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4.3 out of 5 stars350
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2001
Having read all the excellent CWG books several times over, this remains one of my favourites, along with "Friendship With God" and the original "Conversations With God Book 1" itself. They all essentially say the same stuff of course, but in different ways that will appeal more to some than others in each case. In this guidebook, countless examples of everyday difficulties we all experience as human beings are specifically and clearly dealt with. Do you have a resistance to eating spinach? What do you think or do about world hunger? What is the purpose of life? Brilliant!
The text revolves around the 34 core concepts of Book 1 which Walsch defines in the introduction. These range from "God is communicating with us all the time" to "You need no God" to "To want something is to push it away from you" and so on. Each of the concepts are subsequently expanded on together with text references from the original book. What makes everything really interesting are the exercises, assignments and experiments scattered throughout the book and at the end of each section. Not only are these totally practical applications of Walsch/God's wisdom, some of them are also very funny. These are suggested as possible guidelines for CWG study groups.
The presentation of the material is quite different to all the main books. Visually, the text is broken up by the original text references, exercises, questions and suggestions for further discussion. Its easier to dip into now and again as a result.
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on 30 July 2001
I felt really depressed in March 1999 so that didn't want to live any more, but I wasn't alone and I came across the first book of CWG trilogy in April that year. From the very first pages it gave me a reason to stay alive - I wanted to finish the book. After I've read all 3 volumes by about one year later my whole life has changed and now I know what I'm doing here on Earth. This warm feeling of ever-present care of my self that appeared that days doesn't leave me anymore.
The trilogy is very practical and also gives you a lot of mind food. Whoever I see feels depressed and frustrated I recommend this book as the first step to happiness.
My love to all of you ! :)
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on 8 December 2010
Neale Donald Walsch put into words and answered my concerns about the interpretation of the world's sacred texts.
Walsch says the material in "Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue" was not written by him but happened to him. God did not stop talking to us 2,000 years ago He talks to anyone who will listen. This book is God's latest word and if we are ready the Truth in these teachings will move, empower and change us.
How Walsch accessed the information matters not. What I treasure is the wisdom.
Examples of misguided teachings include: We cannot get to heaven by our actions. We are born in sin and will die in sin. There is only one way to heaven and it's not through any undertaking of our own, but through the grace granted us by God and through the acceptance of His Son as our intermediary. Until we are "saved," nothing we do, not the life we live, not the choices we make, not anything we undertake of our own will bears any influence because we are inherently unworthy. God created us this way and God's Son has to save us.
Another misguided teaching is God's conditional acceptance. We say God is love but if we break His commandments we will be punished by eternal banishment and damnation. We even created a mythology called the "devil." We have forgotten what it is like to be loved without conditions.
In the spiritual world no one will judge us. There are no victims and villains for God does not judge His creation. Hell, the opposite of joy, is unfulfillment. It is knowing Who and What You Are and failing to experience that. The goal of the soul is to fully realize itself while in the body. We are born of God, we are pure love. Therefore bless every person and condition and give thanks. Affirm the perfection and show faith in God's creation.
The fall of Adam and Eve was upliftment for without it relativity would not exist. Original sin, in truth, is First Blessing. No condition in the universe is "good" or "bad." It just is.
There are no Ten Commandments. The word of God is not a commandment but a covenant. They are our freedoms not our restrictions. God is telling us this is how we know we are coming home.
All human emotions are motivated by either love or fear. Love is the language of the soul. We can access God within when we discover and uncover the Truth though prayer and meditation. One is talking to God and the other is listening. The greatest reminder is not what everyone outside us says but the voice within. We place too much importance on the Word of God and too little on the experience. Our fear-based love dominates and creates our reality. God cannot tell us His Truth until we stop telling Him ours.
God's told Walsch our mission on Earth is to remember we are a part of a divine whole. He voluntarily created fear, so love its opposite, could be experienced. Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hoards and harms. Love is the energy which expands, opens up, stays, reveals, shares and heals. Love has no expectations. Correct prayer is one of gratitude not supplication.
We are not on this planet to produce something with our body but with our soul. Our soul doesn't care what we do for a living. Our soul cares only about what we're being. Our body is a tool for the soul.
Our personal relationships are holy ground. They have nothing to do with the other, yet, because they involve another they have everything to do with them. When we loose sight of each other as sacred souls on a sacred journey, we cannot see the purpose behind all relationships. Our salvation is not in the action of another, but in our re-action.
A Master is one who has discovered the secret of the relative world and refuses to acknowledge its reality. They choose love in every instance. They know there are no coincidences. They love their oppressors even as they are being persecuted. In the moment of knowing they feel as God always does: totally joyful, loving, accepting, blessing and grateful.
A true Master is not the one with the most students but the one who creates the most Masters. A true leader is not the one with the most followers but the one who creates the most leaders.
A Master knows winning and loosing is not the test, only loving and failing to love. What we do for ourselves, we do for another. What we do for another we do for ourselves because we, the other and God are one. We are God's body. Everything is God. There is nothing else.
Enlightenment is understanding there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody we have to be except who we are being right now. There is no getting to heaven. We are already there.
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VINE VOICEon 22 October 2001
When I read C.W.G I thought at last, a book that gives you understanding of yourself and everyone around you and also where we as human beings stand in this physical reality, including the good the bad and the ugly. It also makes sense, not just on the surface like other books, but at a deep level inside your soul. This book changed my life when I read it in many ways, but for me the biggest truth It gave me was how we are all one and connected on a higher level. With that one thought the world would surely be a different and better place. If you want to help yourself and love yourself look no further, if you read this with an open mind and heart, then this book will change your life too.
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on 4 February 2000
This book really made me take a look at things in a different light. Reading it in public always gets funny looks, but this book really is not a religious book. And I am far from being a religious person. My interest in this work came from my interest in humanity. Whether or not this Walsch has actually ever "spoken" to God in this way or not is by and large irrelevant to me. The suggestions and insights in this book are truly inspiring. Rather than wasting my time thinking whether this or that happened, I read, tried to understand what was being said and if I liked it, I tried to use it in my day to day life. This book is not an attack on any thing, any one or any religion. I think if you truly understand the book, you will agree. However, don't read this book if you are not willing to consider possibilities outside your own beliefs. It will only annoy you!
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on 14 February 2000
I am a recovering Alcoholic and have been on the AA 12 Step Programme of Recovery for over a year. I have been in that time trying to adapt and live a spiritual way of life. I have made incredible progress and have a Higher Power in my life today that has preformed an absolute miracle over this past year. However I was at the stage of the programme which encourages mediatation and I was stuck. I found myself on this page ordering this book. I am truly amazed at what I have found. I know today to trust my Higher Power, to listen for the many ways he communicates with me and I know he wanted me to read this book. I have stepped over into a deeper understanding of Him in me. I am truly grateful for this book. I may have doubts but I know to push them aside as they are my 'old way of thinking' and I have adopted a 'new beautiful way of thinking that I want to develop. 'Stinking thinking' got me nowhere. Read this book and discover who you are and what your purpose in this life is - 'ignorance is contempt prior to investigation'
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on 12 January 1999
Having read CWG book 1 three times and book 2 once, I spent the last nine months "walking the talk" by reading and putting into my experience the worksheets and assignments from the CWG guidebook. The effects this has had on my life have been very profound and life-changing. Reading material is one thing; believing is another; experiencing is what life is all about. I would recommend reading CWG book 1 through once before attempting the guidebook, only because there is such a wealth of information, one time through isn't enough. I cannot recommend the guidebook highly anyone ready and willing to begin experiencing the life we all truly desire. This isn't about religion, as such, at least not in a traditional or fundamentalist way. This is about the journey of life we all take, the tools that are there before us if we will only awaken our awareness long enough to see and use them. Do this guidebook and get ready for the life you always knew you desired to reveal itself. It may be a roller coaster ride for you, thrilling and exciting to say the least. In the end you will exclaim "Wow!"...let's do that again.
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on 13 July 2007
This book is best read by those who have been hurt by religious dogma. This book is written in a humorous style and challenges the idea that we are separate from 'God' (I use the word in commas so as not to offend scientific sensibilities). Rather than seeing 'God' as either non-existent or as someone we meet after death, the author demonstrates the psychologically sound principle that really a 'conversation with God' is a conversation with oneself. An inner dialogue. Many of the ideas presented in the book are however radical and may be threatening to those who espouse traditional religious and scientific views. However those with an open mind and a sense of humour will find this book both liberating and profound.
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on 22 June 2006
I see from other responses that some people of dogmatic belief systems can not see the point to this book, and have refused to see its message. My title is "Not for prisoners of dogma" maybe that's untrue, maybe it is worth reading these books if you find your self trapped by human invented dogmas, as you might just find the keys for your own prison cell within the words of this brilliant book?.

People who have called this book "blasphemy" are those who are victims to what this book calls the opposite to God, (fear).

Fear is terribly crippling, and will cause you to become trapped inside a fear based belief system, invented by equally fearful humans, a perfect example of like attracts like. This book is a way out of that fear based psychological prison that so many people today find them selves in.

Can this book free your soul from fear, and show you the eternal truth of your life? Well the only way to find out is to take a giant leap of faith and read the words within this book, that might change your life forever.

Are you brave enough to accept the glorious truth that we are all Gods children, and therefore at one with God and of the one?.
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on 17 May 2005
I was lent this book by a good friend and on starting it I could not put it to one side until I had finished it. I would recommend anyone who chooses or borrows it to make adequate personal time to do the same as the content is simply wonderful but requires concentrated re-reading in parts to grasp some of the ideas presented. I have managed to be areligious for most of my adult life (after a Christian upbringing) and this book has affirmed in me many of my deepest held beliefs in life and of purpose. However, the insight into God's true nature and intentions for his offspring created in me profound and real emotions which are as strong as any I've experienced in the last 20 years. Read these words with an open mind and prepare to be stimulated into concious thought.
Life-affirming. I look forward to reading the next two 'Conversations'.
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