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on 3 August 2010
I wasn't sure what to expect from the Illustrator workbook, but I ordered it on a whim because I really wanted to learn the program and figured Abode's own workbook would be the best way to do it. I was definitely right.
The book is so easy to follow, and really guides you through every little nuance of Illustrator. I feel like I really understand the program now, and I like the fact I can still run over any of the 15 lessons if I feel I need a refresher.
The instructions and diagrams are crystal clear and whilst I struggled in a couple of places, this was no fault of the book and more to do with me misreading. Another read of the paragraph meant I was well on my way again.
I really think this workbook would be useful for anyone from a real beginner to someone who already has a fair grasp of the program. I'm familiar with Photoshop so I knew the basics about controls/layers etc, but I still gained so much from this.
I'm going on to do a degree in Illustration soon, which was why I wanted to learn Illustrator, and I now feel totally equipped for the computer design side of things.

Buy it! It's worth the money.
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on 27 August 2010
I'd used Adobe Photoshop for some time, but needed to migrate to Illustrator which more suited the type of work I was dealing with.

This book was the first I bought, and I can recommend it to anyone trying to delve into Illustrator CS5 for the first time. It delivers excellent step-by-step instructions on all the major subject areas, and offers just enough details to get over the initial hurdle of learning such a huge product without boring the pants of you.

Overall very good for a beginner, not so good for someone who's already used Illustrator in a previous guise. It gives a great foundation on which to build your Illustrator knowledge.
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Adobe Illustrator is possibly one of the most frustrating bit of graphics software out there. It's not actually that difficult, but many people struggle with it. I teach this application (I'm an Adobe certified Instructor) and once we've gone past simple shapes I know people will have issues. Often I'm asked what book they can get to help. This is the book. It will teach you all the main features and quite a few obscure details that people overlook. It will teach you mastery of the pen tool, a tool you MUST master to understand Illustrator.
What it won't do is teach you to draw. There are plenty of other books that will teach you that; and I'd always suggest a pencil and paper first if you actually need drawing lessons. What it will do is teach you drawing with Adobe Illustrator and I highly recommend it.
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on 13 May 2011
Very helpful guide for those who want to learn the secrets of AI but are absolute beginners (like me). Lessons are easy and clear, not too long to be boring. Within an hour for a lesson you can learn new and new things. At the end of every lesson there are some review questions on things mentioned in that lesson. This is my first Classroom in a Book but when I saw how were the things described I've ordered PS CS5 Classroom in a Book as well and now I'm waiting the delivery. I would recommend these books to anyone who starts from the scratch in the design.Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book (Classroom in a Book (Adobe))
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on 1 November 2010
The book arrived promptly and within a few days i was much more confident at using illustrator, i have extensive experience with photoshop and have always found illustrator a challange, no more however due to this easy to follow book i am now using illustrator more than photoshop, it has some great features in CS5 which this book helps to explain and guide you through the use of them.

Although i must say after the first few tutorials i found that i had learnt enough to experiment on my own and have yet to go through the last 1/4 of the book.

overall very helpful if you wish to learn illustrator
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on 15 July 2012
Like all the Adobe CIBs this one is VERY awkward to use. The text is not very clear and the layout poor because it is very hard to distinguish between instruction and information. They are both in same font and font weight. Also the page layout is wasting nearly 50 mm on one side as a margin that is used marginally, instead of being used to illustrate where to find buttons etc. And it is a real time-waster that often it is not shown where to find what you need for next step, but seemingly expected that you remember all from in the beginning of the book.
Compared with the brilliant Illustrator CS5 it becomes very clear how poor the layout really is. Unfortunately there is no Missing Manual issued for Ai CS5, because they are really the ultimate in usefulness, and treasure-chests of information.
Considered this one is also quite expensive in comparison to the brilliant Illustrator CS5 (about twice the price), it is poor value for money.
It could maybe have been worse, but I can't quite see how!
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on 16 January 2011
Do read the intro! The opening section deals with some of the new features in CS5 and I completed this as an exercise before realizing that it wasn't, though all the instructions were there.

Proceeding to the first exercise was back to square one with a description of the menus and work space, essential if you have never met the program before but can be skipped if you have. From then on the exercises take you through various features and leave you competent in basic image creation.

This is an essential starter and there are many other web sites that will teach you other tricks and techniques to 'free your imagination'.

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on 12 August 2011
This book is worth every penny. It is clear and concise and even if you thought you know all about Illustrator - there are many many features and processes that this book can help you with to make you a more productive and creative designer. I couldn't wait to do each chapter and I enjoyed it very much. Best of all I can keep the book for reference for all time because I bought it!! Really really good. Will be buying InDesign from the same series next week.
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on 3 March 2011
It's a very good and easily understandable guide to the program. Even if starting as an absolute beginner, this book helps you achieve good level very quickly!
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I've never been a great fan of buying how-tos for software. Usually, I prefer to mess around in the program until I have a basic idea of how to achieve my aims. However, recently I was asked to produce some vector graphics for work. These graphics would preferably look nice, so the old AutoCAD wasn't an option. I was in a situation where I'd have to learn how to use Illustrator, and quickly.

The book is divided into projects that utilise and demonstrate different features of the program. As with anything else, actually going through the process of creating something with these actions is much more informative than just being told what they do.

I haven't completed all of the exercises yet, but those I've done have given me a far greater understanding of Illustrator than I would have found without the aid of this book.
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