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4.6 out of 5 stars57
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2012
This is the sequel to Abandon. I loved the stunning cover and couldn't wait to start reading after the previous book had ended on a teasing cliffhanger.

The story picked up where Abandon had left off with Pierce safely locked away in the Underworld, she was dreaming a strange and upsetting dream which I didn't really understand at that point, but as I read through the book it all became clear.

John was keeping more secrets from Pierce and I couldn't figure out why seeing as he said he loved her so much. I had mixed feelings about him, he was a very intense character (I suppose this makes sense considering he's the lord of the Underworld) and part of me felt annoyed by his controlling nature. The other part of me loved how protective he was towards Pierce and I really enjoyed some of their romantic moments together.

I liked the addition of Hope and the other characters from the Underworld, this side of the story really fascinated me and I wished that they could have spent more time in Johns home because I wanted to know more about it.

They faced more danger from the Furies which managed to get my heart pounding every time, and whilst on a rescue mission Pierce learned more about John's history - something which I hadn't expected!

An awful twist near the end changed everything and resulted in another cliffhanger ending. I have a feeling that this twist will cause many problems for John and Pierce in the next book Awaken which is due to be released in 2013.

This was a dark and fascinating one day read, I just couldn't put it down!
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on 24 April 2015
I liked Underworld more than the previous book, Abandon. Underworld has a much faster pace than Abandon and more happens in this book even though the events only occur over a period of around 24 hours. The fast pace of this book ensured that I kept turning the pages as I needed to find out what would happen. This also led me to finish Underworld in a day.

I also now have a favourite character in the series, Henry. I find him just adorable, especially his excitement over trying candy floss for the first time. Along with Henry, we are also introduced to John's "crew" as they appear to think of themselves - Frank, Mr Lui and Mr Graves. They complete a bit more of the puzzle that is John Hayden and led to many questions being answered that had been left out in Abandon. What happened to John? Why is he in the Underworld?

I still however find Pierce slightly annoying. And what's worse is that she has known John 2 days and is so "in love" with him that she can't picture his life without him... I mean COME ON!!! That's worse than Bella Swan! However, to be fair she wasn't constantly repeating phrases unlike she was in Abandon and that fine with me. John also has that quite annoying overly-protective streak that so many male love interests have in fiction today. But to be fair he is from the 1800's and there is the issue with the Furies so he does have his reasons I suppose.

I also noticed a few typos and repeated words in sentences, i.e. "There was no web to surf in the Underworld, and John had already said he'd get me whatever books I needed and it wasn't like there was a web to surf in the Underworld" and also "There's no safe place safe...". I'm not sure if these were intentionally used to convey Pierce's thoughts or if they were overlooked during editing but I sat at looked at them for ages trying to work it out. It may have just been a blonde moment on my part.

The ending was also really abrupt. One minute I'm reading quite the thing... then "Oh! That's it!" It leaves you wanting to know what will happen next and therefore I now have the third book, Awaken, on its way to me.
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on 11 July 2013
'Only a fool is never afraid, Frank. Heroes are the people who carry on despite their fear, because they know the job's got to get done.'

---My thoughts---

I picked up the first book in this series in the library, and decided to pick this one up at the same time, in case I liked the first one. Luckily, I loved the first one, and as soon as I finished it, I was able to start reading this one. I found that the way the story ended in the first one, and how it started in this one, flowed incredibly well together. At the end of the first book, Pierce was taken back into the Underworld for protection, and at the start of this book, she's dreaming about John, and wakes up in the Underworld. The timescale was realistic, there weren't days or weeks gone by between books, since the second book starts the day after Pierce was taken to the Underworld.

The timescale of the of the whole story was done really well. There's a real sense of urgency to find Pierce's Cousin, and this is reflected by the whole plot being played out in one day. Sometimes in books, when there's somebody in danger, and loved ones looking for them, there's often delays before they can get to them, and sometimes this isn't realistic, because in the real world, it would often be too late for the person in danger.

The relationship between John and Pierce grows stronger in this book. They learn more about each other, Pierce especially learns a lot more about the mysterious John. I found it very interesting to learn how he became keeper of the dead, since this was touched upon in the first book, but we don't actually find out the reasons until close to the end of this book. I think this worked really well in the story line, it kept the suspense about John going until the end, drawing me into the story and not wanting to put the book down until I found out. Since Pierce is the main Protagonist, we already know a lot about her, especially because the story is told in the first person, so to find out more about John was incredibly interesting for me.

We really get a sense of John's feelings for Pierce in this story. He came across as a bit arrogant, and a bit forceful with her before, turning up when she appears to be in danger, and dragging her away. He could also come across as slightly aggressive with her before, but as we get to know him more, we realise that this is because he cares for her, and wants to protect her, and perhaps, since he's not had any female company for over a hundred years, he's not entirely sure how to go about showing his feelings for her. I think that this was important to the story line; we know he's been living in the Underworld for over a hundred years, and this should mean that he's a bit rusty when it comes to showing his feelings, since he hasn't had any practice in that area. So I felt that the way he was portrayed; quite aggressive, unsure how to show feelings for another person, was done realistically.
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on 17 February 2013
Helen for [...]
I have been waiting for this since having the ARC of Abandon and I haven't been disappointed.

Underworld begins right where Abandon left off. Pierce wakes up in the Underworld with John. She has to try and process everything she has just found out; her grandmother is a Fury and has just tried to kill her, she has tried to kill her before (!), the Furies are after her as a way to hurt John and they won't stop until they get what they want. Phew, on top of all this she is now in the Underworld for safety and because of all the above can't really go home. Being with John might be a dream come true, but life in the Underworld? Pierce doesn't feel ready to let go of her Mum and her cousin Alex just yet.

So with all that in the background Pierce begins to explore her knew home and her relationship with John as she realises there is a lot about him she doesn't know, and she wants to find out. She discovers he has some 'undead' friends living in the Underworld with him and her. Curiosity continues to grow, not just about John as the head of the entrance to the Underworld, but about his life, his family, the ship he sailed and most of all his death and how he came to be undead. Being the second book in a trilogy not all the answers are revealed, but over the course of the story we do get to know more about the enigmatic John.

Pierce is also worried about her cousin, Alex, who she sees on her phone trapped in a coffin. Her phone shouldn't work in this other realm so Pierce is desperate to make sure he is alright. John is worried about taking her back, not only because of the danger from the Furies but because now Pierce lives in the Underworld she might find visiting her family a bit difficult. Pierce's insistence that they go leads to all sorts of drama and it reveals more about the history of Pierce's own family and the links it might have with John's history.

In addition to all this is the development of John and Pierce's relationship. Pierce is unsure if she wants to be stuck in the Underworld, although she is sure she wants to be with John. The connections to Hades and Persephone come to the fore as Pierce grapples with whether or not she will be able to leave the Underworld for good at all. We finally discover the significance of those pomegranate seeds!

Verdict: There is loads going on in the novel and I was hooked. There is plenty more action I haven't covered. Its a real page turner and I still want to know more and see how it all works out. Hurry up book 3!
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on 30 September 2012
I reviewed this in the HARDCOVER (blue)

I received "Underworld" as a first reads on goodreads for my enjoyment, and in turn my fair unbiased opinion of my thoughts in a review. (Scholastic/Point sent me the book)

Underworld is book #2 of the Abandon trilogy by the talented Meg Cabot. I must admit that Underworld is my first of Author Meg Cabot's that I have read, well actually the 2nd.. With this being book #2 in the series, I went to my library a checked out Abandon in order to do a quick read of what was the start of this series. Ok, so here goes...(although I won`t go into great detail of the book, because MANY have already)

The Abandon Trilogy is a Greek mythology theme based paranormal fantasy romance which I found for the most part surreal and quite delightfully enchanting. Definitely a intriguing whirlwind adventure. I loved the characters immensely, especially John!!!

The romantic teens will definitely be hooked or glued to the pages as Underworld has developed Pierce and John's relationship much further than in Abandon. All of this being done and written within a very plausible world or Underworld in this case. (sorry couldn`t resist)

All in all I did enjoy this easy read and feel with out a doubt that many have and will too.



Recommend: YA
Rating: 3.5/5 angel stars

Angel Anne Reviews
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on 20 April 2013
A must if you read the first one, called Abandon, it carries on the love story perfectly; it has some moments of humour and also mystery. I love the addition of the new characters and also the plot twists which often come as a complete, yet welcome, surprise to me. At some points I got a bit annoyed with Pierce when she failed to recognise some key points which seemed glaringly obvious but then I found that I hadn't noticed some of big clues to the mystery surrounding the idea of the Pomegranate and the coffin! I really enjoyed this book and the links to the well known myth of Hades, Persephone, and the Greek underworld and I thoroughly recommend it to any young - or older - teens looking for a good series to get immersed in. Meg Cabot manages to write an amazing teenage fiction which completely avoids love triangles and isn't set in the doomed future! I cannot wait for the last book in the trilogy to come out to find out what happens to Pierce and John!!!

What are you waiting for? Read the 'Abandon' series now!
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on 24 April 2013
Been waiting a while to read this and finished it in 2 days flat. It was an easy read as the language had a good flow and used modern language for the market it's intended for but it didn't lack excitement or plot.

Loved the adage of Johns shipmates as they added some much needed depth to the couple as if it was just them it would have gotten stale quickly. Frank and Henry were my favorites and hoping to hear more from them.

John's background was a surprisingly good twist as it shows there's definitely more to him than a sexy Lord of the Underworld.
Pierce could be abit too damsel in distress for me at times as I thought being a teenager she might have rebelled abit more than she did.

The ending shows that more of Pierces family and friends become embroiled in her drama so it should make for a good sequel which I can't wait to read.
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on 27 September 2012
I enjoyed this book it was a nice easy read however there wasnt really alot to it. It felt like it was gearing up for something but nothing really happened.
If you have read the first you know that Pierce has been take to the underground by John. She finds out someone she loves is in trouble and tries to convince John to let her back to help.
I like the new characters that are introduced but would have liked to seen more of Kayla.
You get to find out more of Johns backstory which is interesting although not as dark as i had thought. I Still dont really feel like i know him as a character, if he talked more and controlled less then Pierce wouldnt have got into as much trouble!
Its worth a read especially if you have read the first. I will still be looking out for the third!
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Books that centre around mythology are high on my list of must reads. I adore the world Meg Cabot has created aroung the Persephone myth. John is a cross between a Hades figure and a Sleepy Hollow-esque character. While Pierce is still discovering her role in the whole precedings :)

Underworld deepens the connection between Pierce and John while throwing some very clever twists into the plot. The idea of the Furies possessing bodies gave an added paranormal/thriller element to the story.

Underworld has a significant twist at the end paving the way for Awaken. I am desperately rooting for Pierce and John to get a HEA :)
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on 28 August 2014
Not much seems to happen in the 300 odd pages of this book; it seemed like--maybe it did?--everything happened in the space of a few hours, which equally made it seem like an easy read and like I couldn't be bothered to read it because it seemed to drag.

The best bit for me happened around the 270pg mark. John became and forceful-ish with Pierce and I was actually kinda giddy, but of course this being a YA book no details are given. Boo!

I haven't decided yet whether I'll finish the trilogy, though it does seem a shame to read only 2/3's of the series.
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