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4.6 out of 5 stars48
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2001
This is a beautiful book. Susan Jeffer's concepts are explained in a way that never fail to touch me however many times I come back to this book. There are quotes in the book which provide 'hooks' on which you can hang on to the way of approaching life that Susan Jeffer's is exploring. I have found that these quotes really help me to think again about the way in which I react to events in my life.
The power to change is within and Susan places the tools to do so at your feet, all you have to do is have the courage to pick them up and use them. From my own journey, which is nowhere near complete, I know it is not easy, but I believe that I am nearer to reaching a place of inner peace, calm and acceptance than I was before I read the book.
There is also some of Susan's own writing that is magical, the chapter that starts with 'Listen to the silence' ends with 'As we turn off the sound and move into silence, the dancing can begin. We finally hear the music of our soul, and it is this that gives us peace. As we listen to the music of our soul, we mysteriously and wondrously hear the music of everyone elses as well...and we are at one with the world.'
Read the book, listen to the tape, take the opportunity that Susan Jeffers places before you.
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on 16 September 2001
It's been a few months since i read Feel the Fear and that changed my life, but after a while i sank back to old negative habits and anxiety, panic attacks etc. this book has been a new boost and encouragement that it is all happening for a reason, everything is ok and life is a gift. even with all the bad stuff that's going on in the world, we can still make our contribution loving and good. susan jeffers is a friend to us all! i am sure that she is busy right now helping people in the USA to cope with their sadness after the recent happenings. there are so many friends i know who would benefit from reading this book, it helps not only those with depression and problems (uh - so that's everyone then at one time or another..?), but even those who are 'sorted'. so don't worry about some of the way it's written and just enjoy the good helpful ideas.
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on 9 November 1998
The book takes nothing about the reader for granted and offers even the most cynical or jaded person some inspiring and really practical suggestions for making themselves happier. It made a big difference to me when my life was in crisis and has permanently (I hope) changed my outlook.
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VINE VOICEon 27 June 2011
I recommend this book for any person who wants to learn how to dance to the tune of life. It really does help to end the struggle and perfectly follows on from 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway', by Susan Jeffers. She writes in a blunt, but humorous way and her words make perfect sense. I felt very renewed and elevated after reading each chapter and this makes for the whole life-changing process. It's all about a changing your perspective on how you handle any life events and it helps you to tap into your 'Higher Self'; the place we all really wish to be, where you find peace and harmony. I have heard several of Jeffers's CDs and read her books, so I am obviously a fan, but if anyone is struggling to find joy and long-term happiness in life, then this is the book to help get you there.
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on 12 May 2003
Susan Jeffers is such an amazing author, and I have to say that this is my favourite of her books. Her books just seem to get better and better everytime!!! She presents such inspiring views in this book, to the extent that reading it will make you feel as though you are listening to the angels singing above.
The tools incorporated in the book are aimed at helping you to release the need to stuggle through life, and to learn to 'flow' through life in a more peaceful and abundant way.
A MUST-READ book!!!
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on 29 October 2006
This is such a beautiful piece of work from wonderful Susan Jeffers. Her voice is calming and so relaxing to listen to. I really recommend the book itself as well. So beautiful and inspirational.
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on 19 April 2015
I bought this book because I am going through a very traumatic period in my life and living in the UK the amount of mental health care one gets on the NHS is so limited that I needed to find some other source of inspiration also because I came to be here all by myself and as I said copying with very severe problems. This book is one of a series of books that I have been reading and which make me see the positives in a very negative time. As I read Gill Edward’s Living Magically before this book I must say that I preferred that book but that is a personal opinion. Susan Jeffers also gives very good guidance and I will surely keep this book somewhere within easy reach so that I can refer back to it. There is one thing which I don’t appreciate but which is used often nowadays to fill pages: the constant mention of what is to come in later chapters. One would assume that we will all read the book till the end so whatever comes in the later chapters will be read too, no need to keep referring to it. That said there are a number of exercises I want to build into my daily life like going to sleep with positive affirmations, having a good cry regularly, start living more in the NOW and not always waiting for something to happen in the future, learning that I am good enough as I am, etc. More difficult is to learn to accept that it is all happening perfectly, although I have gone through terrible times in my life only to find out later that actually it was all for the best! I also have to learn to picture the outcome I would like to have in a certain situation and then let go and let things happen. I have seen that work in my life several times but it isn’t easy, even though I am not at all a controlling person. We have also to learn to believe that if things don’t work just as we would like them to, in the end they sometimes surpass our expectations!

I like Susan’s view on the Western society, she is spot on. Too bad many of us don’t manage to see the reality of our lives because we have been blinded but if we did, maybe we would all be a lot happier! I need to ask my Higher Self more often: “Where would you have me go”, “What would you have me do” and “What would you have me say and to whom”. Susan, who had cancer in the past says that she has learned that illness often comes from negative emotions and although I partially agree with her, I think that maybe the pollution all around us, the bad food we eat, all the chemicals which seem to be everywhere, the water we drink, maybe cause more illnesses than just negative feelings. And…. Isn’t it possible that the bad lifestyles also cause us to feel bad which in turn causes illness? Just dealing with illness in a positive way may change the outcome but isn’t going to change the world. Maybe the answer is fighting to change our sick lifestyles.

She is right in saying that we can’t just live our lives waiting for what is going to come around the corner. I have seen someone very close to me live waiting for his retirement, only to find out that retirement wasn’t what he thought it was and in the process wreck his life and mine so… live in the present and make the most out of what you have! Somehow I have always tried to do that. I don’t always succeed but after a brief struggle I have always managed to adapt and make the most out of the situation I am in. Susan put into words something that maybe sums up the society we live in: “Logic is the death of that part of you that is the miracle maker”. This short sentence should make us think…. And maybe change the way we live our lives! The way Susan centres herself before she starts addressing a big audience is also remarkable and something I want to implement in my life. The use of the chi energy is very interesting and although I haven’t tried it yet it is something I want to try. The idea of having a gratitude buddy or group where you only talk about all the things you are grateful for is amazing, the difficulty is to find such a person or persons! The concept of the “dantien” is also very interesting and a way to feel more centred. At a time in my life when I feel a lot of hatred directed at me I use the “dantien” saying: “I love you” and so dilute that hatred. So far it hasn’t really worked, at least not that I know of, but I will keep trying!

I wish this book had a better index by key words so that you would find some of the concepts more easily. All on all worth reading!
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on 27 November 2009
There she goes again bringing out the best in what is hiding inside all of us. I have read her previous books but found that this one was what I was truely looking for. This book gave me an annormous amount of inner strength I always knew I had but never knew how to bring it out. This book made it so easy for me to not only bring out the best in me but to do it in a calm and possitive manner. This book is more about the spiritual side of us and how we can bring it forward. I have only read it once but I intend to pick it up again. It was the best book I could have read given my situation and it has changed my life for the better.
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on 22 May 2014
I've read a lot of self-help books, and some very good ones at that (including Susan's "Feel the Fear and do it anyway" - also essential reading for anyone who worries). I hesitated about picking up another such book, but very pleased I did. This book really is excellent, and seems very fresh. There's something about the way she presents information that makes it easy to absorb & hard to put the book down. And it's a relief to have a book that's not completely overloaded with exercises (as so many self-help type books are). This book actually makes you feel instant benefits as you read it. A major lesson that she presents very well is to help develop feelings of gratitude & enjoy life straight away. She excels in this market -I hope I get to meet her one day!
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on 27 May 2003
In this book Susan outlines how to enjoy the process of life.
Many people surrender joy in life for some coveted 'goal' they are trying to achieve.
She reminds us that external success is good but it is less desireable than internal success.
(Having both is the pinnacle).
She speaks of the LOWER SELF and the HIGHER SELF.
The first 'state of being' leads to struggling with life.
The second 'state of being' leads to dancing your way through life.
Which would you prefer?
The book is excellent but I cannot say it the best self-improvement book I have read.
This is because EVERY new self-help book I read becomes my favourite! Until I buy another one.
I cannot distinguish because all my recent reading has had a profound affect on me.
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