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4.2 out of 5 stars282
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2005
This book was fantastic! Really easy-reading and skilfully written to have me laughing out loud throughout. I could not put it down and cannot wait to read the sequel. A perfect read for teenagers and adults alike.
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on 13 February 2007
If you are wanting a novel that challenges you and makes you think.... Then maybe Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre are more for you. But, if you want a page turner that has you doubled over crying with laughter... this is your perfect book.

Its easy to read and one of the only books i have EVER read that has made me laugh out loud.

Some books make you think "oh thats funny" some books make you smile. This book will make you unable to read because the tears of laughter are blurring your vision!

Read it!
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on 22 October 2000
"Bridget Jones's Diary" documents the life, loves and calories of a 30 something 'singleton' who specialises in broken relationships, dysfunctional parents, the ability to infuse diets with Mars Bars and blue soup. In short, this is a satirical look at the life of a young woman living in the 21st century whose only idea of culture is a night in front of the TV watching blind date.
This is a very funny book and Helen Fielding in creating Bridget has given us a character who is very easy to identify with. The humour in the book comes from watching her do the things we've all done a million times before but have never admitted to. For example, we have all at some point cursed the invention of 1471 for what in the end becomes an obsessive compulsion to see if that one special person has called ... and have all therefore been plunged into a pit of despair when we discover that the last and only person to ever call was your mum!
My only criticism of the book is that it has a slightly predictable ending; though leaving Bridget to any other fate would only have left readers feeling cheated. This is a book for all those people who understand the importance of chocolate and who indulge their addictions even against their better judgement. We've all been there and bought the t-shirt - now you can read the book.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 16 December 2015
A short 6 audio discs, this was a 'comfort' read, one I've read before, seen the film of many times, and just fancied something a little seasonal between some heavier reads.

I enjoyed this hugely, just as much as on previous reads, and reading it as an audiobook worked very well. The narrator is a wonderful Bridget and the diary format translates well to audio

Bridget's diary over the course of a year as the thirty-something charts her search for true love is roughly based on my favourite book (the only other book I re-read each year) - Pride and Prejudice. I loved listening out for the similarities in plot and character. I'd forgotten that the stuck-up reindeer-jumper wearing Mr Darcy she meets over Christmas then disappears for a significant proportion of the book while other romantic entanglements and Singleton life (and calorie counting) take over.

While I absolutely HATE the smoking, drinking and food obsessions, I can ignore those for the vulnerable naivety of the adorably optimism of Ms Jones.

I know the film so well that it's almost a surprise when key scenes change or don't appear at all in the source novel, but I really enjoyed a trip back to Bridget's parents wobbly marriage, her 'urban family' of friends (better developed in the film I thought) and the toxic but hot relationship involving Daniel 'the slime' Cleaver.

The subplot involving her mum's boyfriend and how this turns out, I found I'd completely forgotten, so the ending took me by surprise, and though it ends well, I found I missed the film's final scenes.

That's what comes of being more familiar with the filmed versions of books than their source material though, but as this is itself a re-interpretation of an Austen novel, it's fair to say that changes are going to happen and decisions are made for a reason.

Loved my re-read. Will definitely want to listen to this again, and am currently trying to find books 2 and 3 on CD as well.
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on 6 November 2007
Actually I don't like diary novels, I thought, when I considered reading this book. Now I'm glad that I did read it anyway, because now I know that I love at least one diary-book, in fact Bridget Jones's Diary!

This funny and lovely Book was written by Helen Fielding who was born in Yorkshire. Today she lives in London, where the story of Bridget Jones, the main character, takes place as well. Published in 1997, the book was very successful in England. Later it became a global best-seller.

With her first diary-entry, Bridget characterizes in a few sentences the whole generation of women which she belongs to: She's not only too thick, moreover she tries to stop smoking desperately. In addition, pursed by bad conscience, she counts how much alcohol she drinks each day. As if she, as a single woman in London at the age of 30, didn't have enough other problems, she makes the New Year's resolution to find a boyfriend within the next year. A nice one, to spend her life with. For example her boss Daniel Cleaver who is very attractive. He seems to be open for a relationship but only as long as it is uncomplicated and non-binding. This causes many problems.
Till next New Year's Eve it's not only her weight that goes up and down. It's the same with many other chapters in her life because she is very talented in walking into traps, what is always very funny and entertaining.

Well, all things considered the book tells a story about a chaotic, lovely and not-married woman who tries to change her life.
It is very entertaining with typical Brtitish-humour and much irony. I often had to laugh out loud when I was reading it and that is the reason why I'm giving this book five stars. Above all the characterization is brilliant and the writing excellent. The plot isn't really profund but nevertheless it's fascinating and
never boring. I think many women in the whole world can identify themselves with Bridget, so I think that the moral message of the book is the following: You're not alone with your problems. There are other people who share them with you. Just take it easy! ;)

I really enjoyed reading it and if you're looking for a funny book to get you in a good mood, you wouldn't find a better one, I think.

In Bridget's crazy live she nearly misses to find the right man but don't you miss to read more about it yourself. ;)
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on 6 August 2007
Now this book is absolutely hilarious, easy to read and easy to understand. I could read this book repeatedly but I would reccommend this for the ages of 19 to infinity and beyond. While reading this book I was doubled up laughing and if i wasn't doubled up I was choking with laughter. Thank you and I hope this helps. Enjoy the book.
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on 13 September 2010
I have a confession to make - I scrupulously avoided anything to do with this book for about 10 years because I was scared of what it represented - some neurotic, sad, single girl on the shelf. How wrong I was!

I bought this on a whim secondhand and within a couple of paragraphs I realised how I had totally misunderstood the whole concept. This is one of the funniest, warmest, most intuitive books I've ever read and now takes it's place among my favourite books. Bridget is a great character and you can't help but identify with her, she's so human and full of hope. There are trials and tribulations with Mark Darcy and dastardly Daniel Cleaver but it's the little things I loved - her mental mother, the unforfilled promises and subsequent excuses not to go to the gym, the spiralling worry and obsessive behaviour (dieting, doing 1471), always being late for work and most of all, the drunkeness, 'Argor. Tonight was blurry brillant! Tumbled over.'

Although I have since morphed into a 'smug married' (and then out again)it reminds me what it's like to be that way, single and living in flat in London and the sometimes desperate and lonely but often euphoric way that feels.

If you still haven't read this, I really recommend it - it's not at all sloppy but properly laugh-out loud funny and full of snappy wit and satire. Perhaps like me you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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on 27 August 2013
I first read this book back in June of this year, little did I know the impact it would have on me. I confess I watched the movie before reading the book, but I must say as much as I love the movie for this novel, the book is a thousand times funnier and more appealing. Bridget's character is one of a kind, she isn't glamorous or enticingly beautiful, but what she has is heart, humour and bloody knows how to have a good time. This 30 something singleton embodies the traits of the modern day woman. Bridget is just one of those fictional characters that stay with you for years and years. Fielding does an excellent job in creating such a realistic and memorable character, as readers we can all laugh, cry, love and sympathize with Bridget. I firmly believe there is a bit of Bridget in every woman. As for the men in the novel, Daniel Cleaver is a mere womanizing pig with absolutely no standards or morals. Mark Darcy is absolutely my favourite, the perfect gentleman, although he can be a sarcastic and patronising idiot at times, that is where the humour of his character lies. I cannot express in words how much I recommend and adore this book, it is definitely up there in my favourites list.
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on 8 September 2003
This is quite possibly the best book I have ever read.It is one of those addictive books that you really cannot put down.Every chance I could,I would pick it up and read it.It made me laugh out loud while I was reading it on the bus!.
It makes you look at your own life,most women will be able to relate to it but most of all,it will make you laugh and laugh!.Helen Fielding is a genius for creating Brigette Jones and every woman should read this book.I loved it and have read it so many times since I first brought it in 1997.
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on 9 April 2001
I couldn't put this book down and kept on reading it but at the same time I didn't want it to end. I had wanted to buy this book a long time ago but didn't get round to it but when I heard there was a movie coming out I thought I should read it before I saw the movie and I'm so glad I did. I didn't stop laughing. Although I can't really relate to Bridget because I am a 15 year old girl (Briget is 30 something) it didn't really matter. I still found it funny and enjoyable. I would recommend it to everyone.
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