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3.4 out of 5 stars9
3.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2013
I've read many books that claim to teach you how to program and they were as useful as a chocolate teapot.
I'm a university student and I have been learning HTML, CSS and PHP, which are interesting enough, but I wanted
to learn something more appealing to me. Objective-C is the answer. Objective-C is the programming language for
programming software on Apple products such as the Macbook, iPad & iPhone. All you need is a Macbook and
a lot of spare time to learn.

Stephen G. Kochan treats you like you've never programmed before - which isn't condescending, on
the contrary - it's incredibly well written. I am on chapter 3 and as a 'newbie' to programming, I am already
writing very simple programs in Objective-C using arguments, variables and many more techniques that
Stephen introduces to you as you read through the chapter. Stephen also lets you know from the offset
that it's not vital that you've programmed before. Objective-C can be your FIRST programming language.

Each chapter seems to end with a few exercises that help you discover if you really understand the
material. Overall, I really am finding it to be an excellent guide into the world of Objective-C. I recommend
this book for anyone wanting to learn Objective-C, complete beginner or intermediate. It's clear that
Stephen Kochan knows his stuff and it comes across in the book. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't
understand it well enough." That's what Albert Einstein said. It's true. Kochan does understand objective-c
and with this book, you will too.
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on 17 January 2013
I'm completely new to programming and after a brief dalliance with Python bought this as my first Obj-C text, having been impressed by the "best introductory book on any programming language ever" reviews. I started it, gave up and went on to an iOS book for a bit, then came back to plug some of the many Obj-C holes in my knowledge - and still find it very mediocre. Personally I can't see why this gets 5 stars. I don't want to be unfair and slate the book as I think it is well-intentioned, but I really don't get on with it.

Firstly, this book is VERY dry and it's quite hard graft plugging through it. There are lots of code examples but each one builds a tiny bit on the previous, with far too much padding before the next example.

I think learning some basic C is key before plunging into objects, yet this starts in the middle.

The explanations are verbose and sometimes confusing - and sometimes the author starts at the end. For instance, the chapter on pointers only tells you what a pointer is after several pages - why not state this at the very beginning!!! You learn to dereference pointers etc before you even learn the very key essence of pointers, that they simply hold an address. Other texts and internet resources do this far better and in half the space. The chapter on Copying Objects - very confusingly - tells you all the deficiencies of the NSCopy methods, in a very beat-around-the-bush way but doesn't tell you what to really do until a later chapter.

It's not a terrible book, but I bought the Big Nerd Ranch Obj-C Guide after this and many things that weren't clear suddenly made themselves so. OOP broken down into really concise chunks. Maybe just a personal preference, but those books really get to the nub of why things are the way they are, without the waffle. If you're starting out, I'd suggest comparing the 2 and seeing which you prefer.
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on 17 September 2013
I was hoping that this book would help to consolidate some of the knowledge that I had about objective c from a few other books, but having finished the whole thing I can't help but feel slightly dissatisfied. The author takes the view that the most important thing is learning the syntax of objective-c, which is quite clearly stated in the blurb and why I bought the book, but the problem is he doesn't even touch the UI elements that put such code into practice. In fact in the absence of any talk about views at all (until the final chapter) the very concept of MVC -which should be at the heart of objective C app design - is essentially abandoned. Of course the NSLog/terminal screen works as a view as such, but restricting the new user to only this fails to emphasise the relation ship of the different parts of the app - not to mention that creating an app with NSLog is far less exciting than one that works with buttons, windows, animations and the like. Such features deserve elaboration at least as much as the code itself (which receives far too much elaboration in my opinion). This maybe is good if you have never done any programming before, but I heartily recommend McNeish's Book 2: Flying With Objective-C - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers: The Series on How to Create iPhone & iPad Apps over this for both conciseness and clarity.
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on 14 April 2013
I possess a copy of the first edition of this work which I have used extensively over the years to learn ObjectiveC. This edition is equally easy going and discusses subjects thoroughly with plenty of code examples. I find the best way of learning a computer language is to invent ones own project and working out how to proceed using a text: this could not be bettered for this purpose.
This edition is updated to include recent developments in ObjectiveC, also, it includes details how to program in iOS. Since it is a book on language programming it does not discuss Cocoa per se.
I recommend it, even to newcomers, for learning ObjectiveC, although some knowledge of object oriented programming would ease the way.
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on 23 July 2013
Very detailed and concise with no waffling about concepts. There's a clear set of contents and challenges at the end of each chapter, and the explanations of object-oriented programming are excellent. However, I feel there could have been more explanation of instances as the examples started to use pointers that I didn't understand at first, and I was a little disappointed by the lack of GUI programming - I understand that this was meant to underpin the basics of objective-c but a short chapter with an introduction to interface builder perhaps would have made the program examples more fun to use. Nonetheless, whenever I get the opportunity I recommend this book to people, it really is brilliant
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on 8 August 2013
As a beginner to this language this book walked me through the basics in a rational manner. The subject is covered in depth with many examples of use.
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on 2 May 2013
I was looking for a concise reference on Objective-C, to save having to trawl through the verbose mire that is Apple's on-line documentation. In particular, I was looking for a book that would prove a useful reference on app programming for iOS 6.

This book is neither concise or of any real use for iOS 6 app programming. Apple's on-line developer material is as readable, useful and free.

I have given two stars as, if you don't give up the will to live first, you could persevere and actually write some Objective-C code at the end of it and as a start to Objective-C programming it might work for some people. The book is obviously a rehash of Mr Kochan's book on C programming updated for Objective-C and then the various changes to the Objective-C language and tool-sets. By this, the fifth edition, things have become very convoluted and in desperate need of a complete rewrite.

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on 26 October 2013
Hardly much help. There's a lot it doesn't tell you how to do and puts more code in front of you than a beginner can handle
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on 7 December 2012
The content is very informative , easy to read; I really enjoy reading the book it has a logical structure not found in other similar books.It is a must buy for those who want to learn programming even without any previous programming experience. Well written and explained. However wait for the book and buy the book, at least I prefer the book rather than digital option.
There is also a website, which you can use for your learning process.

as a separate subject:
Here is my view about Kindle, the version of the book that I purchased.

Here is what you get or do not get with Kindle.

-You cannot print anything from it ( this is technical book and we need to get printout of some page)
-You cannot cut and paste. e.g if there is a code there and you want to cut and paste into your IDE, or if you want to put some text on your notepad; it does not have any option for it
-It appears that you do not own the (kindle)book if you buy Kindle version, you are sort of renting it.

However there are many positive aspects of Kindle, like... when you read the book from different media, it can take you to the last page you read.
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