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3.3 out of 5 stars67
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2010
This book contains a lot of information i.e. a lot of TEXT. I must admit that I found it quite difficult to read - it would have benefited from shorter paragraphs, shorter chapters and more subheadings. The overall structure could use an overhaul.

As a result, it was less motivational that other 'success books' including the books by the other Dragons.
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on 26 March 2009
I found this book an amazing help when first starting down the exhilarating road to becoming a successful entrepreneur! It takes you through step by step what to do and set up your business.

This should be kept and consulted for reference through your carrier in business.


Rich Allen

Chairman (CMY Group)
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on 12 May 2014
Having read many other business/success books and autobiographies I found this one a bit tedious. Didn't finish reading it in the end. Format was a bit disjointed and didn't really go into much detail about how he had actually achieved things in business. Duncan Bannatyne's 'Anyone Can Do It' is much better.
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on 26 August 2009
I am a big Peter Jones fan so I had high hopes but this book was neither one thing nor another. I like autobiographies but Tycoon didn't really tell his life story, and I like business books but Tycoon didn't really give any advice on business. It was easy to read but quite unsatisfying. Maybe I had too high hopes.
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VINE VOICEon 7 August 2007
How to turn dreams into millions

I am a consumer of business books. Peter Jones claims not to read them If it is true he has some very good collaborators. He thanks Rachel Bridge who writes for the Sunday Times and has written a couple of excellent business books so I believe she might have helped out.

The book is a mix of business advice and anecdote. I favour the life story as a business example type of book. Duncan Bannatyne's book was excellent for instance as it described his life and how he made it.

This book was obviously to go along side Tycoon the television series. It unfortunately flopped because it did not have the tension of The Apprentice or the interest and total madness of Dragon's Den. Ultimately I did not care about the characters enough.

The winner did a very good job but you would have bet on him from the beginning.

1 He already sold gadgets on a market stall so he knew how to sell and knew his market.

2 He didn't invent anything

3 He didn't make anything. He bought in a very good product from China and sold it.

He made a lot of money in six weeks. It didn't really prove that Peter Jones could find someone with a good idea and turn them into a Tycoon.The only think Tycoon might have done for the winner was give him a tough timetableto work with and guidance as to how to do it.

He had the skills and the programme brought them out. He could have done it without Per Jones help but he didn't. The moaners always say. I could have done that or it wasn't an original idea. If so get on with it.....

Tycoon Tip Change your perception of failure.

He says don't acknowledge the existence of the word failure but calls it feedback instead. " In fact I believe that there are no failures in this world, only events that give you feedback.You can see what he means but most of us have as much feedback as we can stomach.

I am not a failure I am the victim of too much feedback.

In make a commitment he tells you that if you are your own boss you will "Not be paid when you go on holiday or are ill, at least no tin the formative years. " This is the biggest divider in society. The best way to cure illness is to be self employed. Unfortunately in a world where most people get paid whether they work of not it can be hard work to make money.

When people go into business they believe that they have to be the cheapest and best or otherwise they will not make it . he points out that people buy from people.

Most people in business fail because they keep it all in their head. If you are disorganised and not thinking clearly because you haven't documented anything then you will end up creating a company that acts in the same way, it will be disorganised and ineffective. I have met plenty of those companies. Alan Sugar boasts that he does not need administrators but salesmen and creative thinkers but without the humble administrator even he could not run a business. It is unsexy and boring and that is why so many people fail.

He sets out his many failures which is good but sometimes when you see him you feel that he thinks he knows all the answers. He says " No one has the Golden touch and anyone who thinks that whatever they do is inevitably going to turn into gold is foolishly mistaken.

Overall a pretty good book. The moaners don't like it because they are jealous that Peter Jones may lack charisma and likeability and comes across as pompous that somehow he is unworthy. His success shows us all up. The only reason we haven't made it is that we wallow in our failures( or feedback) and don't go out there and work hard enough at it.

He hasn't got the golden touch but he will point you in the right direction. His TV programme was flop but his US television idea American Inventor seemingly is doing very well indeed.

His ten Golden rules are

1 Have a vision
2 Use your influence
3 Build your confidence
4 Make a commitment
5 Take action
6 Aim for results
7 Get your timing right
8 Persevere
9 Be caring
10 Use your intuition

In a recent Sunday Times interview he is not coy about how much he earns or what he spends it on. That would upset a lot of people as the rich in Britain are supposed to be shy and retiring about their wealth.

I admire the bloke but I won't be inviting him round for tea.
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on 19 October 2015
Superb and honest book. Written in a very accessible style. Inspiring from the word go. We see the story of a man with more than just a desire for money. He has real vision and passion for business and a kind heart too! I am inspired!
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on 16 October 2014
Basic stuff you probably know - but you have completely forgotten !. Very good book to remind you of what IS important when starting - or more importantly - RUNNING a business. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn.
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on 25 February 2014
I found this book incredibly boring. I had to stop half way through as I found myself 'trying' to finish it but it was tough going. I think Peter has done incredible things with his life but book writing isn't one of them.
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on 24 July 2007
I'm not sure if those critisising this book have even read it, or are simply slating someone successful a la tabloid's. I thought it wouldn't be up to much but was very pleasantly surprised... it's BRILLIANT! There is, in fact, plenty of substance and very useful information. He even reveals how his first company made 13 odd million very quickly. Not many people would reveal that.

It's focused, easy to read (unlike many of these types of book) and incredibly well-written. I'm not sure if Peter Jones wrote this book himself, or had help writing it, but whoever wrote it has done a very good job. Regardless of how well the TV show has done, this book is well worth the money. It just needs to be read by people with enough savvy to take on the ideas and Golden Rules that Peter Jones reveals. I, for one, will be putting those ideas into practice!
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on 9 September 2013
Ratner is not the only one to sell crap. Boring waffle from a self-obsessed condescending and irritating person. Why should you invest in this complete pile ?!?
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