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4.6 out of 5 stars57
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2005
There! He's done it again!! Wilt is back.
It all started for me when I bought "Wilt" by mistake! Since then I got the whole Tom Sharpe collection. I just finished reading this one and I though I would share my thoughts with you.
Well, as I said, Wilt is back. He is head of Liberal Studies now, with 4 "Eva look-alikes" daughters, and with the same dark thoughts in his mind. Inspector Flint is back as well and he can't believe his luck! As always, misunderstandings are present again and Wilt is performing "alternative" terrorism acts, due to his wife's obsession with anything alternative in life, hence the title. If you have not discovered Tom Sharpe yet, don't waste your time, this is a sure bet and he is going to make you laugh, really!! The Wilt alternative is a perfect sequel to the first book and is highly recommended. Well, that's all from me. I am leaving you now as I have another book waiting for me...."Wilt on high"....
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on 3 January 2005
When I purchase a Tom Sharpe book I bring it home and read it there. Never on a train, plane or other public transport! Henry Wilt makes me laugh out loud. Not just a giggle, no; a full belly laugh, loud and uproarious. When you see Wilt in the title you know you're in for a damn good read
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on 25 July 2000
This is my favorite one of the Wilt trilogy. Poor Henry has got himself in a pickle again.
He continues to try and lead a normal life, oblivious to the chaos that he is creating, innocently fratenising with terrorists, but ending up looking like the guilty party.
Its witty ans satiric...and lads will never walk home drunk again!
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The last time I read this was when I was in my teens, and I borrowed it from my dad, and I must admit that it is still funny all these years later. In today’s world and terrorism this is still quite current, especially when it is exposed at the college Henry Wilt works at, that some of the courses could lead to terrorist ideals. It makes you think about the recruiting going on by terrorist organisations in such places, that we here of. This is the second novel in the Wilt series, and was first published in 1979.

After the escapades in the first novel ‘Wilt’ we find that he has now moved home with his wife and that they have quadruplets (all girls) and he is now Head of Liberal Studies. The wife, Eva Wilt is currently into alternative medicines and self-sufficiency.

As Wilt gets embroiled in an incident at the college, which centres on a video made of simulated sex with a crocodile, at home he is lusting after the lovely female German that Eva has taken in as a lodger. Of course, in Wilt’s world nothing ever runs smoothly and he soon finds himself caught up in international terrorism. If catching his manhood in a rose bush whilst trying to take a leak isn’t enough, then terrorists taking hostages in his house, and the Police and Special Forces encamped around the perimeter is surely more than a person can take.

Follow the Wilt family in this hysterical novel as they prove more than a match for the Police, Special Forces, and most definitely terrorists. Even Inspector Flint who can’t forgive Wilt for their last encounter has to doff his hat this time in admiration. This is very funny and quite well observed and is still a joy to read.
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on 4 March 1999
I have found a very deep, and profoud humor in this book about a absolutely not average British man, who manages to turn everyday actions into major disasters, helped by his human tornado of a wife . When the real disasters come around, you find yourself beliving in this little odd man, and his truely strange behavior. I spend hours laughing in the comny of mr. Wilt and his family
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on 20 February 2010
I rate this as the BEST of all the Tom Sharpe books. Not always 'politically' correct and some swearing - but very funny. I guess that I will be re-reading this at least once every year.
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I read the Wilt books years ago as a teen and loved them. I picked this one up in a lull remembering nothing of the plot but just remembering laughing out loud on the bus on my way to school.

I had completely forgotten just how great Tom's book are. I read the first in a couple of days. Devoured the second and I am now reading the third. And I've swapped the bus for a train and I am still laughing out loud in public.
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on 30 March 2010
I read Wilt in nowhere a while back and so thought I'd work my way through the wilt series and other books, the Wilt alternative I every bit a good (if not slightly better) than Wilt, I got many a wiered stare as i burst into laughter on the bus.

Brilliant read if you're a fan of Tom Sharpe, and if you like think you can enjoy the sterotypes of england 1970-80 then this is perfect for you too! Hilarious!
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on 4 May 2012
Having been introduced to Tom Sharpe's novels via reading 'the throwback',(which was excellent! I couldn't stop laughing at the antics of protagonist Lockhart Flawse)and having read 'Porterhouse Blue' which was a parody of traditions in further education establishments, I thought I'd try the 'Wilt' novels, and, true to form, protagonist Henry finds himself stumbling into one bizarre situation after another. Despite now having gone up in the world, the reason for his sudden wealth is made clear in book one, 'Wilt', Henry still has his mundane,pedestrian job at the tech, but his attraction towards the new au pair who has rented the top floor flat of his home,sparks off another farcical foray, when the mysterious au pair isn't what she seems. A very funny novel, although I felt the Throwback was better, and a real road trip for the dictionary language wise, which is where the kindle really is a Godsend.I gave it four stars because, while hilarious, I felt that the plot was a little far fetched, otherwise, it's an entertaining read!
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on 31 May 2013
This is a brilliant book. Not many books make me laugh until I cry but this one did. I am working my way through the series of 'Wilt' books and loving every minute of it. The way they are written is great and you can imagine the funny things in them actually happening. They are not things you would think 'Oh that would not happen'.
If you have not tried any of these books yet, then I would say don't wait any longer. Get one now and you will be hooked . They are all great. There is a sequence to them though so it is worth reading them in order.
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