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4.4 out of 5 stars29
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2002
Having been put off the modern women's novel genre by its poor writing, cliche'd characters, and unrealistic plots, I was intrigued by the rave reviews for this book. I am now a convert. It's well-written; witty, sexy and pacey. The characters are bad enough to have depth, and there's enough edge to the various relationships to keep them interesting for the whole length of the novel.And did I mention how sexy it was? Don't be fooled by the tag-line. This is 4/5th romance to 1/5th thriller, and all the better for it. Ms Crusie sticks to what she does best, and that is very, very good indeed.
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on 2 December 2014
The narrative thread of this book is a porn movie. No kidding. I mean, can you go any less romantic than this?
Minus 2 Stars.

The love story between the two protagonist is more a physical story where they say “F-word me” to each other most of the time, which leads to many cheap scenes I could have lived better without. It wasn’t very romantic, maybe more real? Could be, but I don’t think so, it was really exaggerated on the physical attraction and the intimate scenes were too many, over the top, and overstated.
Minus 1 star.

The sister is clingy, selfish, and lies a lot… she annoyed me too much.
Minus 1 star.

At about 60% of the book there’s a crime mystery to solve that is the only thing that saved this book from ending up on the not-to-read-shelf, I still would not suggest it, but I will not ban it to the dreaded shelf. The mystery is interesting, funny in its many facets, and gives a sprint to the book.
Plus 1 star.

The ending is happy and cheesy, just how I like it.
Plus 1 star.

Little spoiler here, skip if you don’t want to know. However, gets the book minus 1 stars.

The side story of Rachel, a twenty-years-old good girl that wants to escape the small town, is simply creepy. The author’s idea of her happy ending is to have her move to L.A. with forty-five-years-old king of porn Leo, to start producing soft porn movies. Really?!
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on 29 May 2004
This book is a wonderful read. It tells the story of freewheeling Sophie Dempsey, trying hard to live a respectable life, whilst looking out for her distinctly shady family. Coming to the town of Temptation to make a movie, she meets the town mayor, Phin, and from the start their dialogue is both sexy and very funny. Initially, it appears they are having a straight forward, if red hot, fling, but soon things start getting complicated as Sophie realises that her sister is making a porn movie rather than a love story, and relationships between the movie people and the townsfolk become increasingly explosive until a dead body is found abandoned. Sophie tries to play it cool with Phin but he is no fool. He tells her that despite her best efforts, he is well aware that her soul is a corkscrew, but he keeps coming back for more anyway. Soon both are aware that there is more than just sex between them. Even Phin's cute daughter, Dillie, is keen for them to stay together, and after a series of labarynth twists in the plot, they end up happy ever after. I loved this book-Jennifer Crusie is very funny and and expert and witty and sexy banter. There are a host of other interesting characters in the book too, notably Sophie's brother Davy, whose story is later told in his own book. If you like fast paced contemporary love stories filled with humour and passion, I recommend this one.
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on 12 February 2015
Not romantic, too many cheap scenes... and the porn movie theme was as off putting as it gets.
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on 27 March 2004
This is the first Jennifer Cruise book that I have read, and I loved it from the first chapter. A great read, with great characters, a very amusing storyline and some excellent laugh out loud moments. The story focuses on the Dempsey sisters, Sophie and Amy, who arrive in a small-town in the US to make a movie. It brings to life the relationships with the locals, good and bad, that the sisters develop, gives an insight into small-town life, and you'll find yourself humming the old Dusty Springfield numbers, that are constantly referred to throughout the book. Treat yourself, this book is well worth it.
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on 8 April 2001
This contemporary romance has it all. Humour, great sex, blackmail and murder. Sophie and Phin make a great couple - this book converted many people at work to reading romance. My copy is falling apart and I will probably now buy the paperback. Jennifer Crusie is one of the wittiest writers around - her dialogue can be side splitting yet she has a great handle on female friendship and family loyalties.
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on 7 February 2002
I loved this book. I hadn't read any of Jennifer Crusies' work previously (although I have just ordered three more) and I was delighted with this book. It has great sex scenes(very hot), good characters(very funny- espcially if you have seen all of the films that are quoted) and a fast enough pace. I read this on the bus, at lunch and drying my hair and finished it in one day. Cant wait for the post...
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on 19 September 2007
This is not only my favourite Jennifer Crusie, its one of my favourite romance books too. Both the main characters are likeable and Phin Tucker is one of the sexiest fictional men I have ever read. The dialogue between them is geniunely funny and filled with erotic undertones. The support cast are great too, and the sex scenes are HOT!
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on 21 April 2015
Nice read. Funny and entertaining.
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on 1 September 2010
This is a light-hearted and funny romantic suspense novel, high on the romance and low on the suspense. I'd recommend it if you like Buffy-style humour and aren't a prude.

I've read this book many times - it is a "go-to" comfort-read. Sophie and Phin are sympathetic and interesting characters, although as someone who's read a lot of Crusie I wouldn't class Phin as amongst her best male protagonists. Sophie, though, is great, with her tension, determination, and strong sense of responsibility towards the people who depend on her. The other characters that populate this novel are well-drawn enough although Crusie sketches them in broad brush-strokes and doesn't worry about giving them as much depth as her main characters.

Oddly enough for a romance novel this book is very much concerned with family. The siblings Sophie, Amy and Davy are written with great warmth and humour, and Phin's relationship with his daughter is treated the same way.

The novel contains certain Crusie tropes: the cute animal, the precocious kid, the hot but evil woman. It's not exactly Dostoyevsky, but it's a comforting and enjoyable read. And if you enjoyed it, definitely read 'Faking It', which features Sophie's brother Davy.
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