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on 8 February 2007
At the risk of making too much use of a cliché, I have to say that this is a book that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE !, should read. If you have ever wondered what has happened to the sane world we used to live in, if you have ever had your doubts about political correctness, immigration, or multiculturalism. If you have ever wondered who is to blame for the mess we seem to be getting more mired in by the day, then you need to read this book. Pat Buchanan has incisively cut through the miasma of spin, half truths and outright lies to make plain where we have gone wrong. While this is essentially a book about America, it is also highly relevant to Europe and the United Kingdom, indeed in places Mr. Buchanan makes use of British Home Office statistics to make his point. Don't let the mention of statistics put you off. This is not a dry tome, it has been cleverly written and is hold the interest from page one, in fact I had difficulty putting it down. This is a book to wake America up, and Britain too. Buy this book. Read it through, then read it again. Then please, America, make Pat Buchanan your President and stop the rot before it's too late.
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on 23 August 2011
I'm deeply worried about the future of our western societies so I ordered this book to read and now more about it. I knew it was written by an American but the problems he talks about is truly for every western country the same and he really does a good job to talk about the whole west, not only America. That is why I loved it. He talks about problems many people think about and would like to share but somehow it is still a taboo (here in Belgium anyway, if you are against multiculturalism you are an enemy of the state). By reading this it made me feel better. There are other people around with the same thoughts. I highlighted many parts and expressions because they sounded so well.
It is frightening and not good for the moral if you realise the state in which we are. We are getting closer and closer to extiction and still people don't get it. I am sure this books is a helping hand. I don't like the religious side of his reasoning but I guess perfect people do not exist. He also seems to encourage larger families in the west, which I think is a bad road too but for all other things is is damn right.

Some cool expressions in this book:
'There is no greater sorrow on earth, than the loss of one's native land' - Euripides
'All civilizations are not equal. The West has given the world the best that has been thought and taught. - Buchanan
'Today, the peoples of Europe are being told that decency, justice, and rihtful restitution for their past sins require that they throw open their doors and share their national homes with the descendants of their fathers misruled and presecuted, however many wish to come.' Buchanan
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As a former supporter of Pat Buchanan, I was mortified when he abandoned the GOP. With this incredibly important new book, Buchanan has redeemed himself in my eyes. Not only does Buchanan say the things that need to be said, he imparts information that I have until now been totally unaware of. The scenario Buchanan presents for the future should be a clarion call to the silent majority representing Western civilization to shake off their cowardice and stand up to defend their history and culture before it is irretrievably lost. While many groups and individuals will decry this book (most likely without even reading it), shout down the ideas presented, and typically castigate the author as a fascist, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc., the one thing they cannot do is disprove the facts that form the foundation of Buchanan's argument. To my horror, and to the delight of the multiculturalists, the West is indeed clearly dying as birth rates continue to decline; surrounded in a sea of poisons (primarily cultural revolutionaries and militant Islamicists), we in the West up to now have refused to recognize the very existence of the danger.
Buchanan does an excellent job of explaining how the current predicament came about. Where communists failed, the multiculturalists, socialists, and liberals have succeeded in weakening our culture internally rather than attacking us externally. The evidence of the infiltration is all around us: Americans are being robbed of our cultural heroes and icons, the New History being taught in our schools is inculcating an Anti-American spirit in our youth, religion has been banned from our schools, Americans are rejecting the family and community in the pursuit of material gain, a national consciousness has given way to racial and cultural disagreements essentially fracturing the very fabric of society, the proliferation of abortion has killed millions of future Westerners while at the same time accomplishing a numbing of society by nullifying the sanctity of life itself, and defeatism has seized the men and women who should be in the front line of the defense of Western culture. Most importantly, America has been largely de-Christianized. Buchanan argues that Christianity is the foundation on which Western civilization was built; with that foundation crumbling, not even a commitment to democracy can save America. Massive immigration by peoples not interested in "becoming Americans" are only hastening the death of the West. His portrayal of the Republican party as blind to the dangers and cowardly to act do much to explain his exit from the party.
Buchanan argues that all hope is not yet gone, although he never seems overly positive at our chances for success. Above all, morality and the importance of family must be restored--without a significant increase in birth rates, no political solutions can change our fate. Political actions are needed, however, chief among them the reining in of a Supreme Court that is now violating the Constitution by legislating from the bench. Communities and states must regain the power to oversee how they and their children should live, the murder of viable fetuses simply must be stopped, our children as well as immigrants must be taught the true history of America because the truth of our accomplishments (including the abolition of slavery) is sure to inspire the patriotism that liberals have been working long and hard to rob our children of. Christians must become the zealous evangelicals of old, and the Republican party must shed its robes of cowardice and fight for the values that the silent majority still hold fast to, albeit it more silently than ever before.
I have to say that I don't necessarily agree with everything Buchanan calls for, but this book has made me question some of my own opinions, and I find that very valuable. This book can challenge any reader who actually reads it. Its subject is made even more important by the new climate we in America find ourselves living in after 9-11-01. The terrorist attacks have awakened us to the threat to America from outside our borders; now we must recognize the even greater threat from within our own society. As a new spirit of patriotism has spread across our nation, we have a golden opportunity to save Western civilization. Whether you agree with Mr. Buchanan or not, this book needs to be read, studied, and debated by all Americans. I am somewhat obsessed about keeping my books in pristine condition, but my copy of this book is filled with underlined passages, asterisks, and notes.
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on 11 September 2003
This book will really make you think about the future and the way in which western countries are going,we have elderly populations and low birth rates compared to third world countries which have younger populations and birth rates that are going through the roof.The prophetic tone of the book will make you question liberalism and the madness of political correctness,it will also make you fear for future generations of your family.The death of the west is certainly not for leftist types,but I highly recommend this book for the more normal folk out there.
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on 29 November 2009
I have never read material which concerns me more about the future. The author has compiled in one book all the major things that are going wrong with the political systems of the western world. The civilisation that that world has built up has with all its faults and problems, lifted the standard of living, the freedom from want and the democracy to go with it for great masses of people. But now we watch our politicians and less well disposed people diligently working away to destroy it all, sometimes with good but ill considered intentions.
Any one who is concerned about the future for their grandchildren and their grandchildren should read this book and then go out and join the political fray.
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on 11 December 2014
One of the best books I have ever read, Insightful, ominous and truthful. Every one from every part of the Political spectrum should read this book, its not only honest but challenges the unchallenged orthodox historical and cultural narrative. A must read for Students and Academics who require parity of opinion in their research or studies.
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on 6 September 2010
This is an excellent book that points the way for our survival as European peoples.This is a wake up call.I am very impressed and would recommend this book to anyone tired of the politically correct tirade.
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on 3 July 2009
Buchanan states that in 1960 the European people (geographically ranging from and beyond Europe to America, Australia and Canada as well) was 750 million. Whilst global population will rise three-fold between 2000 and 2050, in effect one hundred million Europeans will 'vanish' in the same time. Going from comprising of one-forth of the world's population, in 1960, to Europeans being one-tenth of the world's population by 2050 - this could be an underestimate.

The Black Death (1347-52) will be a picnic party compared with this bloodless genocide. Mainly brought to triumph by fifth-columnists [(such as the Labour Parties in Australia and Great Britain)] allowing masses of third-world immigrants to settle in the West.

Where as the population of European peoples could recover after the Black Death with the allowance of third world immigration it will be a successful 'bloodless' genocide in the forthcoming years, because Europeans would have been and will be directly been replaced by non-Europeans.
If the disastrous disappearance of Europeans is not bad enough then their culture too will go.

Buchanan stance is that different cultures like being what they are (whether or not we like them to adapt to European values). Muslims like to be Muslims and Latinos like to be Latinos etc. - and they do wish to promote their respective culture over that of European culture.

After reading this one draws the conclusion that only radical policies, as Buchanan does suggest, can save the European peoples.

The other part of the dying European population is the turning away from Christian morality. He shows that Europeans are facing zero population because they are not having children anymore - in short - due to adopting selfishness and hedonism before having offspring, and thusly the consequences will not be happiness but tragedy. That without faith, which he backs up with evidence to show this, reproduction rates drop off.

I can't resist relaying this quote from the book:

"...those who loudly preach diversity often do not practice it, that those who decry intolerance may be found among the most intolerant...." (page 171).

This quote comes after he has shown that those p.c. adherents launch mawkish tirades against a history that America is proud of. Whilst that is happening he shows how the younger European descended generation is being brain-washed to accept, and moreover, voice their own self-deprecation of their history and the heritage of the West. Which Buchanan states that youngsters of other races would not dream of doing this to their heritage and history.

Whilst all this is going on those who represent the Conservatives, in politics, display nothing more than pusillanimity.
Yet again I cannot resist giving another quote from the book:

"Confronted with moral, social, or cultural issues, these conservatives move swiftly off them and onto taxes and defense, where they feel on terra firma. But despite an ardent Republican wish that this culture war would just pass away, it will not pass away. For, as Trotsky said, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."" (page 211)

Asides from his commentaries about the general accepting of perverts and their perversions, in this Liberal society - which he shows can, nevertheless, be seen as both as a sympton and a cause of this malaise in the West - I feel that that this biblical passage does beautifully sum up Buchanan's warning:

Deuteronomy chapter 28:

Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people, and your eyes shall look and fail with longing for them all day long; and there shall be no strength in your hand. A nation whom you have not known shall eat the fruit of your land and the produce of your labour, and you shall be only oppressed and crushed continually. So you shall be driven mad because of the sight which your eyes see."
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on 11 February 2014
Once again required reading. Western civilisation is I believe being systematically destroyed by what is called political correctness .Patrick Buchanan does a good job exposing this evil.
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on 5 December 2006
Pat Buchanan's book has the following quote. It is from Katarina Runske's book "Empty Hearts Empty Homes":

"Feminism is a Darwinian blind alley. In biological terms, there is nothing that identifies a maladaptive pattern so quickly as a below replacement level of reprocuction; an immediate consequence of feminism is what appears to be an irreversible decline in the birthrate. Nations pursue feminist policies at their peril."

Buchanan adds: "In short, the rise of feminism spells the death of the nation and the end of the West." And a little later, he says: "...the decisions women are making today will determine if Western nations will even be around in a century, and Western women are voting no."

Gloomy thoughts indeed.

The trouble with Buchanan's view, is that it is matrilineal: "Western Society" is being identified primarily with its women. We men are not even in the picture. Is it really all the women's fault? We men need to look at ourselves, too. Things would change very quickly, I suspect, if men started looking for non-feminist women to be their life-companions, and the mothers of their children. Non-Western, perhaps? There are plenty of them out there. We men need to know what we need and what our values are.

It is common for the problem of declining birth-rates is to be approached as it is in this book: from the point of view of women avoiding motherhood. The result is a picture which is only half-complete, and so the solution is not found. Here are some examples:

Fifteen years or so ago, the declining birth-rate in Italy became too serious to ignore. Pope John Paul was moved to speak publicly about it. He urged women to "rediscover the joys of motherhood". A very noble sentiment. But he didn't mention fatherhood at all. Or if he did, the media failed to report it.

The birth-rate in Britain has dropped to a record low. In september 2004 government minister Patricia Hewitt spoke publicly about this problem. She urged women to halpsolve this problem by producing more babies. "It is your national duty", she aid, to embrace motherhood. And no, she didn't mention fatherhood either.

I remember listening to a BBC World Service program on this subject. A study had discovered that 25% of young women aged 16 to 24 had decided never to have children. And the young men? What was their attitude to fatherhood? We were not told. No-one thought to ask the question.

All too often, in Western countries, there is a huge blank space, where fatherhood should be honored. Or at least mentioned. Maybe that's the real underlying problem.

Pat Buchanan, unfortunately, in his otherwise excellent book, does not explore that aspect of things. Maybe in his next book?
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