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4.6 out of 5 stars97
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 31 May 2007
Millions is the story of a young boy called Damian Cunningham who finds a bag filled with money (£229, 370, to be precise) that has seemingly fallen from the sky. His discovery comes at a time when England is about to change its currency and join the Euro, and so Damian must find a way to spend the money as quickly as possible, before it becomes worthless. Aiding him in this quest is his older brother and only confidant, Anthony; however, unlike Anthony, Damian is a boy of great conscience and sensitivity, and is frequently troubled over the question of "the right thing to do"...

Millions is funny, thought-provoking and moving - as well as being a fairly swift read. There are numerous questions raised within this story - some of them obvious, some of them less so. For example, what is the true value of money? What is the difference between selfishness and selflessness? Which is more important - personal gratification or helping other people? It also addresses issues such as trust (in the book, there are various incidents and one or two characters that cause Damian to question people's their true motives) and grief (Damian's story begins not long after the death of his mother, and his efforts at being "excellent" are a means of coping with this loss).

This book is aimed at able readers aged between 9 and 13, who will no doubt identify with the narrator (Damian) despite his idiosyncrasies, and enjoy discussing the rather grown-up themes presented so expertly by the author.

Matt Pucci
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VINE VOICEon 9 March 2014
Damian and Anthony Cunningham live with their father. Their mother has ‘gone to a better place’, and the boys are often told to ‘be good’ for their father’s sake. Damian, however, takes this literally, believing being good is to be saintly. He takes a healthy, yet slightly extreme interest in saints, to the point of trying to emulate their acts of mortification. He sleeps on the floor, he stuffs holly down his shirt for self-flagellation. The adults are concerned, but Damian finds comfort in his faith. So much so, that one day, as he ponders life in his self-built hermitage, a bag of money drops out of the sky. Damian believes it’s a gift from God.

Together with Anthony, the boys discover there is more than £200,000 in the bag. But not only that, they have only 17 days to spend the money before sterling is replaced by the Euro. The more pragmatic Anthony has several ideas but Damian is more considered about how they should spend the money, including giving it away. They soon realise, though, that trying to secretly spend thousands and thousands of pounds in a short space of time is not that easy! And finding out where the money came from only adds to their woes.

This story works well on so many levels. It’s a story about love, loss, morality and mortality. Can money make everything alright or can it make things worse? Should those who have more, share more? Or is it everyone for themselves? Above all, can it make you happy? A well-written, thought-provoking and witty story, ‘Millions’ will keep children of 9 years and upwards engaged and truly thinking about the real values of life and money.
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on 21 September 2015
I really did not like this book. It was slow paced, strange, un exciting and dull. This may be because I read it in class but I just didn't find myself gripped by this novel as I usually am with a good book. I dont think this book was fore at all because I usually find myself with an urge to turn the page to the next chapter.
At the end of the day I do not recommend this book and give it a thumbs down.
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on 25 August 2005
This is a fantastic book for adults and children alike. It is a short, amusing tale about 2 brothers (from somewhere in or near Liverpool) who end up with a large amount of cash they need to dispose of. The younger brother, who is telling the tale has Aspergers or another form of autism, and although that is not the point of the story, it certainly features heavily in the writing style (similar to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime).
This book is perfect to read independently or aloud, in school or at home. It is truly fantastic!
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on 11 October 2015
Millions is a great book and a heart warming story about a boy who had lost his mother and is obsessed with the Saints and Patrons. One day he found a bag full of millions of pounds and wanted to put it into good use. But then.... His dad marries a new woman, and she eventually finds the secret stash the boy was holding. What happens next is for you to find out!

Millions is a perfect book for someone wanting to read a problematic book, a book that contains a series of problems that the characters have to face in a journey that you will be attached to! This book I recommend to anyone who wants to read a medium size heart warming masterpiece.
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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2015
Millions is the worst book I have ever read.I am ten years old and have to read it at school and I hate it, it is over detailed, has terrible characters which of whom are usually going on about saints and has a ludicrous and over imaginative plot. To sum it all up Millions is a horrifically badly written book,I do not like Frank cottrel-boyce's writing style and I would advise that you NEVER buy it.

PS Comment by parent: is this perhaps a book which parents and teachers think children ought to like, but which they find over preachy? I note another unfavorable review posted by a young reader.
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on 25 September 2014
I think that Frank Cottrell Boyes is a very intelligent writer he uses very good lines like " a dandruff of crumbs fell from his mouth " I recommend this book for young adults and children.

The beginning of the book is about a family had been ripped apart by the death of their mother. The main character is obsessed with because when his mother was in "the better place" they were always on about saints.The boy damian lives with his older brother Anthony,who is intrested in real estate and his dad who use to be in pub quizzes until the death of his beloved wife. The boy damian was in his hermatige whenpraying when a bag of money fell from the sky about 229370 pounds sterling with only 17 days until the brittish pound turns to euro.A women named Dorothy comes into their life and changes it forever.

by kacy
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on 2 December 2013
I read this book in my english class at school and I thought it was amazing. I gave this book top marks because I thought it was fantastic.

In this book all of the charcters have their own personalities making them individuals. For a start Damian is very funny and as the narator of the story he makes an fabulous main charcter for this story, also not forgeting about his astonishing knowledge of everything about saints. Anthony is witty with all of his infomation about money and clear descriptions about houses, make him a excelllent addition to this book.

I particularly enjoyed the part when Damian finds the money for the first time. When the money splats onto Damian's hermitage, he runs to tell his brother,Anthony,and they end up counting it up to 229,000 or so pounds. Even better when they play cash jenga!

Overall I loved the book with all its different characters and exciting chapters. I would recomend it to anyone who enjoys a little laugh and love saints just like Damian.
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on 31 July 2006
I bought this book for my daughter to read on holiday, but after reading the first few pages I ended up nabbing it first. The simple, conversational style of Damian, the young narrator is utterly charming and I found the story both witty and wise. But nothing prepared me for the moment when I turned the last page and read the final paragraph - I found it both incredibly moving and joyously uplifting. Brilliant stuff, Frank. Keep 'em coming.
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on 25 September 2014
We bought this book for our 'level 6' class because Mrs Sedgwick's mum (who is a librarian) said it was well-written and demanding. However, had I just seen it in the library I wouldn't even have read the blurb...but as it turns out, it is an amazing story and I am so glad that we got the chance to give it a try.

Overall, it is about a torn family who are grieving the death of Damian and Anthony's mum (we assume from cancer, but the book isn't clear on that). It also has other meanings such as the fact that even though you may have all the things you think you WANT, money cannot buy you the things you NEED. When a young boy finds a bag of money at the time in which the currency is changing to Euros, so it only has value for 17 more days, he and his brother have to spend quickly. Damian thinks it is a gift from God and needs to be spent doing good; Anthony, his brother, prefers to indulge his taste in extravagance and real estate! Somehow, through a series of exciting adventures, Damian brings the family back together and they all discover that family and friends matter more than any amount of cash!

Personally, I would give this book five stars. Well done, Frank Cottrell Boyce - let's have a few more books. EH
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