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on 19 August 2010
As a complete novice, I have found this book to be an excellent introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (software not included but can be downloaded for a free 30 day trial period from

The style of the tuition notes is informative, without containing unnecessary detail. Crisply printed screenshots are provided throughout.

The accompanying DVD contains helpful intuitive lessons which the student works through to build practical knowledge of the application as each chapter is covered.

By far the best book of its type that I have seen.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 March 2011
I am a great fan of the Adobe "Classroom In a Book" series, and this book is the star of the collection.

I have been putting websites together for years in a software program called NetObjects Fusion, but there is very little literature on how to customize it or use it in conjunction with other software packages, so I decided to convert to Dreamweaver, which has piles of online and offline literature and support. I assumed that the conversion process would be easy and bought a couple of short books to achieve that. A mistake. Dreamweaver is a massive piece of software with a full armoury of features, and there is no short-cut route into it.

The book consists of a series of step-by-step tutorials broken down into logically organized chapters, during which the reader uses Dreamweaver to build a multiple-page website, complete with interactive navigation and functionality and inserts from other programs. All the assets for the website are contained on the accompanying DVD-Rom (for Windows and Mac), which is incrediby useful. The DVD also contains helpful videos from the "Learn Dreamweaver CSS by Video" publication.

The book begins with an introduction of the basics - HTML and CSS, and how they work together. It moves in gentle steps, taking the reader from the simple tools in Dreamweaver like creating layouts and adding images through to creating templates and library items (invaluable) handling some of the more specialized features like Spry widgets and adding interactivity. There is even a section on how to create a CSS style sheet which will produce a printer-friendly version of your website pages. It concludes with chapters advising on how to work with online data building dynamic pages with ASP, ColdFusion or PHP and working with code. Finally there is a chapter on how to publish to an external web server so that the rest of the world can visit your site.

Because you build a website as you go along you get a great idea of the design process and the potential of using different features, as well as the technicalities of the build itself.

The only downside that I can find is that no matter what I did I could not get the contact form to work using the instructions from the book. Having said that, I am willing to believe that this was a problem with me rather than the book, because all other instructions were spot on.

I wanted to add a photo gallery to my site and there were no instruction in the book about how to achieve this, which is a shame as I understand that there used to be a photo gallery feature built into Dreamweaver and people accustomed to this feature might well have found it helpful to know how to achieve the same result using another program.

I would actually recommend reading a book on CSS before you begin this book if you don't have that knowledge already, because knowing how to use CSS really is a key feature of Dreamweaver. There are some excellent books around, and even short ones will make all the difference.

All in all, I wouldn't bother with another Dreamweaver CS5 book until you have read this one. This one is a fantastic place to start and will give you lots of ideas for your own work. Above all, it was great fun to use.

My book is covered in notes and I will keep it close to hand as a reference book every time that I use Dreamweaver in the future.

I have just completed a website for my local pub, and everything I needed to achieve for the site (except the web gallery) was covered in the book. A great purchase.
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on 5 December 2010
I've been working with Macromedia MX 2004 until recently so this book was to help me with the conversion to Adobe CS5. It's well presented and although I am only half way through, it has helped me pick up plenty of tips already. Don't know if it would be the right choice for an absolute beginner though, as it focusses on the how and not the why - no real preamble. But like I said, for me it is just the ticket. I now have 5 of the CIB series books sitting on my desk (FW, AI, DW, Flash, PS)so I'm obviously fairly happy with them. Also, I'm using a dual-booting iMac and this book is fine for either OS. Hope this is of help.
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on 20 February 2011
I nearly gave this book a five star rating. I have several books on Dreamweaver and, with the exception of the Missing Manual on CS3, this is by far the best.

So why didn't it get a 5? There are a couple of minor errors and ambiguities. The errors are obvious if you read carefully and the ambiguities are useful in as much as they make you think why something didn't work as forecast. Sorting these out is simple and they are a valuable part of the learning process.

This book goes much further than I need but is useful in showing the capabilities of the program.

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on 9 March 2011
This is the first 'Classroom in a book' that I've used and I'm really impressed. The lessons were layed out really well with decent time scales, full colour photographs and step-by-step instructions. Really easy to follow up to the final couple of units where the book fails to example hosting for PHP and MySQL in enough detail and so I still haven't finished the book as I've had to focus on understanding PHP now... but hey ho it's a learning curve which I'm enjoying. Great book.
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on 20 September 2011
Having used the CS3 collection and also used Flash CS5 I can confidently say that this is the best written Classroom in a book to date. It has options for those who just want to "get on with it" and options for those who wish to walk straight through it. It keeps all the "talking" in one section so you aren't interuptted in a lesson with sudden talk on the benefit of CSS. I never really understood classes and IDs until I read this book and it also accounts for the anomalies you may face in little notes -for example in one lesson it explains if you can't see the button do this that and the other so you know you haven't done anything wrong and don't spend 40 minutes in a blind panic. This book has successfully reached out to both beginners and those with some Dreamweaver/web knowledge. I am surprised it hasn't received more 5 star reviews.
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on 29 August 2010
I have used Dreamweaver since it was part of Macromedia MX2004 and thought I was fairly knowledgeable but this book taught me quite a lot. I hadn't really updated myself along the way with each DW upgrade, I just used the program as I knew how. I now properly understand using templates (and where all the instance editables etc come from in other websites I have seen) and how this works with Contribute and the explanations on Spry widgets is good too.

For novices to web design it does a good job in introducing good design practice and using standards compliant and browser compliant code.

A must for novices but don't ignore if you're an experienced user and have upgraded to CS5.
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on 11 May 2012
After using a number of books from our library - this one actually takes you through a course.
Nearly all of the other books I tried, assumed that the reader had migrated from an earlier version of Creative Suite products, this is my first CS package.
Don't think this will take you to the level of a professional web designer but it will get you building sites that work and have a professional look without being too complicated. IF you are wanting to use this as a reference for individual problems or fixes then a web search will probably do that better, but starting at the beginning and working through you won't be disappointed with your results. I'll agree with the other comments regarding the lack of instruction for a gallery - but that isn't included with my Dreamweaver package so would be outside the remit of the book anyway. The contact page instructions are hard work but I eventually got there very successfully.
I also have the Classroom in a Book on Photoshop CS5 , a great series and I may get some more.
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on 17 September 2011
I've just spent a few days working my way through this lesson by lesson and am really impressed with it. I did have some prior knowledge of dreamweaver which helped me with knowing where things are on the workspace but all the same, the lessons were clear and concise and easy to follow. Its a very good introduction to the software.
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on 21 March 2011
well written - easy to follow
structured and makes nice pretty websites (which gives some great ideas)

a little light in some sections and very proscriptive
but this means I finished it in a week of daily lessons

you really feel you're making progress with this

I recommend it without hesitation
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