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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars75
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 April 2010
I am a newly qualified social worker, and like many people in my field of work I soon felt the stress of staying on top of my work. In university we were taught everything about the job apart from how to cope with the workload so when I started my job I found myself falling behind quickly.

I had a choice to make (to sink or swim). I wanted to keep swimming so I searched for help on the internet! I came across this fantastic book which I read within a few days, and since doing so my job has actually became enjoyable. I followed the simple techniques outlined and now am happy to say I have cleared my massive backlog of work and am getting everything done with ease. This book has changed my working life and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their workload. IT WILL HELP!!!
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on 12 December 2006
I have never been inspired enough to post an Internet review for anything until this book came into my life. 'Do it Tomorrow' has changed my life. It is the first and only time management system for me that has ever worked. I am more productive than I ever thought possible. I sleep well for the first time in my adult life. Also, I found time for the important things in life like family, fitness, lunch! I can't recommend this book highly enough.
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on 18 July 2006
This is the most useful book on time management and personal effectiveness that I have come across yet. Mark Forster has spent many years working as a professional coach in the area of time management and personal effectiveness, and with his third book has taken his thinking on this topic even further.

Mark has got to the bottom of some significant issues which many other time management professionals have missed, including the one which says "do not take on more than you can actually handle". While this sounds straightforward, the author very lucidly sets out the consequences of ignoring this principle (ones that many of us are familiar with, such as feeling overwhelmed from being behind all the time, and consequently de-energised). He then goes on to set out some very practical strategies for knowing whether you are keeping up with your workload, or falling behind. He sets out many other strategies for maximizing one's efficiency (such as closed lists, batching, and dealing with backlogs of work). He also provides a lot of advice for procrastination-busting (how many times have we been given the big project that we don't want to do, and have then sat on it until it is too late?).

I have used these strategies for some time now, and I can say that of all of the approaches I have applied before, these are by far the best, the most common sense, and the most practical yet. And they work!
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on 25 July 2006
I've been a fan of Mark Forster since stumbling across his book "Get Everything Done And Still Have Time To Play" which, while appearing to be a bit quirky, was the best take on Time Management that I'd ever come across.

"Do It Tomorrow" clearly shows how his thinking on the subject has developed and having tried some of the methods in the book for about a year now (having attended one of his time management seminars) know that they are indeed a powerful way to work.

The satisfaction of getting to the end of a closed list and knowing you are on top of your work is truly energising!

I wholeheartedly recommend this book! Don't put off buying it until tomorrow!
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on 1 April 2007
To my utter relief, I read the first half of this book and was already using its advice by the next day at work. The really big thing for me was how much calmer it made me - I tend to become a little paralysed by the mountain on my desk (what do I start first?!) But this book really removes the quiet panic from the pit of my stomach.

I still have too much in my in tray, but now I have a much better way of dealing with it and I know it's not me being inefficient, it's just that there really is too much to do. Now I'm getting more of it done and I'm less stressed about it.
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on 8 July 2006
I've read Mark Forster's previous two books and I've benefited from advice in both - from developing "depth habits" of meditation, journalling and walking to maintaining a dialogue between my (idealised) future and my (imperfect) current selves.

In some ways it's too early to review this book. It will merit its stars if I'm still using his system in five years time.On the other hand, I tried some of his ideas last week and I feel a lot more in control of my office. I "declared a backlog" and put a whole pile of papers in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet. I then dealt with each day's paperwork the following day and chipped away at the backlog when I could. The bottom drawer is now empty and I have a "closed list" of actions waitng for me on Monday morning. Of course there are some situations that do need to be dealt with immediately, but I'm in a better mental state for these.

I've previously been an adherant of David Allen and his "Getting Things Done" mantra. Whilst there's a lot of value in that - particularly the advice on Weekly Reviews, identifying Desirable Outcomes and Next Actions - I've tended to build up a lot of open lists for each "context for action".

I thought Forster was particualrly strong on the difference between commitments and interests. The menu metaphor was powerful; in choosing some commitments you are also rejecting others. Forster makes it clear that if you can't, on a regular basis, action all of one day's incoming on the following day, then you're always going to have problems. It seems an obvious point, but it's one that's missed by other Time Management experts.

Of course, I'm breaking one of the rules at the moment. I've allowed myself to be diverted from yesterday's closed list of tasks to rather "randomly" write this review. There's enough good sense in this book to sugest that the habits it recommends are worth acquiring.
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on 27 March 2007
For everyone who is struggling to cope with day-to-day "stuff" which threatens to sink them - this is the book for you. Dealing with email is a constant problem for most people and this book takes a fresh look at a solution. It gives you a method to ensure you carry out real work and not dither about doing non-important "stuff".

It is working for me and I now have time to write this review (I planned it in first). I am recommending it to everybody and becoming a party bore on the subject!
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on 26 February 2007
This is Mark Forster's 3rd book and I have read all three. I recommend this one in conjunction with his first book, "Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play," where he lays out some incredibly useful time management skills. This one builds on the skills learnt in the first book, allowing the work to pull you toward it.

Since reading this book I have taken control of my e-mail and daily tasks and I have been able to find time to plan and move forward on major projects. The best part is, the system is easy to use and doesn't require endless resolutions and lists! A must-read for anyone wanting to improve their time management skills and reclaim time to do things they WANT to do.
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on 14 May 2008
As someone who has done the rounds with various Time Management approaches/systems this book comes highly recommended by me. It took me a little time to shift from a 'to do list' and prioritising mindset to the DIT approach. However now I have established the recommendations in the book I have been able to keep totally upto date in my work. This book has helped me to become a Producer of work, rather than an Organizer of work. The DIT approach is simple (much simpler than some other systems out there) yet it is very effective. The only downside for me was possibly an absence of models/diagrams and the basic presentation of the information. However this drawback may be compensated in the relatively low cost of the text, and for that matter, why overcomplicate it anyway!
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on 2 July 2006
Despite the hint of gimmick in the title, this book is anything but. It doesn't promise the impossible, but it provides a coherant series of strategies that is easy to grasp and fun to put in place. The techniques are sometimes surprising, but never really weird. There is enough detail to make it easy to know precisely what to do, but not so much that its applicability is resticted.

I have found it so helpful that I really can't recommend it enough.
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