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2.8 out of 5 stars13
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2009
Loved this....a light hearted, hilarious romp through the world of the modern day gigolo who enjoys the thrills his lifestyle brings him but is really looking for true love. He comes across as a lot more fun than the Swiss swindler!
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VINE VOICEon 10 June 2008
Gigolo is the story of Golden - who considers himself to be one of the luckiest men alive. He probably isn't far wrong - he has beautiful women throwing themselves at him constantly, and they pay for his company. It's not as seedy as prostitution, mind. It's more a case of adding lots of lovely new designer clothes to his wardrobe, or flying him to New York at a moment's notice. All Golden has to do is be his usual sexy and entertaining self - and give these women mind-blowing sex. Every man's ideal job, right?

Golden certainly thought so, until his friends began to change. One of his best (and most gorgeous) friends falls in love with one of his
clients, and they begin a bona-fide relationship. When Golden sees them together, he's reminded of what real love is like. And he begins to wonder if he'll ever find Miss Right, or is he destined to have meaningless s**gs with superstars and models until he's too old and ugly for women to want him?

I thought this was a fantastic book. It was warm, light-hearted and funny. It's in a similar vein to Belle du Jour and Diary of a
Manhattan Call Girl, but from a male perspective, which is definitely what gives it the edge. Despite his odd career choices, you find yourself liking Golden and hoping he does find his Miss Right.

A really well-written book. If you like chick-lit and Belle du Jour, you'll love this. I was hooked from start to finish.
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on 19 September 2009
Essentially the books only strength is it's slightly unorthodox topic of gigolos. For people intrested of the field it's a good read, but on a whole it isn't that different from any other book narrating social relationships.
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on 11 July 2008
This is one of the most annoying books I have ever persevered through... basically the back bone to the book is how Golden's sex fueled life is so much better than any one's else because he gets spoilt by his keepers. The only sophistication to his life is brought for him, including the clothes he wares, although he likes to portray that he is better than most throughout the novel. Further, it seems the book is simply a vessel for the author to show off how fantastic his life is & how amazing he is in bed, he even refers to himself in the novel as a "beautiful young dandy". The book screams self-centred, show off-ish, rubbish, and the worst part of buying the book is the thought that I have paid for Mr Golden to continue the lifestyle, which apparently is much better than mine & everyone else's. After seeing Golden on 'This Morning' (ITV), and knowing what he looks like I feel 90% of the book could be false, he certainly doesn't look like the beautiful hunk everyone in a club would want to sleep with, quite the opposite in-fact; a greasy & geeky looking man.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2008
There's so much wrong with this book that it's difficult to know where to begin. I had an inkling that all was not going to be well when he started to talk about his life before becoming a gigolo and I read; `It seemed like there were these amazing clues all around me, left by fate, pointing me towards my destiny.' Fine, you might think, until you realise that one of these `amazing clues' is hearing Dire Strait's song `Money for Nothing.' (Presumably he could just have easily ended up `installing microwave ovens' or delivering `customised kitchens'?) It would also be nice if he could remember that people who actually have great personalities, don't have to keep telling you how great their personality is!

I've read a lot of this kind of book and, other than the second Belle Du Jour book, this is probably one of the worst that I've read. There is one main reason for that. Despite the fact that Golden (I couldn't help thinking this was an unfortunate name as I kept thinking about golden showers!) bangs on a about being in favour of sexual liberation, that women are in control, that people should be open minded, he seems to have a real chip on his shoulder about what he does. When someone asks him if he is a `male hooker' be writes, `'Not at all' I reply, tapping my finger on the piano, trying not to be insulted.' Insulted???? What a hypocrite! This man has sex with a number of women who give him gifts or pay his way. Fine. Nice work if you can get it. But at least be honest, that's prostitution. If you're so liberal and open minded, why would you feel insulted?

I promise that I'll stop moaning shortly, but one last thing, when was the last time you saw an ethereal French Heiress sitting in a busy nightclub, reading Shakespearian sonnets and writing with a quill. Give me a break!!
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on 30 December 2013
a good read , an interesting story line . an easy read when you have time to kill , would recommend.
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on 17 July 2008
I decided to take gigolo on holiday with me because i had so much fun reading the belle de jour books, and the manhattan call girl reads.
Gigolo is of the same genre and style but is more fictional than the others,
whereas the others have many story lines interlacing within each other gigolo seems to have one main goal other than the male escort scenario and seems to end on a happy note.
a very begining middle and end type book. I enjoyed the book but not as much as the others which seemed to have me wanting to read more whereas gigolo i was happy to leave as is. a good book to take on holiday for a quick pool read, don't expect hard core literary from this book as it was not wrote for this intention more of a soft core light hearted book, very romance based.

overall I'm 50/50 on this book.
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on 19 January 2009
This has got to be one of the worst books I have ever started to read (I say started because I didn't finish it)
Please don't waste your money buying this work of self indulgent rubbish.
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on 27 June 2008
Golden is a good time boy looking for rich and beautiful women to fund his glamorous lifestyle. Life is one long champagne cocktail party until he falls in love with a waitress and begins to question his lifestyle choices...

I loved this book! It's a light hearted page turner that offers a fresh take on the 'gold digger'.
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on 3 July 2008
I read this whilst on holiday and loved it -if you want a scandalous page turner then this is for you! I might even consider a quick career change... being flown all over the world to have successful women shower me in gifts and champagne can't be bad!
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