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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars13
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2004
There are many bits of advice in this book that can change your day from being one where you want to sit in a corner weeping to one where you think that bringing children up isn't really that hard. The advice includes making sure mealtimes are not a battle of wills, such as threatening that there will be no pudding unless your child eats its main course. Another good one is using an oven timer so that the children get to play for two minutes each with something they were fighting over. Well worth the eight pounds.
One review of this book that said the advice in it seemed obvious. I think that is just because it is sensible. You may think of some of it yourself, but it is unlikely you will have thought of it all. We have three children under five, and this book has changed many aspects of our child-rearing and made our house quieter. We are less stressed. We have other books on the subject, but this is the best.
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on 29 June 1998
If you don't want to fall into the yelling and spanking routine so many of us knew as children, this is a great book to read. It details how good and bad behaviors start, how to begin at birth to know your child so they will feel safe and respected. The most captivating section for me was to see the difference in what happens when you respond to your baby's cries and when you don't. Many people think you are teaching your child the good lesson of self-reliance when you don't respond, but you are really teaching your child not to trust you. This book was really what I was searching for -- the guidebook for the technique I knew in my heart to be how I wanted to raise our children. Before reading this book, I was already implementing much of what it outlines, but I needed the specifics. It helps to read this book while your child is young because if you can get started right, it is easier to guide your children. However, if you are having trouble with an older unconnected child, there are strategies for you, too. An easy read and a logical explanation of its ideals.
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on 29 August 1999
I wish all of Dr. Sears books would be prenatal prerequisites and parting gifts at the hospitals! There is scientific evidence,personal experience, and genuine caring. Indeed,in an ideal world we would all be parented this way- people would value people over things.We have attachment parented our daughter by responding to her cues from day one in terms of nursing,crying,sharing sleep,holding and simply doing what feels humane. Zoe is almost three and this approach has truly helped me to know my child and has served as the foundation for effective discipline which is simply guidance, whether firm or gentle,it is setting limits,and correctng and redirecting. When you have done this from the beginning, "discipline" isn't something that you do all of a sudden now that they are a toddler. Talking to her early on and explaining things and having age appropriate expectations builds trust- this makes for a more harmonious relationship overall and quite an asset for there are days and weeks that are just hard- there are certainly challenges to being an "at home" parent-even with a great natured toddler,I believe that all of the Sears' books have affirmed the value that I have on the attachment process in the first three years of life.Attachment parenting is an investment.Our society wants independence and quick fixes where children our concerned: let someone else parent them,leave them to cry,spank,scream,ignore.These methodst have grave long term consequences-a good reason to buy this book! Read this book.
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on 27 March 1998
This book is an excellent book for the parent who desires to stay connected to his child while disciplining... as parents so many of our discipline methods are punitive...Dr. Sears along with his wife describes techniques to use that show respect for the child while correcting, eliminating and or preventing the undesirable behavior. The Sear's stress the importance of staying connected to one's child in order to know the child better. In doing so we are able to better discipline. I have used many of the techniques with my own children with wonderfully postive results..This book has helped to become a much better parent and my two daughters better behaved and a joy to be around. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Dr. Sears knows his stuff... Sherry
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on 27 December 1998
I enjoy the advice that the Sears have to offer. They are obviously well intuned to children and their developement. I think the Sears are very adept at understanding why children do what they do. They could use some more concrete examples. Overall their approach is intelligent and kind.
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on 24 January 1999
An outstanding resource book for parents of young children. Covers all areas of discipline and behavior, and offers advice on how to prevent, as well as stop, problems.
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on 15 April 1999
I'm a big fan of the baby book, and I have to say I was really disappointed when I read this one. It's like it's written for people who can't think for themselves. The advice and explanations given in this book were things I take for granted that all parents understand. Either that or I'm a perfect mother- (and I know I'm not.) Buy something else instead- unless you don't really have a clue.
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on 7 January 2014
Love Dr Sears! He really explains children and parenting in such a simple, loving, clear way. He encourages you to listen to your child, work WITH them and to listen to yourself. Every time I read this book, I get balanced and the support I need to continue to raise my son in a gentle, loving way. If you're looking for a gentle discipline guidebook, then this is for you!
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on 15 December 2012
Highly recommended. Wish I'd read it years ago! It helped explained much of how my upbringing shaped me, so once identified, easier to avoid the same pitfalls in my own parenting, but also to identify the strengths and thus avoid throwing the baby out w the bath water so to speak
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on 23 December 2015
Excellent book by renound attachment parenting doctor.
Unbelievable price at 1p !
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