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4.1 out of 5 stars57
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2002
I'd felt like I'd been waiting for this book for a very long time, and just like all other James Patterson fans who read the book will tell you, it was really worth the wait.
Suspense, frustration, romance, this book has it all. Jack Mullen, the main character, is a young law graduate who with the help of his closest friends and grandfather, Macklin, try to gain justice for the suspicious death of his younger brother Peter. Working for a rich family, peter's death is covered up by lies and bribes, Jack sees this and his frustration grows. Their quest for justice is not so simple and on their journey other deaths and events turn this into a masterpiece of the suspense genre, and cannot fail to impress.
Short snappy chapters make this novel too hard to put down, a guaranteed success.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2006
What is wrong with The Beach House? Far more than is right with it, that's for sure. The characters feel one-dimensional and pretentious, the plot is laughably unrealistic and the whole thing reads like a rejected Hollywood script. This is not the James Patterson we know, the Patterson who had readers gasping in shock at the dramatic conclusion of Roses are Red, and hooked from start to finish on the brilliant Cat and Mouse.

The Beach House isn't THAT terrible. It's readable, and you do want to get to the end, but the moment the book reaches the long 'courtroom' scene, it loses all semblance of credibility, which was thin to begin with. And it's a shame to see Patterson waste his talents in this way, collaborating with Peter de Jonge, who is clearly not up to the job. Best avoided by all except diehard James Patterson fans who want to complete their collection.
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on 6 September 2003
Firstly I admit to reading nearly all of his books so this isnt entirely negative. The story does grab you early on as do most of his books but the problem with this one is that he has rushed the ending too much. I dont want to give anything away but needless to say you feel like there should have been another 10 to 15 chapters at the end. The characters are again easy to envisage in your mind as real people and you genuinely begin to hate the villans in the book. I don't know if his associations with other authors are as good as his own works but if you like James Patterson and his style of writing I think you will enjoy it, but there are better books of his to read first!
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on 20 February 2003
Fast paced, action packed read. A handsome playboy is murdered on the beach where he is working as a valet during the most exclusive part of the season. However, the police and everyone else state that this is not a murder but either accident or suicide. His brother, family and friends set out to prove he was murdered. Witnesses are threatened, bought and murdered, the characters are very well drawn from Jack (it's his brother who was murdered on the beach), through to the multi-millionaire who can buy anyone or anything.
As the groups of friends begin to lose their jobs and receive death threats the inquest determines that Peter did die accidentally and so Jack begins his research and with Pauline, an investigator for a law firm - and love interest, they work at proving the inquest wrong and bringing the perpetrator to justice.
Beautifully written, but with James Pattersons very short chapters - no Mr Patterson it does not make you think good I've finished a chapter I'll fo to bed, work etc., it makes you think - I'll just read another one it won't take long. Hence the reason I usually read his books in one sitting.
If you like Patterson you will enjoy this both the plot line and the characters are excellent. Buy, read and enjoy - just remember - justice isn't always what it seems.
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I am a bit undecided on this book. For starters, it tends to be a bit short. The writing is thin and the plot is a bit underdeveloped, as are the characters. they are not really indivdual (apart form the dead man) and if they didnt have names, you could hardly tell the apart. There are the "good" guys and the "bad" guys, all sharing the same traits as being epitomised of both those states of moralism.
However, its exciting and very fast paced. Its original, but stereotypical in its "rich" people are bad, so the poor downtrodden working-classes are quitissentialy good.
Something in the style didnt quite sit right, either. the writing style is as underdeveloped and poor as ever, but it didnt feel like Patterson. I have a feeling that de Jonge had quite a large hand in the writing (if not the plotting) of this book. Speaking of plotting...its exciting yes, but there werent really so many twists as we come to expect, and hardly any of the chapter end in the cliffhanging style we are used to. They just sort of stop, as if to chapter break anywhere would do, as long as the chapters end up short. (And in this novel, the chapters are getting a little TOO short. Too short and they halt development of plot or character.)
The ending was really exciting and totally unexpected, original but completely unbelieveable. Melodramatic and over the top, but still holds the attention of the reader, and still remains enjoyable until the last.
This is not a great Patterson, but for his fans, its probably average. Decidedly so. It's a good Beach read for those who have a couple of hours to fill and dont want too much lit-crit material to concentrate over, and it passes quite quickly.
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This is a thriller set in the Hamptons, a community on the furthest reaches of Long Island, and a favourite summer resort of the super rich, who have palatial houses along the shoreline. It is about the conflict between these summer residents and the locals, following the death of a young man, Peter Mullen. He had been working parking cars at a party given at their beach house by Barry and Campion Nebauer, one of New York's wealthiest and most powerful couples. The next morning, Peter's body was found on the beach. The local police have ruled that it was an accidental death while swimming, or even suicide, and have effectively closed any further investigation. However, Peter's brother, Jack, returning to Long Island from his job as an intern at a high profile law firm in New York City, discovers from the medical examiner's report that Peter was clearly beaten to death. The local residents believe that there is a cover-up by the police because of the influence of the Nebauer family. Jack, together with his eighty-six year old grandfather and a few friends, sets out to find the truth of Peter's death.

The rest of this relatively short story describes how they go about obtaining justice, despite many threats and brutal acts by the police and others to deter them. It is a tortuous path, combining intrigue, menace and sex, and along the way Jack discovers things about his brother he wishes were not true. The confrontation with the murderers of Peter is original, although somewhat unbelievable, and the final outcome for Jack and his friends is predictable. Nevertheless, the usual Patterson style of short chapters, narrated in the first person, gives the action considerable urgency and overall I found it a rather compelling read.
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VINE VOICEon 3 August 2009
When Jack Mullen comes home for the summer he is shocked to find out that his brother has been murdered at an exclusive party near the billionaire's beach house. Witnesses and medical experts as well as Jack's friends are being threatened to cover up the murder but Jack is determined to use his skills as a lawyer to find out what happened to his brother and put the murderer and all those involved behind bars.

I'm a big fan of Patterson's thriller novels and have read pretty much everything he has written but for some reason this one slipped under my radar. Well I picked this up the other day and read through it fairly quickly but it was far from the quality I'd expect from this bestselling author. For a start the story was way too far-fetched. The last quarter of the book in particular was so unbelievable that I found it hard to enjoy and began even not caring about what the outcome would be at the end. The twists were all seen from a mile off, something which is surprising in itself as Patterson is known for being the master of turning the plot around completely with some shocking twists, but here they were just so unexciting and unoriginal and felt particularly lazy. The characters were also all so arrogant and unlikeable that this also added to me not caring about what happened all that much.

On the plus side it is a very easy read - I finished this in one afternoon - so is perfect for a beach or holiday read. Other than that there's not a lot for me to recommend this to anyone (not even Patterson fans) as this is was one of the worst I have read of his. Luckily I have read a lot of the novels he has written after this (as well as his co-author, Peter De Jonge's SHADOWS STILL REMAIN) and have enjoyed them as if this was a new one I may be put off from buying his next.
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on 12 October 2005
Jack Mullen a 27-year-old law student, who also happens to be interning at a very high profile New York law firm, returns home to Montauk, a small town within the upscale community of the Hamptons, to the news of his younger brother Peters death. The local police are ruling Peter's death as accidental claiming that he drowned with no plans to investigate it any further. However, according to the medical examiners report it is clear that Peter was beaten to death. Jack, his eighty-six year old grandfather as well as the rest of the town believe that the police department is assisting in the cover up of Peters murder because he was killed at the Hamptons beach house of Barry and Campion Nebauer, one of New York's wealthiest and most powerful families. Now the entire town is trying to figure out what really happened to Peter that night and how the Nebauers were involved. But this is proving to be a very difficult task because someone is going to great lengths to keep the truth about Peter's death under wraps.
I have to admit, despite the low rating of this book, I really enjoyed reading James Patterson's 'THE BEACH HOUSE'. It was a very easy read (I read it in two days) and it held my interest the entire time, especially the last one hundred or so pages, I flew right through them. The way everything plays out is a little bit unbelievable but it is so much fun trying to figure out what is going to happen that I really didn't mind. 'THE BEACH HOUSE' is definitely on of my favorite James Paterson novels.
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on 7 July 2015
To state for the record: I am a veteren of the Alex Cross series, which I absolutely adore.

I recently read Patterson's short story, 'Bloody Valentine' and was left majorly underwhelmed (my review is live). In a desperate attempt to redeem said feelings, I rushed to the local library to grab another book by this author, in hope that I could undo what had been done.
It worked.

The Beach House is written in very Patterson-esque style, while also venturing out to do something new with the legal aspect of things. And where other legal dramas tend to bore me silly, this novel did something different for me; it sold me other books.
On the front of the jacket reads 'Takes on John Grisham in a Blockbusting Legal Thriller'. Judging by the other reviewers, Grisham is even better within this genre, so I am now interested in checking those out.

As always, I will be coming back for more Patterson in good time.
For now, I'm just glad that I picked out a great one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 16 February 2004
Re: The audio-cassette version:
In James Patterson's The Beach House, intrepid law student Jack Mullen seeks revenge for the death of his beloved younger brother, Peter. In the process, he discovers Peter's secret life, and exposes some of the most powerful socialites in New York's Hamptons as the killers they are.
In typical Patterson style, this book is a very light, quick read, with 108 (!) short chapters and a doozy of an ending that ties up all the clues and makes you wish it could really happen that way. Unfortunately, the reader, Gil Bellows, does not have much energy; in fact, he sounds downright drowsy throughout. His womens' voices are overly breathy and whispery, making them sound empty-headed and silly.
This is a good book if you like James Patterson's predictable style. It's a little padded, but still a fun ride to see how the Everyman character of Jack will topple the ultra-rich villians.
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