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on 15 October 2013
This book tells you all you need to know about the dangers of Islam and the threat of Islam taking over not only America, but also the whole of Europe, within a few short years. This is a must read book.
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on 13 September 2014
My goodness but this is a hard read. Well worth buying, but very frightening at what we are in the middle of right now. This writer is so brave and has put her own safety at risk more than once. If you have a chance to see her in conference, watch. She is incredible, a brilliant speaker and knows her stuff. For anyone who doesn't know the situation we are in, which would amaze me if they didn't, they should get this book. Highly recommend.
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on 19 December 2009
You'll not get a Copenhagen called to discuss this topic nor will you have the media tripping over themselves to report or promote it, but it's already here. It's already costing human lives. It's already at your doorstep. Freedom is the victim here. All freedoms. Freedom of thought, speech, association, freedom of religion, you name it, all the great things the west has fought to win and protect. And guess what? dare to speak out and you will suffer, verbally at first. You're a biggot. Once they arrive, settle and assert their 'rights' the suffering will become physical. This is a dangerous book because it is true.
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on 31 March 2014
This book by Brigitte Gabriel is an eye-opener to the dangers of the "Trojan Horse" of Islam in to Western societies, with it's aim being to use the freedoms and rights inherent to individuals by the Judeo-Christian heritage against that tradition and impose Sharia Law. She reveals how the Koran, the holy book of Islam is the the terror handbook for Muslims, with many verses dedicated to hate against Jews, Christians and non-Muslims. Religious minorities are terrorised in Muslim dominated societies.

The islamofascism is exposed by Brigitte on many levels, showing how Islamic apologists have infiltrated the highest levels of the United States military, universities and political realm. It is not too late for freedom lovers to understand the imminent dangers of islamofascism in their midst and to combat it.
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21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
This thought-provoking work stands on its own as a guide to and polemic against Islamist expansionism. For background and deeper insight, I would however recommend Because They Hate, Brigitte's autobiography that covers her childhood in Lebanon. Westerners do not understand the culture and psychology of the Middle East, even in this information age. Since most countries in that region are under authoritarian or totalitarian rule, the citizens are for the most part ignorant of concepts like individual and religious liberty, tolerance and the rule of law. These virtues are in fact interpreted and portrayed as weaknesses. In addition, it's in the interest of the despots to incite hatred against the outsider in order to distract attention from the poverty and misery that they have caused.

The author unravels cluster upon cluster of misconceptions about jihad, boldly analyses the movement's history, identifies its basic beliefs, provides ample warning about the peril facing the free world and shows how to contain and counteract it. One of the book's most valuable features is a guide to jihadi formations around the world: where they are based, who their backers are and what they're targeting. This is not a matter of Right or Left but a very real threat that ought to unite all those who value Western civilization.

The first part deals mainly with controversial civil rights issues regarding the identification and apprehension of terrorists. Both Presidents Bush and Obama maintain that Islam is a religion of peace of which the minority of extremists is not representative. Gabriel disputes this view, arguing that it more closely resembles a totalitarian ideology and that many moderates are unfamiliar with certain aspects of their own belief system. Violence is not condoned only by a fundamentalist fringe but widely approved of as integral to an inherently expansionist faith that is resurgent under the direction of highly motivated leaders. Her analysis is supported by the facts of history and quotes from the movement's source documents.

The author proceeds to reveal the tactics of front organizations. The ultimate goal of both the terrorists and the perceived 'moderates' is a worldwide caliphate under Sharia Law. She exposes the various ways in which western institutions and governments are infiltrated. Petrodollars fund both the violent and non-violent approaches. The difference is that some of the 'moderates' pursue the same goal by means of propaganda, recruitment and negotiating special concessions that run counter to the laws of the host society. For decades the free world has received ample warning through plane hijackings, terrorist acts, murders of civilians, the Iranian Revolution and Taliban rule in Afghanistan but not even 9/11 has properly woken up the West. The 2006 Danish cartoon uproar and the large-scale civil unrest & vandalism in Europe since 2005 should serve as further warnings.

The oppression of women and minority groups in ME societies is vividly portrayed as is the racism that is closely associated with slavery. Ayaan Hirsi Ali who as a child lived in Saudi Arabia for a while, confirms these sad facts in her book Infidel. The West's postmodernist mindset has opened the gates for multiculturalism to be used as a weapon against it and as a shackle to render it defenseless. The way this works is brilliantly revealed by Stephen Hicks in Explaining Postmodernism. It is vitally important that defenders of freedom understand the concepts of "At-Taqqiyya" and "Ad-Dawa." The first is the craft of deception or permissible lying in order to promote the movement whilst the second is the process of gradual conversion. Networks of charities, madrassas and hospitals have been established throughout the West for this purpose.

The movement has successfully infiltrated the prison systems in Europe & the USA whilst Middle East Studies departments at universities are lavishly funded by oil-rich states, and Sharia-compliant finance is making inroads where it matters. Londonistan by Melanie Phillips exposes how the UK has become a Jihadist financial centre. Western propagandists of the resurgent faith have tried their utmost to hide the facts, undermine the truth and shut down debate. Amongst them is the ever-pious Jimmy Carter who persists in spreading disinformation, scapegoating Israel and saying 'peace' when there is no peace.

A stirring call to action, the book in its two final chapters also proposes a variety of feasible & sensible countermeasures to halt the infiltration. These include monitoring the hate literature produced & distributed by educational institutions, legislation to protect the police & security services so they may prioritize the physical safety of citizens, and close scrutiny of Sharia Banking and its tangled webs. Above all, the habit of political correctness must be challenged; the first duty of a government is to ensure the safety of its people. By now it ought to be clear from the European example that tolerance of intolerance simply fuels more intolerance. The causes & effects of this dangerous cycle are amongst the symptoms of societal decay examined by The French philosopher Chantal Delsol in her compelling books Icarus Fallen and The Unlearned Lessons of the 20th Century.
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on 23 February 2015
Brigitte in this book and her other book 'Why They Hate' alerts the western world to the true nature of Islam. Not only are the Jihadist murderers a problem, but also the more subtle methods that they are using to slowly conquer the west. As their main aim is to be like their prophet, because he is the perfect example, it is frightening to see that Muhammed was a vicious warlord. He married a girl of six and consummated the marriage when the girl was only nine. He also was extremely anti Christian and anti- semetic The purpose of Islam is to make Islam the only religion in the whole world, and have the world ruled by brutal Sharis Law.
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39 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on 25 December 2008
Let me be clear, that as an atheist, I find the Bronze-Age rooted desert spawned theism of Islam as savage and extreme as its Jewish and Christian forbears. Numbers 31: 15-18 gives us a fair example of the barbarian blood-lust underpinning Judaism and Christianity and of the glass houses that Jews and Christians live in when they throw holier-than-thou stones at the violent texts of Islam.

That said, I am an admitted Islamophobe - I DO fear the spread of islam. I watch and understand that the international community of Muslims (Ummah) strives with varying degrees of fanaticism for hegemony over all other ways of being through a systematic ratcheting up of aggressive confrontation and usurpation. Unique among modern-day major faiths, Islam roots and cheers for the decimation of all that differs with the Koranic version of how human beings should live.

Wherever Islam gains a foothold, intolerance, oppression, suffering and slaughter follow. The Muslim made a wasteland out of his land, then he laid waste to the land of his neighbor; now he seeks to do the same to ours. I may disagree on many fundamental political and religious levels with the author of this book, but on this I could not agree more: They must be stopped!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 23 October 2014
A brilliant and brave woman that realises political correctness has brainwashed a whole Young generation into thinking any criticism of another race is evil and as such has allowed Muslims to milk the race card and claim offence about any pathetic little thing.

Grow up and stop the fake insulted crap!
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9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 23 October 2009
"They Must Be Stopped" has to be one of the best books on the market for those wishing to understand the problem of the (violent, and non-violent) Islamic Holy War, and its dissemination throughout America and the West. Brigitte Gabriel describes the organisations at the forefront of this mission, their doublespeak and most importantly, how to identify such cultural Islamists (you can't fight a war if you can't even identify your enemy, she says). Seeing headlines in Britain about MI6 mistakenly using one of al-Qaida's top men in Europe for intelligence gathering, or politicians using so-called 'moderates' for advice on issues relating to Islam, it's clear the West doesn't even understand WHO it's meant to be looking out for.

Particularly intriguing for me was the description of a document discovered in a police raid in Switzerland, post 9/11. A document intelligence authorities have since labelled 'The Project'; the Muslim Brotherhood's plan and strategy to conquer the West.

"They Must Be Stopped" reads like an introduction to an encyclopaedia on the subject Brigitte has yet to write. It ties a wide variety of issues together ranging from quotations from the Quran, to largely unknown history about the Ottoman Empire, to a who's who on American campuses (and their ties to Saudi Arabia and banned terrorist organisations). She then rounds off her book by giving ideas as to what can be done to combat this. She seems to imply that simply knowing and informing ourselves about this is more than enough to combat this, advocating people work together rather than individually to pressure politicians, correct journalists and academics who obviously don't know, don't care or don't believe what they're implementing for future generations.

Brigitte must be doing something right, as she has now been mentioned on an al-Qa'ida affiliated website, with the usual commandments to stop her by the usual methods, for those who dare to resist the final and unalterable word of Allah.

As someone who has followed Brigitte Gabrielle's rise in recent years, in this second book, we can see much refinement and development in her already impressive knowledge-base and presentation. She has fanned out like a galaxy from her humble beginnings devouring every book on ancient and modern history, archaeology, sociology, politics and beyond. While not exactly a sequel to her first book, the earlier publication would provide much background, not only on Brigitte, but to what was happening decades before 9/11 while the West was still sleeping and involved in the Cold War.

I cannot recommend this book enough, and neither can I refrain from using the cliché if you only buy one book about the threat of Islamic terrorism, make it this one. Brigitte Gabriel is an inspiration to be reckoned with, and especially in Europe, we ignore her at our own cost.

Anyone out there still love freedom?
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on 15 September 2014
A MUST read from Brigitte Gabriel she explains the Muslim brotherhood 'project' point by point the practice of taqiyya (lying) the 1400 year hatred for Christians and Jews and the insane belief in a world 'caliphate' if you want the West to survive in a free society and free of shariah courts acquaint yourself with this well written well informed book
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