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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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Although a great storyline and a great film plot, the book is severely let down by several small but immensely irritating mistakes which would have been so simple to avoid. Simply reading any one of the many X-men comics would have cleared up many of the issues to which I am referring. For example, in an early chapter of the book, as we are being introduced to Logan, we find him in a bar in Canada. As four truckers (and a young Rogue) enter the small log cabin, Logan is relieved that he can't smell the stench from the men from where he is seated. Now am I crazy or isn't it Logan's accute and highly developed sense of smell which allows him to detect an enemy in the dead of night from literally miles away, yet he can't detect the smell of four rank truckers from close range? Also, shortly after this, Logan is engaged in a minor altercation with the same truckers. We are told that in order to free himself from the truckers' grasp, "...he popped his claws. Nine inches of metal shotr from each knuckle. Eight razor-sharp claws stabbed through cloth, skin and muscle as if it weren't there." Now this is all well and good but as any X-men or Wolverine fan knows, Logan has six claws which pop from between his knuckles, not eight. Call me pedantic if you will, but this kind of obvious mistake is really off-putting, and the list of mistakes goes on. The book isn't true to the comic books and, as can be seen in the film trailers, isn't true to the movie (for a start Logan only has his six claws - thank God!) so for a book which is supposedly based on the movie, you have to ask - has the writer actually seen the movie? Or even read one of the comic books? In all, a great story let down by some obvious and irritating mistakes - a real shame.
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on 9 October 2006
I've never been a fan of the "X-Men" until the movies caught my attention, and I decided to give this novelisation a shot to see if it could build upon the experience of the first of the "X-Men" movies. Unfortunately, it didn't really add anything to the film and is an unnecessary accompaniment.

The novel seems to be very basic in construction and lacks depth of detail, especially when it comes to characterisation - if one hadn't seen the film beforehand or was not familiar with the "X-Men", I believe one would be quite confused as to what was going on and who everyone really was. The chapters are quite short and I rarely felt a burst of excitement during my read. Those who know the movie-plot well will also find a fair few differences in the novel to the film, which tells one that the novel was perhaps being written alongside the screenplay but, where the film was altered or edited in production, the novel was not. I also had big problems with the characterisation of Magneto, who is my favourite character in the films. Towards the end of the novel in particular, he seems to be made out to be a typical cold and slightly insane villain, which doesn't match up with the tragic hero that actor Ian McKellen has made the man into at all.

Overall, the book's a fairly decent read, but it's really not a necessary one, and it does the film no justice. If you love the film, then I recommend you leave it at that - the book adds nothing to the experience.
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on 20 April 2001
This is an incredable book, that goes along with the great movie, it follows the plot and its really an amazing read, except in it it says Wolverine has 4 claws when he only has 3, but you know it adds difference to the story, so even if your not an x-men lover this is still a good book to buy
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on 29 March 2014
After watching the films I decided to read the books. These books are an easy read but good if you fancy delving into fantasy world for a few days.
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on 17 December 2014
Great book gives a more indepth and detail to the film.
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on 18 September 2000
Ich bin wohl einer der X Fans die sich riesig auf den Film gefreut haben und ihn als tolle Unterhaltung erachten. Verglichen mit der Leistung der Filmmacher war das Buch einfach nur schwach. Zwar liefert es mehr Infos als der Film, aber jeder der die Comics kennt wird nur den Kopf schütteln. Die Infos sind lückenhaft bis falsch, Gags werden falsch rübergebracht, Logan ist ein ganz normaler Name!!!!! Rogue fragt welcher Name den Wolverine sei!!!!!!! Aber mit diesen Patzern könnte man ja glatt leben, wenn zumindest die Sprache OK wäre, aber nein, verglichen mit diesem Buch sind die Comics im erstklassigem Deutsch gehalten und grammatikalisch äußerst aufwendig. Ich hoffe die Ironie kommt rüber? Die Leser werden wie "nicht gerade helle" behandelt, die Sätze sind einfach bis stupide und vermitteln kaum die Aktion oder Spannung die in der Story drin steckt. Meine Meinung: Wenn man keinen Schimmer von X-men hat und etwas für den Zug sucht kann ich es noch empfehlen, jeder der sich von diesem Buch mehr erwartet wird enttäuscht.
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on 19 September 2000
Ich fand das Buch auch nicht so schlecht, aber was mich stört, ist wenn auf einem Buch steht "Das Buch zum Film" und dann doch einige Szenen entweder entfallen oder umgeschrieben werden. Das hat mich etwas enttäuscht, aber ansonsten ist das Buch klasse. Sehr einfach und zusammenhängend geschrieben - liest sich wunderbar und ist fesselnd.
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