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4.3 out of 5 stars65
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 September 2003
I probably shouldnt write a review before the end of a book--But this book has excited me so much, the first 100 pages is a lot of essential information you need before you get to the good stuff. By the time I got to page 120 I was extremly excited.
I have been having alot of drama in my life for a couple of years and carrying around alot of saddness, this book has taught me how to lift myself out of the hole I was in. The exercises in this book would be life long and would take work, focus and effort, however I am already reaping the rewards. I highly recommomend this book to anyone who needs to let happiness into their life.
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on 16 February 2003
I love the way this book is presented. You need not know a thing about the Kabbalah to gain wisdom and insight from the well written work which is presented so it can be easily read and well understood by anyone, anywhere.
The examples offered are simple and reflective of everyday life and you can see the point being made clearly.
There is no mumbo-jumbo or technical jargon to throw you off-course, this book tells it like it is.
If you are on a spiritual path - this book is a great source of thought provoking information and states clearly "Don't believe a thing you read" in order for you to go out and experience it yourself.
I feel like my eyes have been opened! Quite frankly, you don't need to have a religious background to appreaciate the lessons being taught in this book. It's like a "how to survive life guide" that we should have been taught at school! It just makes so much sense.
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on 8 February 2014
I have read a great many self help books and some on Kabbalah. This book by Rav Berg is not a detailed exposition of the mysticism of Kabbalah as such but rather a book of how the practical wisdom enshrined in the ancient science of Kabbalah can give us the tools to completely change our lives and live full, meaningful, plentiful , happy and healthy lives.
This book contains true enlightenment, and comfort as well as giving us the tools to bring balance and fulfillment to our lives and abolish emotional pain and fear.

The author explains Kabbalah as an ancient hidden wisdom that reveals and unifies the physical and spiritual laws of life.

As the source of all spiritual teachings of this planet, predating religion, Adam and Eve and even Creation of the world itself.

He explains how the Kabbalah has influenced the most important thinkers and scientists throughout history such as Aristotle, John Dee, Isaac Newton,. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein.
As Rav Berg explains 'Kabbalah was and continues to be the original technology of life. It's the science of the soul and the physic and metaphysics of fulfillment'

This books explains our inner being as being driven by desire, We are described as a vessel and light is used as the code word , a metaphor offered by the ancient kabbalists to convey the broad spectrum of fulfillment for which human beings long.
Rav Berg explains how the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah can eradicate the chaos that causes unhappiness in our lives, turn on the light and vanquish the darkness.
Pushing back of the light is resistance and we have to overcome the resistance which constricts the light and creates darkness in the vessel, Kabbalah explains how we can do this.

Rav Berg explains how Kabbalah teaches us how to remove the layers of cloth one strip at a time to reassemble the puzzle of Creation and bring even more light into our lives"

He instructs us how mediation on certain Hebrew letters he gives here can :

1 Remove compulsive or recurring negative thoughts

2 Arouse total certainty in any situation

3 Arouse healing power

4 Remove negative forces from people or places

5 Generate the energy of financial sustenance

6 Remove egomania

7 Eradicate the force of death

8 Return to the seed level of our existence

9 Give us the strength to stand after we fall

10 Give us the courage trio speak and hear the truth

He lists and expounds on Kabbalah's 13 rules of the game
And lastly gives us a brief history of Kabbalah. And the roles played by including others Abraham, Moses, Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Rabbi Isaac Luria.
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on 7 September 2004
This book is really special, it pushes aside all the hype and strict 1 way teachings that other religions are so often guilty of but you shouldnt believe everything i am telling you as you should discover it for yourself thats a important rule of Kabbalah, this book started me of in following this way of life and i have never looked back, and a significant change has entered my life ever since. all i can say is read this book.
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on 27 April 2002
Not really knowing or understanding the basic principles of the Kabbalah - this book was instrumental in opening my eyes to new possiblities. it is written in a clear and easily definable manner - Yahuda Berg gently guides you towards enlightenment in a refreshingly uncomplex method. this book inspires further investigation and promotes a healthy and spiritually profitable future without being focussed on one specific belief system. I heartily recommend this book.
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2002
The Power of Kabbalah, the book, is written by Yehuda Berg, the son of Rav Berg and, like someone born into a foreign culture, Yehuda comes across as naturally fluent and entirely at home with his subject, with a simple way of expressing concepts that have seemed shrouded in obscurity for centuries.
This is not a dry exposition of intellectual ideas. It is a thoroughly practical handbook of wisdom. Yehuda Berg describes our true nature, the nature of the universe and the underlying reason for our discontent.
One of the greatest lessons of this book is that our deepest desire is to be the cause of our own fulfilment, and that we achieve this by resisting our reactive impulses and making proactive choices at every step in our lives. He gives many examples, drawn from all areas of life, of how we might offer this resistance and make a better choice. I have lived for many years with the wisdom of proactivity, which I learned from Steven Covey's wonderful book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. But I have to say that, despite those many years of working with proactivity, this new book seriously deepened my understanding of what proactivity was all about, and especially the spiritual dimension behind such actions. This greater understanding has helped me to take proactive decisions with increased confidence, and I have made several such decisions as a direct result of my contact with this book.
The discussions of scientific theory compared to Kabbalistic teaching I found absolutely fascinating, with striking parallels in the Big Bang theory and the ten-dimensional superstring theory of the universe.
Yehuda Berg also provides a good introduction to the 72 "Names of God", their origin and relevance to our lives. This may be a step too far for some readers and needs to be approached with an open mind. But as the author says of the whole book, "Don't believe a word of what you read. There must be tangible results in your direct experience. When that happens, you will feel the truth of Kabbalah in your body and soul, and you will come to know the wisdom of the sages in your heart."
Whether you are a complete newcomer to the Kabbalah, or have already been introduced, there is something to learn from this book. It has become a treasured possession for me; one that I will want to dip into often and read through more than once.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 July 2012
Unlike some other reviewers who have marked this down because it did not give them much technical/historical background to Kabbalah, my low mark is due to the failing of this as a self help book, which I understand to be the main point of it.

It all goes well at the start with some genuinely helpful ways at looking at some problems. But then you hit the religious part. This is not necessarily a bad thing since if you do believe in this subject then obviously this will be a good guide (the writing style is engaging and clear).

However for everyone else, especially those non-religious people who might be vulnerable and needing inspiration, there are two major hurdles which I was personally unable to overcome. The first was the notion that simply looking at various symbols will bring good forces and good energy into your life. I simply don't believe this, and wanted self help that is practical and real, not based on believing that simple printed symbols are effective. Second, and this for me is the real main problem with this book, you are told there is some great force, an entity that is "evil" and always trying to lead you astray. The bombshell is this: If you don't believe it, that itself is proof it exists and is trying to make sure you don't believe it so it can continue to do its evil bidding unhindered. I believe this aspect may be why some people have used the word "cult"; it almost feels like the hard sell of religious ideas.

These two hurdles proved too much for me even though I intentionally bought a religiously orientated book to give me a different angle on my spiritual quest.

In summary, if the core concepts of Kaballah are already part of your belief system then I can recommend this book as well written and I don't doubt quite motivational too. For non-believers however, you will only be able to make progress here if you blindly believe in the power of printed symbols and accept the notion of an unseen evil entity out to lead you into sin.
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on 11 July 2008
My view on this book is that if you are honest and really serious about finding real fullfilment in your heart and in your life, independently from your finantial, or emotional, or psichological situation which are minor considerations in terms of happiness, this is the place to start looking. The concepts in it are not new to me at all, but the way it is explained and presented, makes it easy for you to learn what you don't know or validate what you know.

Of Course it is not only important as a book. It is also a navigation tool, if you internalize the teachings and put them to practice in a consistent way. You don't need to be jewish, or any other religion to enjoy and appreciate this book. I was born catholic, but became agnostic by conviction later on in life, and the teachings are made for JUST any person under the sun.
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on 9 December 2003
This book is truly amazing. A fantastic place to begin with Kabbalah. Deliberately uncomplicated and refreshing text makes fantastic reading. Simple workable principles are revealed that genuinely improve day to day living.
Berg doesn't boggle the reader with religious texts but instead leaves you wanting to explore more. Inspiring.
The only problem is the first one hundred pages details the basic concepts of creation etc and are slightly tedius. Stick with it, the book comes good.
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on 12 April 2005
I like reading about different religious practices and have an open mind however this book is the only book anyone should ever read you dont need anything else it contains everything that a person needs to know to navigate the ups and downs of life its simple to read and on looking back I have grasped its very complex idea's without realising it at the time, fantastic, should be called the the life manual.
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