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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars62
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2009
This book is definately one of the best, if not THE best book on Lucid dreaming that I have ever come across.
Founder of the 'Lucidity Institute' ,I think it is widely accepted that Dr. Stephen LaBerge is one of the world's leading experts in Lucid Dreaming.
All of his books are insightful, informative, easy to understand and incredibly interesting to read.
In a fascinating and sometimes witty way, LaBerge and Rheingold discuss various techiniques on inducing Lucidity. They talk about lots of experiments that have been conducted over the years as well as the exciting results that have come about from them. The book also gives exmaples of real lucid dreams by real people.
In all honesty, it's packed full of essential information and whether you are seriously interested in the topic or just wonder what it's all about, this book is an absolute must.
I have several books on the topic and this is the best one by far.
If your interested in Lucid Dreaming and you haven't got this book,
GET it!
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on 3 June 1999
I bought this book, and the first week or so, I kept a notepad by my bed, and sure enough, I woke up after my dreams and noted them down. About a week later, I had my VERY FIRST lucid dream. It was so strange, and so enjoyable. Needless to say, I was flying. Real thoughts and reasoning were going on in my 'pseudo-mind'. I lost lucidity after a while, but I got enough of it to know that I will be continuing my oneironaughting.
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on 7 July 2006
Quote from book - "According to `The Doctrine of the Dream State' an ancient Tibetan manual of lucid dream yoga, the practice of certain dream control techniques lead to the capacity to dream anything imaginable. Tulku makes a similar claim, `Advanced yogis are able to do just about anything in their dreams. They can become larger or smaller or disappear, go back into childhood and relive experiences, or even fly through space"

Its true, everything the author's write about is backed up, and I also know because of personal experience after reading this book and applying the techniques, you can change the outcome of your dreams.

Stephen explores several ways of becoming lucid, waking up in your dreams as it were, so there is no reason why there is not a technique that works for you. After the techniques Stephen goes into length about the practical aspects of becoming lucid, and he offers many good arguments, one being able to facilitate something like becoming better at sports, practicing the action of shooting a basketball for instance, or practicing a speech in front of a crowd, by gradually speaking in front of crowds in a dream that you are lucid in, in waking life this could become easier because of the increased confidence you have.

The only flaw if there is one to be found in this book is that it's a tad too long but if you are interested in broadening your experiences in life, this book is for you, in that it gives you just a little more and could give you an edge on some things. Within its 255 pages is a practical guidebook on becoming lucid, and so it does exactly what it says on the tin.
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on 2 September 1999
This book tells all the need-to-know things about Lucid Dreaming. Included are many methods of lucid dreaming, what lucid dreaming can do for you and how to induce lucid dreaming. Great for begginers to even experts.
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on 9 August 2003
If any overly skeptical types express their doubt in the existance of lucid dreaming, throw this book at them. Dr Stephen LaBerge is not some pseudo-scientist as his position at a respected University (Stanford) makes clear. However he also shows an open mind towards the views of other cultures as the last chapter of this book concerns Tibetan teachings (in Tibet lucid dreaming is known as 'Dream Yoga').
Lucid Dreaming can be a life changing experience, a 100% natural and safe 'trip'. If you would like to explore a whole new realm of existance, buy this book and follow the Dr's advice to the letter.
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on 20 January 2010
A fascinating read. There's lots here to expand your horizons and yes given time and effort the information contained will broaden your mind. I found the book a difficult read as it goes into a great deal of detail and description, don't expect to finish it in one go. It took me nearly a year to read from cover to cover trying experiments on the way. I would say this is a stepping stone which points the way to other possibilities in this life and beyond. Very Good
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on 5 June 2004
Amazon has three Lucid Dream books by LaBerge under different titles. They are essentially all the same, so don't buy all three like me!
The first is a lower quality print, the second is a higher quality print with almost identical text, the third is a cut-down version which comes with a lucid dream induction CD.
If you are interested in trying to understand or induce lucid dreams one of these books is for you!
I would also recommend 'Journeys Out of the Body' by Robert Monroe, which documents his out of body experiences.
Contrast these with the phenomenon of lucid dreams and decide for yourself whether these are the same type of experience.
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on 29 July 2007
This book is packed with info about controlling your dreams!
It contains both traditional dream exersises as well as the modern scientific take on it all.
You have to really work at it though to get good at lucid dreaming, but you'll not have to work at finding a good book, here it is!
Hope this helps!
Take care!
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on 29 April 2011
Wow!! I payed the small price for this book with a little sceptecism as to whether dreams could really be as fun and realistic as stated in the book. My sceptecism deepened to downright disbelief when I read some of the things in the book.I decided that I'd actually give the techniques a go to see if it was as much of a load of rubbish as I thought. I was clearly shocked then when after only 2 weeks I had an amazing dream where I played out a few minutes of the plot of The Hobbit before waking up. My first word as I woke up, was "Wow". It was really as amazing as described in the book. After about 2 years of persistence I now can Lucid Dream whenever I want to. I normally do it once every night and let the rest of my dreams each night be normal. I was 12 when I purchased the book and am now 14 and have never regretted it. I can play soldiers or star-fighters or pretty much whatever I want to. I have for the past two weeks been playing out an hour of star-wars each night, picking up where I left off the next night. Despite being childish it's goddamn fun!! I still have a whole book filled with ideas of what to do next. It has changed my life and I will never regret it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 December 2012
I won't go into much detail about this book as it's already been said but I would like to add this: I would surmise that anyone who is reading these reviews is doing so because they would like to have a Lucid Dream experience for themselves and is wondering if reading this book will help them. So to cut to the chase, the answer to this question is yes. I first read this book many years ago and I was about a third of the way through when I had my first Lucid Dream (the first one is brilliant !) and I've been having them ever since. The book gives you the techniques to precipitate a Lucid Dream but for me just reading the book and thinking about it was enough. It's as if your conscious mind needs to kick in when in a subconscious state (dreaming). Conscious thoughts about Lucid Dreaming are in your mind because you have been reading the book, these thoughts then access your mind whilst in a dream and you become lucid. So if you are serious about discovering Lucid Dreaming I would say definitely buy this book, read it, give it lots of thought, and enjoy your first experience. There are many books out there that proclaim they will do many things if you read them but they never really deliver - this one does.
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