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4.6 out of 5 stars33
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2005
Didn't expect much from this book as picked it up from a bargain bucket in local shop. However it wrecked all my sunday plans to meet with friends. Very easy to read and a fantastic story. The main character is very likeable, an original and exciting serial killer, jam packed with shock and suspense and if that wasnt enough it tickles the travelling tastebuds to as it takes place over four continents. So what are you waiting for order your book now and when it arrives cancel your life for a day, unplug the phone, put a public health quarantine sign on the door and enjoy with no interruptions. Best of all plenty of opportuities for a sequel so if you know Jon Evans tell him to get writing now.
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on 18 September 2004
A great first novel, written in a very clear prose style which allows us to believe in the main character. Also our main character is fallable and even fairly 'normal'. The action takes place across the world, but even so its more believable than a lot of thrillers I have read lately. I don't normally read a lot of crime fiction, but if there is more like this out there, then I will!
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on 3 August 2004
I picked this up last weekend on the cheap in an Asda store and finished it monday night.
I think that the guy like the hero in his book is Canadian and that this is his first solo novel. It's impressive stuff and when he writes about Brits, Kiwis etc it is with affinity and knowledge often missing from American writers.
As a keen walker and half wanabee trail walker myself the setting and cast of the tale resonated but I think even those who never leave the car/bus/tube will still appreciate the tale and how it is woven around the events, locations and characters therein.
It avoids too many ovious plot turns and also anything too ridiculous, whilst keeping up a good pace which dispenses with extraneous detail though still sets the scene.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this and it is one of the better books I have read for quite some time. I had been waiting for a new Dominic Martell novel and this filled the space nicely albeit briefly which is high praise from me.
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on 19 October 2013
I picked this up for free and it's been on my Kindle for a few months - I wish I'd got round to reading it sooner, because once I started, it was utterly compelling and I needed to know what happened next, right up until the end. I'm sorry in a way to have finished it and my only criticism is that I wish it had been longer.

Finally, a well-written, well crafted and pacey story, with grammar and spelling that doesn't make me wince, characters I actually care about and believe in, and a pretty unique tale about backpackers and serial killers, with a believable, human outcome, and which doesn't take the reader for an idiot.

So many free kindle books are so bigged-up by shill reviewers, when in reality the plots are holey, unbelievable, full of one-dimensional characters, and are seemingly by 'writers' with only a rudimentary grasp of the English this was an extremely pleasant surprise!

I will look around for other books by this author and have no hesitation in recommending Dark Places.
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on 15 August 2012
I read that this book used to be called Trail of the Dead, and I have to say that would be a far better title. Anyway, this book was a fun and quick read, and over so soon because I could not put it down!

The plot is mysterious and frightening, and I found it shocking that a character could get away with so much in Third World Countries.

But what sets this apart from other murder mysteries is the setting. Or rather, settings. Locations are described beautifully and may make you wish to travel further. I already love to travel, and am itching to experience similar locations of natural beauty. Hopefully with no nasty surprises!

To conclude, this is a fantastic book, which had me hooked from the very beginning. I found it clever and with many shocking twists, set against a beautiful backdrop of international locations.
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on 7 October 2004
If you want to feel tired in the morning because you were sitting in bed reading until the wee hours, then keep this book on your bedside table. The story is not only gripping, but also extremely realistic and accurate as far as the Internet-related parts are concerned (the rest too, probably, but I'm no expert in travel matters). Not only is this a hugely impressive piece of work, also the door is left open for an equally gripping sequel with the same potential for spreading it over multiple continents. Well done Jon Evans!
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on 19 February 2013
I'm an avid reader particularly enjoying new authors I've not tried and this didn't disappoint.
I found it to be genuinely scary in places, a real spine tingler at times, a truly believable story.
Wonderful descriptions of places throughout the world without becoming boring and very 'real' people at its heart.
I was left wondering if the author had indeed lived through this!
Some quite strong language at times but appropriate for the plot at that moment
Highly recommended
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on 23 January 2013
Those who have loved their backpacking years (or still do) will love to plunge back in the ambiance of the trails, less-travelled corners of the Lonely Planet. Having serial-murder thrown into the mix only makes it better, especially when the story is so well plotted and written. It felt real and connected.
As a picky sort of reader, I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book. This is an author I will most certainly enjoy getting back to sometime.
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on 1 March 2013
The story hooked me with the first line and kept me gripped the whole way - and I loved the last line of the book.
As someone who's walked the Annapurna circuit and backpacked in other parts of the world I found it very easy to engage with the characters and the places described.
Well-written, nicely paced and with an original plot - what more could you want?
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on 17 August 2013
This is not a story I would have expected to like. It's about backpacking, computers and serial killing - none of which are really my thing but the main character is easy to like and it is so well written you care what happens. I found I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It evolves as you read on and keeps you interested throughout. Recommended.
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