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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Having bought this bumper Kindle release of all 5 Dante Valentine novels for less than the price of books 1 + 2 when purchased individually, I settled in for a good read.

I enjoyed the first book, Working for the Devil. I thought the set-up was interesting - and unusual. Bounty hunting Necromance, Dante ('Danny') Valentine finds herself facing a demon who points a gun in her face and demands that she accompany him to Hell, where Lucifer would like to engage her services to help him find a rogue demon who has escaped into the human world. Saintcrow creates a varied and decently characterised cast of support players to accompany her first-person narrator, and the ending comes as a real surprise. This book, I'd give 4/5 stars.

Unfortunately, the rest of the series doesn't match up to the first book. I did read them all - but it took me rather longer than I would normally expect because I was finding the reading such a chore! Had I not bought the whole series as a value bundle, I suspect I would not have bothered to continue beyond the second book.

After Book 1, and her transformation, Dante seems to have lost all ability to connect with others around her. She's constantly focussed on her own physical and emotional pains, neglecting and battering others. There is an awful lot of repetition - for instance, Dante's twinges from now non-existent scars, and the many observations of Japh's 'soundless' walk. And as for Dante's trust issues... they're just weird. These crop up inconsistently - though most typically around Japhrimel, even though she repeatedly stresses that he has never failed to come through for her - and leave the overall story an erratic, angst-ridden mess. Characters are discarded with total abandon, and the conclusion to the series is ultimately unsatisfying. Disappointing after the promise shown by the first book.

Overall, 2.5/5
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on 28 September 2012
Keeping details of my age etc secret, (because these books are not really meant for my age group, I don't think). I can say that I have so far read the first book in this omnibus & I actually rather like it. I am now part way through the second book & stayed up until >02.00hrs until I fell asleep still reading it.

Not that I think going with a demon (if they existed), is acceptable, the story is fresh, detailed but not too much so, & goes along at quite a pace. The main character, Dante Valentine is someone you could understand has gone through a lot & is still taking her hits & not letting them stop her.

Cudos to Lilith Saintcrow for a good solid read with lots of fun thrown in.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 September 2011
I've never read any of Liliths books before but tracked them via another favourite author. I had the sample on kindle - that function is superb for seeing if you will enjoy a book before purchasing - and bought what i thought was one book and was amazed to find an omnibus edition of five.
Its not one of those easy reading fantasy books that proliferate and are little more than soft porn novellas ( not that i mind some erotism on my reading! on the contrary its great spice to many stories, but i do like a story that has some quality and meat to it). This book takes you into a future world where people are divided into Norms and those with some form of psychic talent. Dante is one of these and was given by her parents to a stae funded institution for training - left her with debt to pay after qualifying and nightmares from the cruelty of the school head teacher and the blind eyes of the social workers. She's content with her few freinds and just getting on earning a living at what she does best and taking on bounty jobs to get her debts paid sooner and establish security for herself. Then along comes that feted knock at the door - and in comes the devils right hand man Japhrimel. One thing about the Devil - he always gets his own way - there's no turing him down and dante finds herself accompained by Japhrimel on a mission for The Prince himself.
The world dante inhabits is so different from ours and i discovered after reading the first book ( and sneeking a look at the end to see if japhrimel going to be ok...) that there's notes on dantes world and a glossary of information at the back. That proved really useful though by then I had begun to get the gist of what and who were the main influences. Japhrimel becomes one of the Fallen - a demon fallen in love with a mortal ( Dante) and the romance between the two becomes an integral part of the story throughout all five books - he's not an easy character and struggles with the fact that Dante doesn't automatically obey his commands and dante can be very prickly and distrustful because of her background. It makes for a great escapist novel ( or 5) and i really enjoyed them - i know it'll go in my list of books to read and re read and I'm sure that on second and subsequent readings i'll get even more enjoyment from having begun to understand dante's world more.
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on 3 April 2014
So i bought this mainly because i saw it on a review site and then found amazon selling the whole series for such a good price. The first book i must say i enjoyed greatly. It's original, the characters grab your attention and you just don't know what to expect next. For the most part i really enjoyed the series, though I felt the ending left a lot to be asked for. I did loose interest towards the end of the series, specifically the last but one book where I truly felt Dante was, to be blunt, childish. As is often the case when you find yourself raising your eyebrows at a characters behaviour, I lost some of my initial interest. Dante comes across as a very strong character, but there are times during this particular book where I think she's acting much like a willful child. Luckily things improved in the last book and some of my faith restored. Overall a good read, different world and setting and with some interesting characters, only downside was that some of the side characters, as interesting as they seemed, don't get much filling out and for the most part don't really add much to the story overall.

5/5 for creativity and originality.
4/5 for the story overall
3/5 for the characters
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As a huge fan of Lili's writing, its always good when you have a great value for money option in order to purchase a series for friends who aren't quite ready to take the plunge. What you get in this title is five books for under a tenner (depending where you shop), which when added to the reading time required will give anyone the chance to enjoy it all which is even better as I remember how long it felt in between titles originally. Finally back all this up with Lili's classic writing style which includes great characterisation, solid prose and full on kick-assery to the max and it's clear why she exploded onto the scene.

All in a great read and one that if you like Urban Fantasy I can't recommend enough.
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on 16 May 2015
I really enjoy these books and I love the strong, female protagonist who is a well written character with realistic feelings and thoughts and is very likeable. The futurist world in which these books are set is exciting, intriguing and has a lot of background information which is plausible, giving the universe depth that is lacking from other fantasy books. The only downside is that the writing can get repetitive and the relationship between the protagonist and her love interest can become tedious at times but other than that this is a good series of books.
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on 21 June 2013
Lilith Saint Crow has a fabulous imagination and she blends her idea of the future with her knowledge of the past and how history repeats itself e.g. the mistrust of the unknown, workhouses etc. I liked some of the novels better than others but all are extremely well written.
I won't give any of the plot away either. The blurb tells you all you need to know.
Suitable for older teenagers and above.
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on 9 February 2014
Dante Valentine is a flawed heroine but enjoyable for all that and her demon tierce is a great character. Their world is not a great place especially when the devil gets involved. Fast paced story and very entertaining read, i hope lilith will revisit dantes world again very soon.
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on 11 September 2013
I bought this collection on the strength of her other series. I enjoyed the first book - interesting world, quirky characters , fast pace etc - the second was just ok, but by the third the central characters self-absorption and constant whiny insecurity really irritated me.
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on 13 June 2014
I have actually read all of these in paperback and couldn't resist getting them for my Kindle as I really love Lilith Saintcrow's writing style, I've re-bought (is that a word) all the Jill Kismet ones as well and read them again.
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