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4.7 out of 5 stars48
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2006
I read the first three 'Conversations with God' books, written by Neale Donald Walsh, and found them very interesting, but then didn't enjoy any of the books that followed. I don't know what made me buy this book, but I am very glad I did.

This book is another conversation with God. It is mostly concerned with what happens when we 'die', explaining that we choose our own death in the same way as we choose our own life. In fact, our *initial* death experience is created by what we expect to find when we die! In other words, if you expect to be met at the pearly gates by St Peter, then that will be your experience, and if you expect to be met by your mother and family - then that will be your experience. The book points out that there actually is no death - that it is in fact a birth into another experience, and nothing at all to be afraid of.

This is a hugely reassuring part of the book - and as I was reading it I knew in my bones that it was 'true'. But the book also explains more about how our universe works, in language that is easy to understand and follow. And again, reading it I knew it was 'true'.

I would reccomend this book to - well, everyone. Everyone should read this and feel the relief it brings! No more fear of death! Just an enjoyment of the delicious experience that is Human Life! (And apparently, we get as many human lives as we want. We are all eternal!)

Read it and feel the peace.
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on 14 January 2007
This book is awesome in its scope and majesty. Some of the concepts revealed here are, quite literally, breathtaking. It is surely the finest and most profound in Neale's Conversation with God series. I would suggest it will become one of the most important and well-loved books in your library.

If you're new to Neale's work I would strongly recommend you read one of the early CwG titles before this, both to understand where Neale is coming from, and to reassure yourself that Neale is sincere and respectful.

Incidentally if the concept of 'God' is uncomfortable, you can as easily use a word like the Tao, buddha nature, the Higher Self, All-That-Is; it's all one, anyway. Buy this book; it will change your mindset about Life.
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on 19 April 2006
I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who has read and liked any of Neale Donald Walsch's previous books. This book tackles the subject of death and dying, and goes REALLY deep. So much so that if you have not read any of this authors books before I would recommend that you read Conversation with God, Book 1 first.

Some of the material in this book is pretty far out and can take some getting used to (for example, the "Holy Inquiry" stuff). Neale also makes use of real life experiences surrounding death, and these are just as riveting as the dialogue.

Some of Neale's books it could be said that he is just re-stating older material, but that doesn't apply here. I also found with, for example, Tomorrow's God, that he was asking questions he already knew the answer to, but again that doesn't apply here. All in all this book makes for a riveting read (I've already read it twice).
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on 14 February 2011
Do you ask yourself the questions "What is life all about?", "Why did I do that?" "What happens when I die?" Firstly, I would advise you to read the first 3 Conversation with God books before you read this, to understand the writer, Neale Donald Walsch. However, if you're looking at this book because you are nearing the end of your life or know somebody who is coming to the end of their life or has recently died then I would say "don't hesitate, buy it, read it in it's entirety". You may question what he says at times as it can be hard to accept at first but read it all and you will know in your heart that it makes sense. It will be a great comfort to you. I'm not religious at all but question everything, wonder about the big questions of life and read a lot. Amongst my reading, I read Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' and completely agreed with what he was saying and Neale is writing about similar things. This book, in particular, goes into enormous depth about what happens when you die and it ties in with all the stuff that the science world is discovering about quantum mechanics and the physical world and yet it is written in such an easy to read way, even when dealing with very complicated issues. Neale states that he is writing what God has said to him but also, that we are all God so, in effect, he is talking to himself in these books (!!) but only having read them can you really understand the beauty of this. I'm very careful to not absorb everything I read as gospel truth and to feel for my own instinct if something is true and this book, to me, is true.
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on 14 November 2007
I don't often say this about a book but buy this! This really is a revalationary book. The author goes into a lot of detail of the process of "life" and "death", how it happens, what the options are when this body has passed away, where the spirit goes and why, and a whole host of other answers that to me, in the spirit of all the best books, feels intuitively right. For anyone who has suffered a beareavement or fears death I recommend this book as a way of working through the fear. There is not a bad or negative thought thoughout the whole book, a work of love and compassion.
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on 9 June 2012
I bought this book as for some reason I was drawn to it after reading a lot of the Jane Roberts - Seth books and listening to Bashar and Abraham Hicks. The closest I have come to deep answers as to who we are and why we are here is in the Seth books. In fact, there are so many Seth books that I am still studying these.

However, when I came across this book by Neale, I felt that this would be a difficult subject all about what we experience in death. Indeed it certainly lays that out and that will give comfort to any human being of any faith. Though what happens on reading this book is like what I would imagine entering a black hole would be like. You enter this book with the blackness of death and then all of a sudden the answers to the death experience lead you to the answers to the reason for your current life and from the black hole of death you are surrounded by the white warm light that resonates in your gut in a way that I can only explain as nirvana or heaven. You finally know, after reading this book, that all is well with who you are. You are not wrong for being you and that yes indeed you are the complete creator of your reality and you are loved for all the choices you have made and will ever make.Nothing is wrong and everything is perfect exactly as it is.

I never knew that creation, life, death, quantum physics and parallel worlds/universes could be described so clearly and in a way that you just know is what the reality we call life on earth is all about.

If you are searching for answers to not only death but also life and who and what you really are then this book has many answers to these questions we ask ourselves.
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on 27 August 2010
I am familiar with Neale Donald Walsche's work having read a number of his books, and for the most part find what he has to say interesting as well as 'ringing true'.

This book is to me, the best he has written, at least of those that I have read.

I recognised many of the things said through my own experiences over the years - I also feel it is a most helpful book for those of us particularly in the West who have a fear around death because our teachings generally fail us in that regard.

At the same time it is about much more than death, since death is life and it is about life on all levels and a common thread that connects our experiences wherever we are, as creators in our own right.

The teaching or information is gentle and leaves us free to choose, does not interfere with our freewill choice in terms of what we want to believe.
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on 27 May 2015
Like i said this book is brilliant and an eye opener! It should be read by all people on earth and especially it should be read by those people who are afraid of dying and what happens after.
There is no reason to be afraid or anxious about death or dying it is a wonderful experience and a gift, as God has explained to Neal through this CwG book.
Everything is explained and written in this book in way that is easy to understand and read.

This is perhaps my favorite Neal's Conversation with God book and it definitely had to be written for all humanity's sake so we can all remember who we really are and it will bring comfort and peace to all who have experienced death of loved ones or are dying themselves.
As for everyone else reading this book it will fill your heart and soul with love and joy as you will know the truth about death and life and God. We are all one and one with God.
Thank you Neal for this book and God bless you. :-)
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on 24 February 2014
This is the last of the God and Neale double acts that began with Conversations with God.
Maybe I've got used to Neale now but it didn't seem as original and shocking as God keeps telling us (God's obviously using the same sales techniques as we do, promising mindblowing stuff at the end). He basically says - we're in an orange going through time and.... well, perhaps I'll not spoil it. It's helpful if your life is in sharp relief for any reason and it does help to give a purpose and to reassure if you're facing death or someone you know is. Neale also tries to be sensitive to those who are hurting through bereavement, but whether it's comforting will depend on your beliefs; if yours are more traditional, you may find this is too much and that it's cloying or strange. What's best is the statement that the most tragic deaths are there for a positive purpose and that our own death is our own choice on a deep or "superconscious" level - maybe not something easy to take in if this relates to you, depending on your worldview. New agey- openness is advised. He labours things a bit but I found it initially helpful and then too much of the same with Neale playing a part which doesn't always convince - but it's sincere; just not your standard Bible college answer - but I guess if you wanted that, you'd not be reading this.
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on 5 April 2014
What else could I say about it? My review title says everything: it's beyond words and priceless.
It's the most shaking source of knowledge I've found until now, yet I love it and it makes perfect sense.
There's one thing you should take from my review: you'll be enlightened so so so much, so much that you wouldn't even recognize yourself after reading it. It will change you, and that's from a good perspective.
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