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4.6 out of 5 stars39
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2003
This story is about a girl called Anna. It unfolds with the delivery of her physically and mentally disabled baby brother, Benedict. Although Ben suffered from a disease called "Hydrocephalus" - the source of his disability and physical deformity, Anna loved him nonetheless, in fact, all the more. Further development in the story saw how she overcome and cope with the fear of facing and telling her friends and teachers about Ben's disability. Anna then developed a strong character and sense of maturity as she was able to see the world from a wider perspective. As Anna grew, she taught Ben things and met different kinds of people. Among these people was Tony Maynard, who Anna had a crush on in her younger days. She discovers something about him that she never knew.
I recommend this book as it has a very good and absorbing plot. It portrays the life of a very unique girl that I think it is worth knowing. To all book lovers- Read this book or you will regret it!
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on 11 March 2003
The story is mainly about Anna and Ben,Anna's younger brother,who is the main reason for the changes she encounters in her life.Ben, who is suffering from Hydrocephalus;severe mental and physical disability,brings a joy to Anna's life which is undescribable. Anna,who loves Ben dearly,becomes more mature and aware of people's attitudes towards the disabled as time passes.In growing up,she also learns to understand her younger sister,Katy,whom she once thought of as absolutely horrible,better.Besides the emphasis on the disabled,the story also focuses on family and friendship ties as well as rivalry,school life and infatuation;which is more or less a part of evryone's daily life........
I think that Elizabeth Laird has done a marvellous job by carving out this beautifully,heart-warming,tear-filled and touching novel which has certainly has proven itself to be worthy of being Highly Commended for the 1989 Carnegie medal and shortlisted for the Children's Book Award.
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on 30 April 2001
Most books you read ,you forget about within a few days, but Red Sky In The Morning is a book your garanteed not to forget.It is a tale of great love and sorrow, a story that will keep you on edge from the day you pick it up till the day you put it down, and for many weeks after that. Anna is an average teenager, with nothing special about her, that is until her disabled brother Benidict comes along.This book goes so deep you get drawn in and feel like you cant escape back to reality.You feel like you want to reach out and love darling little Ben just as much as Anna does.It really gets you thinking, and makes you realise you can love anyone, their not like other children.So next time you see someone who doesn't look right, don't stop and stare, spare a little thought for them.
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on 19 January 2002
I've read it over and over again and still it brings a tear to my eye!The story deals with the complex emotions of a teenager dealing with the disability of her newly born brother, Ben.We also see how this affects other members of her family adjusting to a new baby, with problems. I enjoyed this book as we see the main character, Anna, progressing through her teenage years. Not only does the book sensatively approach the issue of disability but, school, bullying, friendships and the other problems with adolesence. The reader also gains a bond with baby Ben and we too feel as if he is a part of us. At times this autobiographical diary resembles Sue Townsends Adrian Mole , mostly because of the naivety of the central character, Anna. If you want compulsive reading this is the book for you. To summarise ''touching, realistic, funny, tear-jerker''Read it!it'll stay with you forever.
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on 15 May 2000
This book "Red Sky In The Morning" is a wonderfully touching book. It is brutally honest as the narrator reveals all her innermost thoughts to the readers and it becomes inceasingly difficult to put down as the storyline develops. In the opening stages, Anna is portrayed as a girl who is mature for her age and who wants to contribute to the family by helping out. However, even when her brother Ben is born physically handicapped she is undaunted and she shows even more care and concern for him. It also revolves around the thoughts of Anna's schoolmates and the society around her. This book is so fascinating in a sense that it reflects the harsh reality and unpredictability of human nature. People are not whom they seem to be on the surface. It is about the life of a normal, middle-class teenager whose life is extraordinary and filled with ups and downs. Anna matures a lot in the next few years and after Ben's tragic death as fate would have it, her life has a new twist when she meets Mrs Maynard and Jackie at Mrs Chapman's store. An incredibly real and touching story that will warm all readers hearts. The writing style of the author Elizabeth Laird is frank and easy to understand. I definitely recommend this book ! A superb read!
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on 12 December 2001
This amazingly touching book is all about a young teenagers life.Anna's mother has joyfully fallen pregnant with her third child but without knowing that he has a serios problem,he's got a disease called hydrocephala.On the night of the birth there are tremendous difficulties but luckily Ben was brought into the world of the living and not the dead.The next few years of anna's life was going to be a long journey.For two years now,anna had been leading a double life.After two years anna's double life nad been discovered by her friends in school.Those two years of anna's life were the best she could ever wish for but after that it went down hill fast, but why? what had happened in anna's life? Read this amazing book and find out what happens next?
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on 13 March 2003
This book is mostly about Anna and her life. It starts off with Anna having a disabled brother, Ben. Despite that fact, Anna loved him very much, causing her sister, Katy to be jealous. Her parents sort of had a fight. In school, Anna leads a different life. She losses some friends and found new ones. She also got a job at the news stand run by Mrs. Chapman, a nice old lady. After some years, Ben died and Anna found another disabled child to babysit. I find this story very moving and also an inspiration. It made me realize that some people lead much harder lives than i do and they can cope with it. I strongly recommend this to people of any age.
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on 23 March 2002
The last time I read this book was several years ago. I have always remembered it because it touched me deep down inside and I could never forget it. The story is told from the point of veiw of a young teenager named Anna. Her family is in anticipation when they find out her mother is pregnant. When her brother Ben is born, the family find out that he will not live very long due to a severe disability he is born with. There is a connetion between Anna and Ben which is unbreakable and when he dies, the family has to cope with their loss. This is a fantastic book and when I did read it, I could not put it down. Definately worth purchasing
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on 11 March 2003
This is a very touching story and it's main characters are Benedict and his family. Benedict suffers from an illness 'hydrocelaphus' so he is severely disabled.
Anna, Benedict's sister, loves him, but she does not want to let her friends know about him. But later, a girl from her class saw Anna and Benedict in a grocery shop and let 'the cat out of the bag'. But her classmates started to like her more. Later, some problems arise...
I think that this book portrayed people's attitudes to disability and also teaches you how to overcome obstacles in your life. I would recommend it to people who like encouraging stories.
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on 31 July 1999
Anna has learn't to love Handicapped children in a differnet way because in dealing with her own experiences she can understand them and find a new kind of love which can only be found in people like her. Her brother Ben who was born(handicapped) brought a new life to the family one which is destraught and desperate. But Anna seems to hold the family together. I like this book because it dosn't only concentrate on Ben it goes into Anna's life as a growing tennager. She has truly shown me a new light on the matter and a press you to read it.
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