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4.6 out of 5 stars27
4.6 out of 5 stars
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All three of Monroe’s books are unique and amazing. To my knowledge, he was the first to explore OBEs at length and to report about them.

This is Monroe’s third book. The only problem I have with it is his prevalent use of acronyms without always letting us know what they stand for, or not at first.

He tells us about his INSPEC (Intelligent Species) friend, whom he generally met with past the H Band noise. This is “the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans”. It is M’s opinion that this Noise contains not only “current time thought patterns, but all that ever existed”. Passing through it quickly is advisable.

M wonders who his INSPEC friend really is. He has a strong light around him. Is he an ET? He reads M’s thoughts, and replies that he is not an ET as M means it. M describes him as a “brightly glowing figure that some … would interpret as a god, an angel”. He is told that he doesn’t have the experience to understand who he is. M just needs to ask and help will come. He is not from another planet and is not God.

M then receives from the being a “surge of enormous energy, an immensely powerful vibration of very high frequency”. He terms this a ROTE, short for Related Organized Thought Energy, a sort of “ball of condensed thought and ideas”.

The INSPEC tells Monroe that though his (M’s) goal now is service to humanity, when he is no longer human, his desire will focus in another direction. M finds a new goal – to go and be in what he construes as Home.

After meeting with the INSPEC again, he is allowed to return Home; there he experiences “many-hued cloud towers” – music – a thousand instruments, thousands of voices. He finds patterns in a repeating loop, everything exactly the same – nothing new, nothing different. He sees curls of energy playing games, joins in, but tires of it. He doesn’t want to be “around in the same clouds forever, with the same music over and over”. He realizes there’s nothing there for him now. That’s why he left and now he doesn’t want to come back. He returns depressed.

INSPEC then takes him to an era on Earth where human organization is different. There are about 2 million people there. He is told that it is a place of the past, about a million years ago. The people do not wear clothes, but it is not a primitive society. They communicate by telepathy and control the weather. There is no conflict, and the people don’t die.

He asks the INSPEC if he could be shown one non-physical non-human intelligence which he can easily talk to. INSPEC then guides him to one – he flies out past the moon and sees an extremely large flying saucer. Out of this steps a short, chubby man who absolutely resembles W.C. Fields! This “hologram” invites M aboard the vessel. He apparently is not Fields nor a human. He explains that he is an “exporter”, who gathers jokes, which his civilization apparently needs. (This all seems very strange to me, but that is what the being explained.)

Then M asks to visit “the most mature and evolved human in physical earth, living in his time reference”. Suddenly he is in a room with a being whose sex he cannot determine and whom he thus refers to as a “Heshe”. The being’s radiation of light is astounding – it is like “standing in bright spring sunlight that was filled with every human emotion that ever existed”. Heshe has only lived the one lifetime – one continuous lifetime for 1800 years. M feels he has met the being previously. He gave up eating and sleeping years ago. Heshe calls M “Ashaneen”.

This will give you an impression of the sort of information contained in this amazing book.

The book gets more and more interesting, better and better.

I highly recommend that you read this exciting, instructive, well-written book. It states on the cover that Elisabeth Kübler-Ross found it to be the best of M’s books. This may well be so, but I found them all thrilling.
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on 29 September 2007
A very good read, although a bit confusing and hard to understand at times but you can get the hang of it. I like the fact that it is not clouded in religious belief or any belief for that matter. Good if you have an open mind or even a scientific mind.
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on 14 November 2010
This is the first book Iv read of Robert Monroe's. In this book he talks about his experiences which are absolutely amazing! Helped me with the overall picture of things as I can resonate to some of his experiences... 5/5 thanks for sharing Robert, please do not hesitate to buy :)
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on 1 August 1999
This has to be one of the best books on altered states of consciousness I have read, not only can you relate to the fears and unknowns but it is so unsullied and not dressed in religions or cultism. It is his Ultimate Journey.
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2015
Do not buy this book unless you have Robert Monroe's previously two "journey" releases; there are many references to the other two books that may confuse the reader.
Monroe's research and discovery into what exists beyond our immediate perception is mind blowing. This final book charts the research done up until the end of his life. While at times I found some of the chapters troubling - that we might end up isolated in the afterlife, or that we make our "own" afterlife (which strikes me as somewhat artificial), the end of this book is truly heart-warming, when discussing meeting his wife in "the park". This book has renewed my passion to attempt OOB myself; if even a fraction of what is in there is true, what an amazing universe awaits us.
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on 8 November 2015
A little bit like Tom Campbell's book, I found this slightly weighed down by the author's use of terminology & jargon. Even so, I still found much of value in it and would consider reading the author's other books; possibly I NEED to in order to fully 'get' this book.

I just prefer the way that Jurgen Ziewe & William Buhlman, two other notables in the astral projection/OBE fields pull all their experiences together and explain them in their books.

This is still a good book though.
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on 28 September 2001
This is the type of book that you simply cannot put down. It was written towards the end of Bob's life and as such, contains the knowledge that takes a lifetime to accumulate.
Superb for anyone interested in life outside of what most term as 'normal'.
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on 10 April 2013
Continuing on from Munroe's two previous books, this one really does make things clearer; if that would be needed. Definitely recommended especially to those who have read Munroe before. If you haven't read his two previous books, buy them and this one as well.
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on 22 December 2012
Well this is an interesting read. I am not even sure how to describe it. It is very easy to read and its quite a page turner. If you wish to know more about one possibility of what happens after you die this book is for you. Amazing read. What I personally liked the most is that its so practical and answers all your questions so there will be 'no stones unturned'.. The Monroe Institute must be a great place for exploration.
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on 23 January 2015
Still one of the best books available on OBEs, life after death, and the nature of reality.
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