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4.1 out of 5 stars296
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2015
Terrible book, from a pretty bad comedian.. Has this pseudo intellectual thing running through all he does, his comedy, his public speaking... this book... but there is nothing intellectual about anything he does. its just a smoke screen. He can be sometimes funny in his stand up.. a little bit.. lightweight. some peoples crest is another persons trough, so there will be people who appreciate him. Its just a shame, he knows all these fancy words and loves the sound of his own voice, but has nothing interesting to say..... This is what happens when Narcissism meats fecklessness
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on 26 August 2015
Like many I feel conflicted about my thoughts on the man. On the one side he is clearly a very intelligent and funny man and on the other hand these do not necessarily make you a good or likeable person. I applaud his honesty, eloquence and various insights on many ideas. I also found myself cringing, shuddering and shaking my head at much of what he said and done. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it. What he often sees as being bold or honest is actually just crass and childish. It's one thing to speak your mind and air your opinions in a certain way but there is also something to be said for restraint and a more considered approach to speaking or acting out.

Its all very well hearing all about the incredibly reckless and harming behaviour people like this have gotten away with, whether its due to their looks, status or money, but you rarely hear from the many people who have had to endure and suffer it. In conclusion I would recommend this book, if you can tolerate the monstrous self indulgence, chronic selfishness and the endless egotism you will also get plenty of laughs and interesting points. He clearly has more than his fair share of mental health issues and he probably wouldn't make the best long term company but he can write well enough, if only he could edit to the same extent.
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on 29 October 2010
Russell Brand is powerful with words. With an impressive range of vocabulary and an individual, charismatic style he describes his drug-, alcohol-, and sex-fuelled lifestyle from childhood to adulthood. He is (in my opinion) an unlikeable character - manipulative, calculating, selfish, egotistical, childlike, and messed up as a result of an unhappy childhood. But this is exactly what makes his book so compelling. The conundrum, and what your average reader working 9am-5pm in the office will be absolutely incredulous at, is how Mr. Brand manages to break rule after rule, get expelled from institution after institution, and get fired again and again, have complete disregard for all others, and still at the end of the day become successful in his line of work. Russell Brand is hugely talented and funny, giving him an innate ability to work an audience to get what he wants (i.e., attention and ultimately fame). This book will in places shock you, disgust you, sadden you, and enlighten you. Aside from Mr. Brand's escapades with prostitutes in the Far East, orgies in Hackney, and dives into crack houses with the homeless, the most eyebrow-raising parts of the book highlight his eccentricities. Have you ever kept a pet mouse in your hair? Or ordered room service in a hotel for your pet African snails?
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on 13 May 2013
A very frank book about Russell's life, He writes like he talks and leaves nothing to the imagination.
Certainly not for minors or easily embarrassed readers!
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on 22 April 2011
Whilst I appreciate an autobiography is about the writing it ...... did Mr Brand have to be quite so egotistic and arrogant. Where is the humility and humour gleaned from the powerful experiences in his life? I think he's as entertaining as they come on TV ..... but for me, it just didn't transfer to paper.
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on 20 January 2011
A book that is full of truths and events that have happened in a drama filled life for Russell Brand. A book in which he is very open in the events that have happened to him (or mainly he has brought on himself) in his life and leaves no detail unturned. From dodging public transport fares to his addictions to drugs and sex, this eye opening story of his life is a book in which i could not put down. Wrote in the way that only Russell himself could write, making it feel like he is reading it to you whilst you are reading it yourself (hand and body gestures aswell). When i evetually put this book down i felt like a knew alot more about Russell Brand, from the lows and highs to the ins and outs of clinics this book leaves you wanting more of what his later life intails. A recommendation for all that want a good honest and truthful read.
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on 20 June 2015
Proper funny. I'd forgotten how funny he used to be before he took up being annoying full time. You are sitting there reading it though, and thinking: Mate, you're telling me how to run the world whilst also admitting to being proper full on mental insane? (I am also mental, I'm allowed to say that). It's just like 'Mate, you're a nice bloke and that, but you ain't Jesus innit.' I also wonder about his support for Labour, when people like his mother who are grafters but live in London on low wages suffered so much under them. Anyway, the book's funny. But I didn't learn anything about politics, I just learned one should never remove ones underwear in the presence of Russell Brand. It will just end badly.
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on 7 August 2014
You won't be able to put this book down. Downloaded this book to read in lunch times at work, started it one lunch time, finished it by bed time three days later, downloaded the next one straight away. It's open, honest and Russell Brand doesn't hold back with any details, thoughts, feelings, philosophies, what an extraordinary human being. I never read a book more than once, I usually give them away afterwards to prevent my house becoming a fire hazard stuffed with paper. This (and Booky Wook 2 which I have now read) are the only books in the world I would go right back to the beginning and read again, and I will! I am desperate for Booky Wook 3, is there going to be one? I really hope so.
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on 12 January 2008
I liked Russell before I read this book so was pleased to get it for Christmas. An almost graphically honest account of aspects of his life including his drug addiction and sexual exploits, it was also very funny in places. I was quite shocked by some of the things I read and I seemed to have spent the duration of the book wavering between liking and disliking him. He describes his life in a very abstract manner, sometimes going all serious and then from nowhere almost, bursting forth with his unusual sense of humour.
Reading the book has definately made me think that Russell is probably the only person you can love and hate equally. He is very sympathetic and understanding in places and then the next page he seems to destroy all that by saying something selfish and self absorbed.
You have to give credit to Russell for writing his own autobiography which many don't these days.
I still don't quite know what to make of Russell Brand as a person but as far as the book go's I have given it a semi thumbs up!
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on 5 December 2013
I had heard that it was an interesting look into an occasionally controversial figure's life.
He is clearly intelligent, but I do not want to waste time reading about someone's obsession with wasting their talent and opportunities in a destructive way that has no 'positive' outcome. Grow up and think of all the people worldwide who would give anything for a fraction of the opportunities he had!
He can also be entertaining, but this book ain't that.
I will definitely not be buying the sequel!
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