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4.6 out of 5 stars57
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2007
I loved "Moon Called" by Patricia Briggs, her first werewolf/vampire book (she has also written several fantasies). The VW mechanic Mercy Thompson, a coyote walker, who lives next door to a werewolf and mends a vampire's bus, is a great central character - full of energy. "Moon Called" focused mostly on the werewolves including their Alpha, Adam Hauptman, and a lone wolf who was formerly Mercy's boyfriend, Dr Samuel Cornick.

The events in "Blood Bound" take place about six months after the end of "Moon Called". This book focuses more on the vampires, particularly Stefan but also including the Mistress, Marsilia, and several other vampires. The book starts with Mercy and Stefan going to investigate a strange scene and discovering that there is a vampire sorcerer on the loose who has powers enough to cause problems for Stefan, a very strong vampire.

Most of the rest of the book involves the vampires, werewolves and Mercy trying to find the Sorcerer and stop him. But of course things are always more complex than they seem and it's possible that some of those apparently trying to stop the sorcerer may instead be in league with him. In this story Mercy takes a more central role in the heroic endeavours, her abilities as a walker giving her a few extra tools to help her in her search. I liked the way that she faces up to the reality of the vampire and werewolf situations - she knows that the vampires are evil, even Stefan who she likes, and that the werewolves are dangerous. She also finds herself involved in killing and suffers with the knowledge of that, and that others kill people to keep her safe.

There are moments of humour in this book, particularly in the relationships between Mercy, Adam, Samuel and to some extent Stefan. The writing is excellent as always, fast-paced and descriptive with minor characters, such as the other werewolves, well drawn. Some reviewers on Amazon have said they are disappointed that Mercy's love life isn't more clear-cut in this book - she has Adam and Samuel to choose from and another suitor appears by the end of this book. Her romantic situation is left open - hopefully for another instalment in this series! - but I know which of the three I want her to end up with.

In summary, this is an excellent book that has a different take than many on the vampire and werewolf myths, is an interesting story as well as a slight "whodunit" plot and has some great characters. It helps to have read "Moon Called" but isn't necessarily vital but the pair of books together make for some really great reading.
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on 17 February 2007
Blood bound is the second novel in the Mercy Thompson series. It sizzles right from the first page and keeps the pace all the way to the end.

Stefan is calling in his favour that Mercy owes. It sounds simple; accompany him as a witness when he is meeting with a new vampire in town who is set on causing chaos. But of course nothing is that strait forward in Mercy's life, as she becomes embroiled in the vampire world where she is both weak and strong.

She has many allies at her side including Alpha Werewolf Adam, Samuel, her teenage love, newly arrived back on the scene, and the vampires - who all seem to have their own agendas. Who can she trust and who will make things worse for all of them?

Mercy learns more about herself in this book, while fighting vampires and trying to stop Adam and Samuel fighting each other for her. They both want to claim her for their mate, but seem to forget she has a say in the matter - not that she knows which she would choose - even if they did ask her!

There are a few minor plot lines that appear to go nowhere, but we may see their importance in the next book!
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on 13 February 2007
At the end of Moon Called (first book in the series), Mercy Thompson the shapeshifting mechanic, owed the local vampires a favour, and in Blood Bound they want paying back. A visiting vampire is causing problems and Stefan, (Mercy's vampire friend) wants her help whilst he tries to sort it out.

In my opinion Blood Bound is a much more tightly written story than Moon Called. We already know about the relationships, pack-conflicts and back story, so here we are able to get stuck in to the meat of the story straight away. Although I do think it's possible to read Blood Bound as a standalone, it would be much better to read Moon Called first so you've got all this rich background information in your head.

The relationships within the werewolf pack continue to evolve and I think this is far and away my favourite part of the story. Each werewolf is such an individual character and to see how they are located within the hierarchy and how they struggle or accept that, gives the story a depth it might not otherwise have had. In Blood Bound this pack structure is held in direct comparison with the more clinical vampire society, which makes for fascinating reading.

If I had a concern at all, it would be as mentioned in the other review. Mercy picks up another admirer and I think this has the potential to take away from the tension in her relationship with the two werewolves already vying for her attention.

Blood Bound is resolved very nicely, but there are enough plot threads left dangling to leave me desperately looking forward to the next book in the series - especially the new werewolf who only appears off-page here.

There will be a short story set in Mercy's world in the On the Prowl anthology released in August 2007.
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on 29 March 2007
Mercedes Thompson, car mechanic in the Tri-Cities and a Walker, is woken up at an ungodly hour of the morning by a phone call; her vampire friend, Stefan, is in need of a favour. Since Mercy just happens to owe him one, she has to agree. Stefan needs her to be his partner while he oversees to some vampire matters. Simple right? Wrong. It seems there is an unknown vampire running amok in the Tri-Cities... one that has a terrific power and loves to leave his trail full of corpses. While the werewolves and the vampires are on the case, Mercy soon realizes that she is the most qualified person to find and neutralize this threat.

The sequel to 'Moon Called', this novel focuses more on vampires. While Ms Briggs fails yet again to bring something new into the characterization of the vampires, this second book has a more well developed plot and a few complex characters. Mercedes grows a lot as a character in 'Blood Bound' by discovering some new abilities just as the reader does. The story is interesting and the mystery is more complex. Overall, it's an entertaining read and you can see that it is also the start of something for Mercy, who seems to be a lot more than meets the eye.

This book is a step up from the first one. I can't wait for the third novel! :D
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Blood Bound is the second book in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. If you have read Moon Called and enjoyed it, prepare to be enthralled with Blood Bound. This story is full of action, a love triangle or even a quadrangle depending on how you look at it, and a tad bit of lusting.

This book has been rather enjoyable to read. It has been a nice break from some of the other supernatural books I have been reading lately as it's more focused on the plot than romance although the story does touch on the subject more than once. You don't get caught up in the romance, or lust, enough that it makes you forget what the plot is all about.

Our heroine Mercy, gets pulled into some serious trouble along with her wolf friends and Stefan due to her loyalty, caring personality and her over protectiveness for the ones she loves or cares deeply about.

(WARNING - THIS PARAGRAPH CONTAINS SPOILERS) From the first book, Moon Called, we know that Mercy was raised by wolves and is a skinwalker. Her other form is a coyote. We also know that she used to be in love with Samuel Cornick until his father Bran, the Morrok, told her to leave. In the meantime, she has been living across from the local Alpha, Adam Hauptman. It seems that there is a love triangle going on between these three - Samuel still loves her and mourned her when she left as if he had lost his mate and previously Adam named her as his mate in front of the pack so that she wouldn't be attacked by them. But it seems that Adam likes Mercy more than he lets on and I think the feeling is mutual. Samuel was her first love and even though he was using her as a means to have a living child she still loves him deep down. (END OF SPOILER WARNING)

Mercy is requested to repay a favour to a friend, Stefan - a vampire, who wants her to witness an act as her four legged self. Paying Stefan back opens a whole can of worms and could have cost Mercy her life. After finding out the powerful vampire is being possessed by a demon, the local Alpha, Adam, and her past love, Samuel, decide that she is to stay out of the way and that they and the vampires will deal with this vampire. Mercy, being Mercy, couldn't just sit and do nothing. She decides to intervene when the wolves plans go a tad wrong - putting herself in imminent danger.

We can clearly see that there is a love triangle but I think this is going to turn into a love quadrangle, the fourth member being Stefan. Mercy thinks of him as a friend, but doesn't know if he considers her a friend as he has never come out and said it. He is one of the undead and they are known as evil and can turn their back on you in a heartbeat, not the type of person you would think would call you a friend, more like someone that would use you. But Mercy has never thought of Stefan as being like the other vampires. She thinks he is one of the good ones despite constant warnings from her friends that she can't trust him. I think there is some deep affection for Mercy emitting from Stefan as we find out as the story unfolds, but I am not sure what it will turn into. Mercy already has Adam and Samuel to deal without adding Stefan to the mix.
The problem with trying to figure out who Mercy will end up with is down to how submissive she is willing to be. Wolves are known for being dominant and living in the cave ages as their women don't have the same rights as the men in the pack.

Choosing Adam would lead to her having the same status and dominance over the other wolves as Adam, i.e. if Adam wasn't about the other wolves would have to obey her commands. I think if Mercy officially went and said that she was with Adam as his mate, that this might cause some conflict within the pack as they only currently tolerate her and are not around her all the time.

Being with Samuel would leave Mercy uneasy as to whether he is with her out of love or just to get a child out of it. Samuel doesn't belong to a pack, he's more of a lone wolf at the moment but he is the Marrok's son so is a very dominant wolf.

If Mercy was to be with Stefan I don't think she would have to change at all but she would forever be watching her back with the Mistress of the Seethe as Stefan still answers to her. The Mistress doesn't like Mercy as she fears her. She may like him as a friend but I am not sure how she would cope having a relationship with a man that is literally dead during the day.

I will definitely be reading the rest of the series just to find out what does or doesn't happen between those two.
Blood Bound is a book I think you can read on its' own and it isn't essential to know what happened in book one, Moon Called, to understand what is happening. The situations and storyline are well set out and quite easy to follow. The action scenes aren't too graphic and there aren't really any sexual content in this book. This book can definitely be read by teenagers and any age upwards.

Disclaimer: I have not bought this book or been given it free of charge and I am not receiving any money to review this book. I borrowed this book from the local library and everything I have said is based on my honest opinion and wanted to share it with you.
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on 12 January 2009
This is the second book in the Mercy Thompson-series, and it's a great read! Having recently discovered Patricia Briggs, and sampled her writing (and immediately ordered - and read! - her other books) I already knew Briggs really knows how to write a story. I greatly enjoyed "Moon Called", the first of the Mercy books; reason why I ordered its sequel "Blood Bound" through Amazon as soon as I knew it became available. I knew I was in for a treat, but this book surpassed my expectations.
Again, we are taken along in a first-person narrative by mechanic/shape shifter (or "walker", if you prefer) Mercedes Thompson - irony: she mainly repairs VWs - as she does her vampire friend Stefan a simple favor. Of course, "simple" doesn't really cover it. Our shape-shifting coyote gets involved in way over her head in a case that involves a deadly serial killer, vampire- and werewolf-politics and of course not to forget the fea, while trying to balance an convoluted will she/won't she relationship with several romantically interested male characters. Oh yes, and meanwhile she still has to make a living by running her own business, her repair shop.
Great dialog, believable, fleshed-out characters (even the inhuman ones) and a plot that sweeps you along as Mercy hunts Washington's Tri-Cities area for a demon-possessed sorcerer-turned-vampire before she loses any more friends, makes you keep turning the pages until the end.
This type of urban supernatural romantic fantasy (or whatever you want to call it) is certainly in vogue at the moment, with lots of writers jumping on the band wagon to make a quick buck; only a few of them really add something new to the genre (or, the most important one, know how to tell a tale) and Patricia Briggs is certainly one of those few. Certainly a writer to put on your must-read list!
So here I am, begging for Mercy! (o: and hoping Patricia Briggs will soon finish more novels in this very enjoyable series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 August 2015
This series remains a dark gritty read in which the violence you may encounter in the supernatural world could leave you facing a long and painful death. Mercy Thompson the Walker able to shift into a cougar may appear weak compared to the werewolves and vampires she deals with; however she is definitely gaining status and respect in this harsh world when a favour to vampire Stefan results in a hunt for a demon possessed vampire that can beguile even the oldest and strongest of their kind.

Mercy's love life remains as turbulent as ever; with 3 strong contenders out to win her. At this stage, I have no idea which one she'll end up with, or even which one I want her to end up with. Yet there are only brief moments of romance, as Mercy is neck deep in trouble and her unknown Walker heritage has her wondering if she is able to take down an enemy even super powerful vampires and werewolves have succumbed to.

Mercy is proving to be a strong resilient leading lady that can take care of herself and stand up against not just 1 but 3 dominant and highly protective male love interests. I look forward to Mercy learning more about being a Walker and also which man she will eventually choose.
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on 12 May 2007
Blood Bound picks up a few months after the excellent 'Moon Called' with our heroine Mercy now having to repay the favour she owes the vampire Stefan. Of course, this favour turns into another rip-roaring plotline that sees Mercy and the werewolves take on a demon/sorcerer/vampire.

All the characters who were in the first book feel like they have had something added to them in this one and I found myself really coming to care about all of them. Blood Bound, like Moon Called, goes along at a brilliant pace with hardly any " lets just stand around and talk to get the page count up" passages. That Briggs manages to keep up this pace and still have excellent characertisation and realistic dialogue is a real testament to her writing skills.

My favourite thing about these books however is Merceded Thompson herself. I have read most of the other chicklit/fantasy/horror books out there and Mercy is one of the few characters I would happily go for a drink with.
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on 7 January 2013
Although I'm writing a review for book number two, I've just finished all Mercy books to date - in a span of 7 days.
Rather than repeat what everyone else has said, Book 2 is terrific - continues to build on Mercy's character. I love that she is not mega powerful like the wolves or the far or the vampires and that she doesn't have raw magical power or brute force to throw around. She instead seems to be a catalyst - a smart, loyal, hardworking person with an interesting ability - and not just one that sits and watches the chaos that ensues.
Mercy's character development is what I've loved most - we discover more of her as we go through the series and it is frankly, really terrific. There. Now go buy books 2-7 and enjoy!
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on 30 April 2009
I felt a little lost after finishing the house of night series untill i started reading the mercy thompson series, blood bound is the second book in the series and is just as brill as the first book.Mercy thompson is a shape shifter whose world includes werewolves and vampires, in this book she has to hunt a demon vampire to save the humans in the tri state areas from his murder spree, all the time remembering vamp and wolf etiqutte and deciding which of the wolves she really loves.
If like me you have read the twilight series or house of night and vamps and wolves are your thing you will love this series.
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