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4.6 out of 5 stars22
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 1999
I have read this book no less than five times in the past ten years. My father gave me a copy that my brother wouldn't take the time to read and, when I first looked at it, I was skeptical. I thought that I knew the Pine Barrens first hand having grown up in the same area and at the same time as Tom Brown. Reading the book was a humbling experience for me. I had never even seen the surface of what the Pine Barrens (an nature in general) had to offer. He makes believable the unbelievable. I have since purchased, read and re-read everything I can find by Tom Brown and, though I no longer live near the Pine Barrens, have developed a deeper appreciation of the natural world and my place in it. One last amazing thing about the book -- he is writing about New Jersey!
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on 21 April 2007
This is a marvellous book. Although the cover and back-cover illustration and summary are sensationalised the book itself is not. It is the spiritual insight gained by Tom Brown as he learns both from his Apache teacher/mentor/guide and the world itself that stands out in this book. His period of four years as a kind of apprentice of the old man and the deep friendship with Rick, the old man's grandson, are the cornerstones of a great story. It resounds, to some degree, with the adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn although his was a clearer instruction to the spirit that moves in everything. There is no question that the teacher's continuing appearance of looking at the spirit itself acting in the world is true. This can be seen by anyone paying enough attention for long enough.

I'm glad I bought this book and gave it to my father to read. It is good to know that such stories are still possible in this sanitised world. I am looking forward to reading more of these stories. Its worth every cent and then some.
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on 21 December 1996
This book is full of stories you will never forget - bear smacking? - really! It will make you want to read all of Tom Brown's books and may change your life as it changed mine . . I will never look at the world in the same way and will be a lifelong student of tracking and scouting the. But even if this book does not strike a person that way, I have never found a more enjoyable collection of adventures.
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on 25 December 2014
This book was first published in 1978, has 190 pages, 21 chapters and foot print drawings of humans and animals through out this book. The book is dedicated to author WILLIAM JON WATKINS' wife and children.
This book is on TOM BROWN Jr, who is said to be one of the best trackers in USA. His pursuit of the mysteries of the track has taken him through the wilds, living in the wild with nothing but a knife, stalking and being stalked by grizzly, helping police track and destroy a pack of killer dogs, and finding a lost retarded adult, a thousand searchers had given up for dead.
Brown Jr started tracking at the age of 8, when "STALKING WOLF", an Apache tracker, taught him the secrets of tracking and stalking and of surviving in the wilds. With Stalking Wolf, as his guide and his grandson "RICK" as his companion, Brown Jr learnt his art by being out in the woods and following track after track of any source. Brown Jr perfected his skills and respect for all living things.
Brown Jr had spent summer alone in the wilds, living outside of time, eating and sleeping by his private clock, and loosing his taste for civilised things. He had braved the Dakota Badlands; survived in the heat and desolation of Death Valley; stayed with an Indian tribe in Grand Canyon; and learnt from old hunters, trackers and prospectors, how to live in the wilds.
There are many short stories about living in the wilds and then tracking the trails, in this book. Some parts were really hard going.
Some other books of interest are:-
(1) The Hunting and Spoor of Central African Game, DD Lyell, 1929
(2) Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs, Bang, 1974
(3) Man Tracking, Robbins, 1977
(4) Art Of Tracking, Liebenberg, 1990
(5) Behaviour Guide of African mammals, Estes, 1992
(6) How to Read Animal Tracks and Signs, Rezendes, 1999
(7) Mammal Tracks and signs, Elbroch, 2003
(8) Field Guide to the Tracks and Signs of Southern and Eastern African Wildlife, Stuart, 2003
(9) Animal Tracking Basics, Young, 2007
(10)Practical Tracking, Liebenberg, 2010
Having born in Kenya, I found this book interesting.
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on 31 December 1998
This is a well written story about a young boy and his friend Rick who are trained by Rick's indian grandfather to live in harmony with nature. Although the story is captivating, it teaches the ways of nature. I have read it 4 time in the last several years, given copies to my friends as gifts, and am now reading it to my boys. This book teaches respect and honor for all forms of life, disciplined study, and the principles of living in harmony with the Earth. The story is excellent and the book difficult to put down once started.
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on 26 August 1999
From beginning to end Tom Brown keeps your eyes glued to the pages as you travel with him through his daily life that he shared with his best friend, Rick, and with Grandfather. Each new chapter is accompanied with such feeling as they are told you could swear that it was you standing in the fields as the early morning sun dances off the dew drops and the deer drift in with grace. I could never thank my father enough for giving me such a wonderful gift to read. Tom Brown deserves an award for such awesome lessons of real life.
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on 28 May 1996
After reading Tracker, I read all of T. Brown's books. His books detail the story of his childhood apprenticeship with an Apache Indian, Stalking Wolf, in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. An unlikely story in a modern world, where in the 1950s and 60s, a boy learns to commune with nature on a profound level. Tracker's collection of stories entices you to want to know more about how Tom Brown learned to read animal and human tracks.
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on 28 March 2011
The Tracker changed my life! Tom Brown's story helped me understand my own spiritual awakening in nature. I knew nature and spirituality were connected but did not know how to talk about it. Tom's teaching about Great Spirit and how everything is sacred and interconnected has given me the words and the voice to understand and share my experiences.
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on 22 January 2000
This is my 4th Tom Brown book and I enjoyed the others so much I've decided to read them in sequence. I found out about Tom from a reference in a book on Shamanism and have previously read most of Castaneda's work. I find that there is a lot of similarity between the philosophy of Tom and Castaneda, but where Castaneda is fantastical, Tom is very earthy - a much gentler read than Castaneda. The book reads as a classic adventure tales for boys, I used to read a series of books when I was younger 'Amazon Adventure, African Adventure etc.' I don't know if these would stand the test of reading as an adult, but these books used to make me want to live the wild bit, Tom Brown has the same effect.
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on 5 October 2013
I bought this book to take away on holiday. I couldn't put it down!! It is the amazing story of Tom Brown Jr, growing up in New Jersey, learning all the native skills from Stalking Wolf. If you're interested in bushcraft, survival or spirituality of any sort, then I would strongly recommend reading this book. I can't wait to read more from Tom.
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