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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2012
I love Suzanne Brockmann's books usually. Alpha male hero with strong female heroine who can stand her ground against him. My negative was the m/m relationship I wish she didn't always make one of her male love interest characters so wet. I have gay friends and I don't see the almost parent (Steven / Jules) child (Elliot / Robin) relationship that her m/m romances seem to have. I would like to see strong male with strong male because if the m/f relationship was like that I would want to slap the woman tell her not to be so pathetic and to grow up. So why can't the m/m relationship be on an equal footing too?.
I didn't enjoy it as much as her others most of which I would give 5 stars. It's not as good as a 4 but better than a 3.
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on 7 July 2012
Having read one of Suzanne Brockmann's Navy SEALs books, I wasn't entirely surprised to discover a Navy SEAL, Shaun Loughlin, in this book. However this is a different genre of story, set perhaps a little in the future (I wasn't too sure about this aspect) and with people who have special talents - telekinesis, telepathy and more.

Shaun's just a regular chap who has been blacklisted from the Navy for disobeying orders (and going with his conscience instead). He's run out of money so decides to take up an offer to participate in some kind of trial at the Obermeyer Institute. Drug trial? Who knows, but it's worth a look. The evening before he goes in for the trial he hooks up with an attractive woman at a bar, Mac, for a night of amazing passion.

When he arrives at the Obermeyer Institute he discovers Mac works there. And he also finds out about this whole new world of Greater-Thans (those with enhanced abilities), Potentials (those whose abilities could develop) and Fractions (the rest of the world). Although he was assessed as a Potential, he seems to in some way boost Mac's power levels and this has to be investigated.

Unfortunately everyone is caught up in investigating the disappearance of a young girl, Nika, who looked to be one of the most promising Potentials. Nika's sister Anna is brought to the Obermeyer Institute for her own safety and to try to help in the search for Nika.

There was lots to like about this book. We follow Mac and Shane and also another couple whose relationship develops through the story. There is a third potential relationship as well which adds to the interest. The telling of the story varies between different characters so we get a different view of events at times. There's also a range of situations including time in the labs, trying to storm a fortress and more. The romance side of the story is well handled without taking up too much space, although I found some of Mac's behaviour rather irritating as the story progressed. However I enjoyed reading about the other relationships and characters and it seems as though the story was left open for subsequent books in this series - books that I will definitely be reading!

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2012
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on 15 April 2012
This is only my second book by Suzanne Brockmann (I've also read book one in her long established Troubleshooters series about a Navy Seal team) but I'm going to go ahead and assume that she follows the same pattern in all of her books of running three simultaneous romances in each novel. There's a main one, the one mentioned in the blurb, but there are also two others that get almost the same amount of page time. I have to confess, I don't love this approach. The laws of probability state that you're likely going to love one of the romances much more than the others, and so the inordinate amount of time it takes to get back to that thread of the plot will probably get on your nerves, as it did for me. It also means there are a lot of sex scenes, although the main couple do steal the show on that front. The other problem with having so many romances is the fact that it made the book very long. Over 500 pages.

I predicted I would enjoy this more than the Troubleshooters book I'd read because of the fantasy sci-fi woo woo elements in it which is more my thing, but I actually ended up rating it one star less. And the reason for that wasn't the the genre or world-building (I did really like those as predicted) but because none of the three romances did much for me, unfortunately. There were some sweet moments here and there, especially from Shane, but Mac (Michelle Mackenzie), his love interest, was largely unlikeable and very against starting a relationship with him which sometimes made her seem quite rude considering she'd already slept with him on the first night they met. The second romance was a gay relationship, a story of heretofore unrequited love, which was surprisingly sweet since I don't usually read any m/m stuff, and the third was the least explored, and yet showed the most potential for me, and that was between the leader of the Obermeyer institute and the victim in the crime the story revolves around.

The Obermeyer Institute is a place where Greater Thans (this is Brockmann's name for those who, in this future society, have been found able to access higher percentages of their brain functionality and have developed extra abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, accelerated healing, not ageing, etc) work and often live, and also the command centre for their operations which mostly consist of taking down Jokers. Jokers are the members of society who have overdosed on a new killer drug out on the streets called Destiny, which as well as providing eternal youth- its main lure for the rich and vain- also appears to be giving them symptoms that could rival a Greater Than's abilities, only without any of the common sense and restraint to go with it.

Like I said, I enjoyed this aspect and the whole idea of us not using our minds to their full potential, and I think this will keep me interested enough to try the next book in the series. And hopefully, with less world-building to take care of, Brockmann can concentrate more on providing us with at least one (or even better, three) really nice romances to sink our little teeth into.

3 Stars!
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on 19 January 2016
I seriously almost loved this. Brockman can write. I liked the characters and the plot is an interesting one. But the fact that kept me from loving it and, in fact, coming to really resent large chunks of it is unfortunately so common in modern fiction it's hardly worth commenting on...except that we should all be commenting on it all the time.

The whole book hinges on cliched female terror. Almost every single female in this book, adult and child, is either raped or threatened with rape at some point in this book. This is used as character development shorthand. Want a villain to seem especially vile? Make him a serial rapist, better yet a serial child rapist. Want a woman to be especially pitiable? Make her relive the memory of her rape over and over. What her to be notably strong? Make her over come her rape. Want a girl to be especially terrorized? Make her witness another girl get raped or threaten her with rape. Want your heroes to be especially good guys? Have them overlook the besmirchment of the women they love and, unlike everyone else, not judge them for getting raped. Better yet, have them also save them from the after-effects of their rapes. Either teaching them how to not remain stuck on the memory or convince them it wasn't their fault. All of these are in this book. Every single one of them and more. It's common, trope-based characterization shorthand and it's LAZY writing! I expected so much more from this book.
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on 10 May 2012
I am a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann and I normally absolutely love her books, but I must say I was a little disappointed with Born to Darkness.

The whole concept of the book is VERY similar to Christine Feehan's "Ghostwalker" books,(if you haven't read any of these - check them out you won't be disappointed) but in my opinion in this particular genre Christine Feehan wins hands down.
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on 15 June 2012
I started to read Suzanne Brockmann's books because we share the same last name. She's such a great writer that I've now read all of her books.

The only thing I think this book lacked was the outrageously funny side of her writing. There were hints of it throughout the book, but not the can't-stop-laughing and tears-rolling-down-your-face side of her SEAL Team 16 books. Having said that, I still can't wait to read her next book.

A huge "Thank You" to her for all the hours of entertainment she's provided.

Born to Darkness
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on 1 September 2012
After having read almost all her books, here is a new one I can almost not put down.
And what a delight also with her style. Not to say, she makes us love many figuring in this:
Can hardly wait to read their stories too. A wonderful new series awaiting!
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on 12 January 2013
It was a totally different style and feel to Brockmanns usual style, I love trouble shooters series and can't wait for more but really enjoyed reading this, I was hooked from start to finish
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on 28 May 2016
Great author, great book, great read.
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on 23 March 2012
Just finished this book on my Kindle. It is very different from S.B.'s normal style - yet still very much in line with her writing. Set in the not too distant future there are several main characters that the story centres around, including people who have enhanced powers such as telepathy, telekenises and the abiltiy to disable weapons. It is romantic, thrilling and is as thoroughly enjoyable as all of Suzanne Brockmann's books. She has stepped out of her comfort zone and created a new line of books that promises to be as entertaining as the Troubleshooters.
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