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on 30 November 2009
Fundamental to all good meditation is being able to bring full awareness to the body, which in our hectic, phrenetic society is often forgotten into extinction in favour of superficial concerns. Osho reminds us that we forget our body to the detriment of balanced good health. When we remember that the body has something to tell us, when we bring awareness to it then we are allowing the meditation of silence to gain entrance into the clacking overly concerned ego.

Most of us live in a society where the only time we notice the body is when it gets sick and then we often look for outside causes. We often fail to recognise that it is the very fact that we seldom bring conscious awareness to the body, that we are so often away with the fairies in our heads that the body gets sick to give us a wake up call.

This book, which also contains a CD of guided meditations, bases its argument on these ideas and that if time is taken to meditate purely on the body, and to communicate with it, then we open the doors to healing. This is not far fetched or whiffle piffle as some reviewers have suggested but now beginning to be proven through the discoveries that are opening up in cell science and the quantum field. It is now known that cells have individual consciousnesses that make independent decisions for the good of the body. When influenced in an unbalanced way by the individuals mind it can upset the balance. Through the fusion of ancient wisdom and science we are now discovering that many of the ancient religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism have a great deal of truth to reveal that is compatible with pedestrian science that has taken centuries to catch up.

This shows that we should never spurn those things that seem whiffle piffle or beyond our rational good sense and that it is more likely that it is we ourselves who are away with the fairies in all the clack that usually circulates in the human mind which usually has very little relevance to spiritual development or the healing of the body.

This book is Osho at his best.Quantum Healing Exploring the Frontiers of Mind /Body Spirit
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on 20 February 2006
the attached meditation is great shame about the voice but you get used to it. it gets you in touch with your body as an insider which is great becos it means u have been able to switch of your mind.
The book is even better it explains in depth in a way that is understandable even for those who are sceptical. Explaining how are body sends us signals to let us know something is not wrong that we need to look deeply. i love all osho books this is a great tool.
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The concept of BODY MIND BALANCING is that our thoughts and ideas have been trained to be one way, while our bodies operate naturally, which generally puts the two at odds. The harder you try to force them together, the more they fight each other. This book hopes to help you find a way to balance them, so that you can function at your highest level mentally, physically, and emotionally. It only follows naturally that if each person could reach their best level, the world as a whole would be better.

This book requires that you keep an open mind. I also found that you have to be willing to take the author with a large grain of salt. There are times when he seems to be overly impressed with his own intelligence and message. He seems to have some issues with major religions in general. Also, not all of his ideas are completely real world practical.

If you can get past those things you'll find that the author makes some very good points in this book. Many of them seem so simple and obvious it's hard to imagine that we don't automatically behave that way. I especially liked the idea/realization that your body knows what it wants and when it wants it. To give it different things when it doesn't want them seems absurd, yet we all do it every day.

Included with the book is a meditation CD. I'm not sure I can review it for you. All guided meditation attempts seem to put me to sleep. Unless it was actually just a really deep state of meditation, in which case, it worked!

Reviewed by: Carrie Spellman
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on 2 March 2013
This is a particularly good book to read if it's all just getting a little too much. The soothing dialogue helps you relax and get down to grass roots.
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on 28 January 2013
I came across Osho's views by chance the best way for me to discover unknown territories I guess. Ask the right questions and sure you will find some of your answers here.
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on 26 September 2008
This was my first time reading Osho: I bought the book for an assignment on my favourite subject, which was what the book was about. I found the book content tedious to read because the author's mother language was obviously not English:The book seemed to have been put together as an after thought. While there were a select few gems of wisdom, Osho does tend to philosophise and waffle on endlessly: great if you live in a Utopian society, but I found most of his waffle had little to do with reality. Yes, of course we could all be walking around in bliss, but he didn't really elaborate on how that can be achieved. He mentioned that he doesn't advocate preaching rules as everyone is different, and that is all fine and well, but he didn't really tell me how to do anything different.All he had to offer (as far as I am concerned)is philosophical waffling piffle, which is no better than what alot of gurus out there are doing: taking your money and giving nothing back to the reader except lofty ideas and pretty,inspiring words, which as this book shows more often than not, has little to do with reality!By the time I got to the end, I didn't even bother with the enclosed CD, I was just glad I had got to the end of the boredom.
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