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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2006
This book was a gripping read from start to finish.A true account of someones life that gives the reader an insight into the world of prostitution.The book deals with many sensitive issues around family life, a need to belong and be accepted for who Charlie daniels is.

It a emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish. This book will be an inspiration to so many. By writting this book Charlie daniels has opened up a whole knew world to so many people and i wish her continued success.This book is definately not one to be missed.( My partner read it after me and couldn't put it down)
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on 13 July 2006
If you are a reader who enjoys autobiographies which tell it as it is with no holding back, then this is a book for you. Having seen the book highlighted on the local news I decided that this is for me. Charlie talks about her sometimes very difficult life from walking the streets very early in her life to reaching the top of her profession by becoming a Madam, her journey is described with openness and honesty. You felt as though you were travelling through her life with her. You experience the distresses, especially the heartache of having to be parted from her beloved daughter, the lows as well as the highs. Charlie also describes her time in prison with such detail that you almost feel you are experiencing life in the prison with her and the strong camaraderie of the other women so much, that when she is released the very moving account she gives stays with you.

One's imagination is then filled with the charismatic and flamboyant lifestyle she led when she became a Madam. This lady also has a very witty and sharp mind and you will also find yourself laughing at her very dry sense of humour. What also comes across is her love of culture and the arts.

It was a book I did not want to end, and as well as giving us tremendous insight and awareness of one of the oldest professions it leaves you looking for more.
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on 11 June 2006
You will not find many books as open and honest as Priceless written by Charlie Daniels. Her life story is here and what a life! This is a compelling autobiography and it will touch your heart. Make sure that when you open this book at Page 1 that you have a couple of hours or so to spare because like me you won't be able to put it down again until you get to the end. Charlie Daniels difficult childhood and life as a single mum leading her into a life of vice as a working girl are truthfully and dramatically described. Her rise from walking the streets to the top of the sex industry are colourfully brought to life. Her description of life in prison will change your views for ever. Highly recommended read for the open and not so open minded!
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VINE VOICEon 11 August 2006
Charlie Daniels is someone we have probably all seen and heard but cannot put a face too immediately. However, if someone mentions Kilroy Silk, personal services, or Yorkshire's most notorious madam the image falls into place. Charlie has created a book that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. That should come as no surprise considering the author has developed her writing skills and combined them with first hand experience as a sex worker. Charlie won in two categories of the Koestler awards, writing plus poetry and has completed several writers' workshops building up to this opus magnum. The author's experiences' of life on the street makes for shocking reading and the fact she survived is an achievement in itself. The book is a bit of a fast roller coaster with its luxurious highs and gutter low moments, in fact a yo-yo would be a better description of the quick pace.

The book is relatively slim at 300 pages spread over 29 chapters with an average chapter length of approximately 10 pages. Steady readers or a chapter per night brigade have manageable chunks to digest. The book represents a big piece of Charlie's life, each episode unfolding over about 10 sides of paper as a story of a survivor in the sex industry evolves. Some of the subject matter may shock readers; child abuse, pedophilia, physical attacks, and drug abuse.

The writing style at the beginning of the book is minimalist and direct to set the scene and take you into the sex industry world. There is an absence of waffle and the Spartan feel made me reflect on the skeletal life style the author endured on the street. As the book progresses a richer picture develops reflecting the authors change in lifestyle.

Charlie shares her life on the street with you and explodes myths that it is easy money. The high level of violence complete with all types of abuse, drugs, double-crossing and back-stabbing gives you a sickening feeling. The author shares her impressions and ideas why girls would want to operate in such a dark, dangerous world where you can trust no-one. After reading descriptions of some of the massage parlors non existent hygiene levels you share what motivates punters to keep coming back. Some of the massage techniques that Charlie provided to her clients can make for steamy reading but it must be noted, this only represents a few pages. Charlie discusses her court case, conviction, time in prison and eventual release-that makes for sobering reading. Towards the end of the book Charlie discusses how her earlier existence in the gutter had transformed into a privileged life of champagne, travel and stacks of cash. However, we are constantly reminded of the sacrifices Charlie made to do what was best for her daughter-a difficult balancing act. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs inspiring. Surviving in such a hostile environment and eventually succeeding as an authority on the sex industry takes some doing. For anyone who needs pages of sexual fantasies this is not the book for you.
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on 5 July 2006
I'm a single mum & although I've made different life choices, having read this book I feel as if I have a unique insight into how girls are lured into the sex trade and what keeps them there so long.

I've previously read one or two books of a similar nature, (previously this was a world I knew very little about), but always felt they were only scratching at the surface - this book paints a frank, vivid & fascinating picture & what makes it essentially more powerful, is its completely honest approach and moving human story.

As well as the vice theme, there are other stories running that had me absolutely hooked; the authors search for her birth parents, her struggle to become a good mother and her attraction to dangerous and often violent men.

There have been some excellent survivor stories over the years, (but im sure a lot of them would have been ghostwritten) so the fact the author won an award in prison for her writting, (the winning piece being one of the chapters)

-is a truly inspirational story in itself.
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on 11 June 2006
Although this book states its publication date as June 19th I found it to be available in my local Borders!

I was blown away by the writing itself, it was witty, descriptive and moving...

The book is a real page-turner - from the moment I bought it I couldn't put it down.

As for the authors story, it truly is a real roller-coaster ride - a survivors story but thankfully without the depression of all the latest victim / misery type books.

Packed with amazing one-liners and anecdotes ie

"the rain came down faster than a punters trousers"

and stories that will make you howl

- including one where a client dies on top of her and she had to be rescued!

It's also quite unique, there are times where Ms Daniel's draws the readers in as if the text were fiction - and yet it really is true to say truth is certainly stranger than fiction

and in this case, far more entertaining!
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on 31 May 2007
What makes this book different from similar titles such as

God's call girl, In my skin or Call me Elizabeth -

I can break down into 4 main things.

1. The author has not just experienced one level of the sex industry - but all of them, right from the streets into the parlours & eventually high-class escorting.

2. It's sooo easy to read - in small chapters & a warm voice, it also has the same pace and feel as fiction.

3. The author. Daniels accepts full responsibilty - she doesnt blame being in care, being rejected, being abused even though she could.

4. This is not just a book about vice there is a strong mother-daughter story going on.

Loved some of the stories immensely; howled at the one where a client died on top of her (it shouldnt be funny but it is!). Sobbed at the one where her mother gets cancer, forcing Daniels to re-asess her priorites &

was fascinated into the insight of a women's prison - another world opened up.

A brutal, frank, funny, honest & compelling journey that left me wanting more at the end.
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on 7 July 2006
I really enjoy reading true life stories/autobiographies - this book was no exception - totally honest, very well written, funny and extremely gripping. I read it in around 4 days. A truly brilliant read. I used to generalise about all working girls, especially when you see them on a street corner looking as rough as I don't know what and addicated to goodness knows what but after reading this book it has totally changed my perception of working girls. What a brave lady to pull through all the bad patches she went through (and there were a lot of bad patches) an inspiration to anyone.
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on 11 June 2006
Apart from watching the odd documentary, I knew very little about the sex trade before reading Priceless.

The amazing thing was, it wasnt until after reading this book that I realised just how informative it was - as such details were cleverly written into a compelling, well-written and dramatic story.

I must admit, I didnt buy this book - my wife did (I'm more into crime than biographies) but I read her copy after seeing her unable to put it down, so it came as an even bigger bonus there was plenty of juicy true life crime stories woven into the book to keep me enthralled.

Just one word of advice:

dont read this book before going to bed!

(Unless you want to stay up all night...)

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on 12 February 2007
I read this book in 2 days & have to say I couldnt put it down! (Which in itself is extraordinary because I dont tend to read fiction but my sister enthusiastically reccommended it).

To say this is NOT a ghost-written book AND the author won a prize for her writing in prison, (winning entry one of the funnier chapters) this is a compelling, easy to read book that is very visual and easily devoured in bite size chunks. I can imagine it as a tv mini series very easily. Content wise, we are taken through each level of the sex industry, during her rise to the top and there are many very clever observations along the way. There are moving & funny parts & the authors voice is straightforward and authentic. Charlie lays her soul bare to us in a breathtaking and refreshingly honest manner, that sort of honesty & integrity takes courage - qualities so rare & delicate in today's society. Sadly there will always be people who will make snap judgements on her choices and parenting skills - despite her own reflections - evident even on some of the reviews on this site... Which of those who cast their stones are without fault themselves? (not least being judgemental!) I'snt the point of the review to judge the book not the author by her cover?!?? My eldest sister was murdered in the 70's & her killer is still unknown. She had become hooked on heroin & subsequently became a streetwalker. My other sister told me about this book as we had both read other books on vice. Compared to Priceless, they only scratched the surface. In view of the Ipswich murders, my family and I decided to do some fundraising & found a site on the internet run by the author that shows just how passionate she really is about making a difference


I for one don't say she's an angel but she certainly is

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