain a deep understanding of Carpathian customs, lifestyles, and natural enemies while long term fans will know that the treats of 'Dark Desserts.' Keep it coming Christine.
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on 23 October 2006
I think some of the other reviews are rather harsh. This book does what Ms Feehan says -it brings together a lot of previously met characters in a celebratory setting and gives you glimpses of their current lives. Its rather like a box of chocolates-you dont know what you will get next.I think it works rather well,in fact it turned out better than I expected it would. There is a sort of over-arcing story and several new ideas and themes have been setup not to mention two new lifemate scenarios.Im looking forward to see what Ms Feehan does with Manolito and MaryAnn. I would have given it 4 stars but the appendices with the language and recipes are a waste of time.Ms Feehan is not JRR Tolkein after all
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on 29 November 2006
What the other reviewers say is true, this book isn't like the other books. If you read on Christine Feehan's website when she first said she was having this book published, she stated it was a "reunion" book and that is exactly what it is. It is a book that visits each set of lifemates and catches up with them while setting up story lines for future books. If you are looking for a hard hitting Dark series book like the previous ones, this won't give you that, instead this book gives you a chance to see all the lifemates together, it gives you a bit more insight into Mikhail and it makes your mouthwater for the next book because while it's not hard hitting it still has action and I can't wait for the next one!! I liked this book because it was different and it was a nice family orientated book to have at Christmas.
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on 21 February 2007
I would recommend this book to the fans of the dark series, because as the author explained, this book is about the reunion of carpathians. It was good to see the characters interact with each other. It shed some light about the problems their facing and introduced the lifemates of Skyler, Dimitri, who we all suspected to be and Mary Ann Delaney to be the lifemate of Manolito. I'm looking forward to next book regarding this two characters. If you are like myself a huge fan of the dark series this is a must read!
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on 7 January 2007
I feel some of the reviews were a little harsh; i found this book very easy to read, although it had many different characters it didnt become overcomplicated and it gave us an idea of how the Carpathians interact as a society rather than focusing only on idividual couples. All the other books from the DARK series can be read on their own however i think Dark Celebration to make sense has to be read last as it was meant to be. I would definitely recommend it for fans of the DARK series.
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on 16 January 2007
What a fantastic book, this was the second book by Christine Feehan the other being Dark demon. Dark celebration shore kept me on the edge of my seat as did dark Demon. Reading these two books have encouraged me to start reading her other carpathian books. The recipes at the back of the book is a fantastic idea. This is a fantastic book If you like this kind of book then I recommend you read it. Thank you Christine Feehan for a well written enjoyable book
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on 27 February 2007
This book was a wonderful catch up on all the that the old members of the Carpathian Race had been doing and of how the new members were coping with there new life. It was well worth the wait, Congratulations Ms Feehan on a truely wonderfull continuation to the series and I look forward to the next book with bated breath.
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on 3 September 2006
I was actually delaying reading this book. It came with another book I'd ordered, the latest JR Ward novel, which I just knew was going to be fantastic, and was. This Dark series however, is another story. I loved this series when it started. This author was my number no - whatever she wrote, I had to buy cos I just knew it would be fantastic.

How it has all changed. The last few books have been simply awful. To be honest, I don't know why I've still been buying them, as they weren't keepers. Probably because I was hoping the books would go back to form. This book is big improvement on the previous book Dark Demon which was simply dreadful. However, the conversations between the characters is very stilted and doesn't flow. Infact alot of the conversation between the characters just doesn't make sense and some of it seems very juvenile. Then there was the stuff about the 'cats' I don't think it was introduced very well, and the scene between Mrs Sanders and Mikhail was just strange and I just didn't get the point of it.

I was pleased that it wasn't as bad as the previous book Dark Demon.
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on 11 February 2009
If you read all the other 'Dark Carparthian Stories', 'Dark Celebration' is a book that you will read more than once. The author is able to give all characters a mention, unexpected twist in the storylines, and the humour between the 'Prince' and 'Gegori' is priceless. Excellent enjoyable reading material, especially if you don't like romantic stories!!!
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