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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars16
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2010
I am working my way through this book page by page, because Lightroom is a powerful program and a lot of study is required to learn how to use it properly. What I have found is lightroom is complex to understand, and to make sense you have to re-read the page over and over again.
The information is there, therefore it is my understanding of what is written, that takes the time (I am 70 years old) and by completing each task everything sinks in, and to the point you can complete each chapter's task with out the aid of the book.
Each chapter is written in the same way, and as I have progressed through each chapter so the learning has become easier. I still have to finish all the projects in the book, but I can now answer questions fired at me by club members about using Lightroom, so the book must be pretty good...
PS Carefully plan your filing method names, Category, Main headers and sub headers etc and put all your photos on one disk, and don't move them and your life will be very easy. I double down load, one set goes into archive on another disk, and one set I edit and grade in Lightroom.
When you consider that a 10 week 2 hour per lesson 'Adult Education' course on Lightroom could well cost over 150 UK pounds: The book is well worth the money: John, retired photography tutor.
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on 30 October 2010
Being a complete novice to Photoshop Lightroom 3 I bought this book with the objective to learn the fundamentals and basic techniques of the new software I bought. The book has delivered 100% of my expectations. The first 2 chapters give a quick overview of what Photoshop Lightroom 3 is about, what it can do for you, as well as how the different modules of the workspace work. The next 7 chapters then take you through a typical workflow in Photoshop Lightroom 3: How to import your pictures, review them and organize them in an orderly fashion; how to improve your pictures with the develop & edit module; How to create slideshows with them, make creative print lay-outs or publish them in a web gallery. The last chapter deals with creating backups and exporting your pictures to other programs such as Photoshop CS for further editing.

The book is written in a simple style which is easy enough to understand for a beginner. It comes with a CD which contains exercises for each of the 10 chapters. The exercises are supported with literally hundreds of screenshots in the book, taking away any ambiguity. It will take about 15 hours going through the book and completing the exercises. Once you have, you will have a fairly good understanding of the functionalities and the power of Photoshop Lightroom 3.

I'm so impressed with this book that I now ordered 7 more books from the "Classroom in a Book" series for other Adobe software I recently bought. One warning though: it is clearly written for beginners. People who have worked with Photoshop Lightroom 3 for a while and would like to learn a bit more detail about e.g. the develop and edit module may want to look out for a more advanced book.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 January 2012
Adobe's "Classroom in a Book" series is usually a good place to start for Adobe software and this is no exception. It's logically laid out and comes with a CD of pictures to work on for each "lesson". The book contains ten of these lessons (or chapters) each of which they recommend take the user about 1-2 hours. This is quite accurate although some of the latter lessons are far shorter and take nearer the one hour mark.

The progression of the lessons is logical. You start with an overview where you whiz though all aspects briefly and in fact, this is by far the most useful lesson and contains most of what you need to know to at least start to release the power of the software. The subsequent lessons cover these aspects in more detail, and with one exception (the useful developing/editing lesson) you end up covering most of the things that you learnt how to do in lesson one.

The lessons progress into:

The Workspace (or main screen)
Organizing and Selecting
Developing and Editing
Creating Slideshows
Backups and Exporting.

So you will cover all areas and the emphasis on organization shows how important this aspect is to the software which works in a particular way that is important to understand. It's well explained throughout albeit with some repetition. It's also interesting that the developing and editing (which is one of the two main reasons to invest in this kit) only merits a single chapter. The four chapters on outputting images in various ways is pretty straightforward stuff and could be grouped together to allow more space for developing coverage.

On the plus side, it is easy to follow, logical and a good introduction. It's less good as a reference source (there are better alternatives out there) and there are several mistakes which at the price this book goes for seems a bit galling. It also puts in chunks of the help function on various aspects which as ever is written by a techy who has not seen the light of day for many years, one suspects. To me, it was also light on the developing and editing side. It's a very good introduction to the software (which to get the most out of, you really do need), although it lacks the depth of a reference book - which to be fair it doesn't claim to be.

Note the blurb here says it's 400 pages. It isn't. It's more like 325.
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on 28 July 2011
Lightroom 3 software is totally different from other photo editing programs I had used (Photoshop Elements, Serif Photoplus) and I had no confidence to use it and needed help. This book comes complete with a CD with image files arranged in folders relevant to the different chapters. Very concise instructions are given about how and what to download at the beginning of each chapter. I found this to be very useful as it enabled the instructions in the chapter to relate to a particular image where the author knows the properties to be worked on. I found that an important accessory not supplied in the box was a magnifying glass to enable one to properly see the screen shots printed in the book. Once the magnifying glass is in use the explanation of procedures was very clear. I would prefer this slight inconvenience to the alternative of having the screen shots larger as this would result in a bigger book taking up desk space and the relevant text possibly remote from the screen shot. The early chapters give an overview of what Lightroom is capable of and would enable some editing of your own images but this early information does not go into any great depth. As you get beyond this point then the chapters are very detailed. Much space is devoted to the way in which the catalogue is used and files managed which at first I found very tedius but now am grateful for this information. I had always ignored the "Album" part of previous programs relying instead on the standard windows folder system. Now that I have begun to use the Lightroom3 for my own images I have come to appreciate the importance of the catalogue as an integral and unavoidable part of the program and recognise its benefits. In the book precise numbers are suggested for settings of the different image editing tools to give the best result for a particular image but you are encouraged to experiment with the controls to see what effect they have before returning to the recommended setting. This book does not waste time being entertaining but I liked the no frills approach and the logical way that knowledge is built up. The software is quite different from what I had been used to and at first sight I found it quite daunting and not at all intuitive. One should be prepared to have to concentrate to learn how to use it and realise its full potential. I would recommend this book to anyone in the same situation as me.
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VINE VOICEon 8 December 2011
Having struggled with Lightroom 3 for a few months I found it to be counter intuitive. I eventually decided to buy this classroom book to see if it could help and indeed it did. Lightroom is not the easiest of programs to use but it is very comprehensive and aimed at those who have a great many photographs / images that they need to process and file with a view to easy retrieval in the future. This book takes you through the basics of how to operate the program and includes its use in the development of web sites etc. Overall I found it to be very useful. Even though much of it did not relate to what I needed I found it to be clearly set out and very easy to follow. I would have liked more content on the processing side of the program and had it included more of this I would have given it 5-stars.
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on 5 January 2011
This book is an excellent step by step introduction to most of the features of Lightroom but it isn't a reference - and doesn't pretend to be.
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on 9 September 2010
The Classroom in a Book series is excellent. I had already worked my way through most of CS2 Classroom in a Book, and enjoyed the lessons on CD.

For this reason I chose Photoshop Lightroom 3 Classroom in a Book. The lessons are clear with relevant information repeated for each chapter, so no need to 'look back' all the time. After only a couple of weeks, I have managed to import several hundred photos, with keywords for easy identification and recall, although I did get some of them muddled - my fault for not referring back to the book. I am sure I am not the only one who is impatient!!
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on 6 August 2012
this is superb book
everything you'd need to know about lightroom
Its great book for a photographer with this software
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on 19 December 2014
An excellent learning tool that is easy to follow with the supplied CD
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on 20 February 2011
This book is written by geeks for people who have hours to spend getting to grips with the software before they actually do anything with their own photographs. If,like me, you want to get some early results to encourage you to persevere, this isn't the book for you. I was attracted by the design of the book, with its own photographic resources on a disk. In practice you spend too long fiddling with this structure and trying to follow the instructions on hard to read screen shots. This is the first time I have tried this series and won't be buying another.
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