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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars44
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2014
I bought this after reading No Easy Day, I didn't know the background to this book
My interest was heightened after reading that Adam Brown's friends had insisted that his story be told from childhood up, and not just from his time as a SEAL
Excellent, if somewhat sad story, inspirational and motivating.
Just goes to show us that we can get what we want, if we are prepared to work hard enough.
Also that sometimes what we need, and what we want can, be two totally different things
A true tale of courage, from an individual, a family, and a team.
I would fully recommend this for anyone to read
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on 6 July 2013
This is a very good book. The story of a man who during his teen years takes the wrong path then gets his life together and pays society back big time. He comes from America's bible belt so there are lots of references to God and Jesus which may shock some readers but this mans story is well worth telling. He continued to push himself and over come lots of hurdles while taking friends and family with him. He was much loved and respected by all who came into contact with him which makes for a very rare beast indeed. Recommended
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on 29 June 2012
That we are so lucky to have a nation produce men, wives, children and families serving our country is a blessing only understood, unfortunately, after they are gone. Living Adam Brown's life through the pen of Eric Blehm one understands that when one finds one's passion- be it a spouse, a job, a vocation- nothing can prevent success when one has faith. Reading this book takes you into the "family"- the Brown's and SEALs'- and when you are done reading, you will be a better person for it. That we all might become a little more "fearless", as Adam Brown, in our own lives loving and serving our families and country.
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on 11 June 2014
A truly amazing story about one mans inspirational impact on life. Sometimes the writing of this book is it's only let down, but you can't help but be overwhelmed by an amazing individuals journey through life. Unless your a half blind, one handed navy seal, your going to feel inadequate by this guys story. A book that should be read by everyone, and on reading it you really want to be involved in Adam Browns life or do anything to be as remotely inspiring or leave a legacy worthy of talking about.
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on 17 September 2014
This is not a usual Navy Seal presentation with detailed mission analysis. It is a life story cut far too short but first & foremost a very personal story of epic proportions which makes it even more enduring.

It is much more about the human side & an individual who found his calling after many trials & tribulations. Consequently you are left feeling much more akin to the person & not just the warrior. On the one hand you come to recognise the narrative's relevance to every walk of life. On the other it remains a titanic story about life, struggle, denial, fear, courage, endeavour, faith & respect amongst your peers. Indeed it covers a full spectrum of emotions.

A thought provoking journey we can all relate to yet depicting an extraordinary courage most of us can not. The capacity to evoke strong feelings & capture the strength of family, unity & faith in equal measure leaves one in little doubt it shall remain one of those books we not only remember but will refer to many times again.
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on 10 March 2014
Purchased this after lone survivor........Well quite frankly all I can say is that if ever there is a story of someone being able to turn their life around (through determination and the help of family and friends) and then go on to show what can be accomplished through sheer self will then this is it.
There are plenty of books out there about tough crack military units.....what it takes to be one and everything else that goes with it.
But I've got to say that this book is about a man who makes mistakes just like the rest of us and has does stupid things along the way....but its also about a loving son husband and father with a massive heart, and in my eyes a true hero, not because what he became...but the person deep down he always was.
This man really did live his life...rough and the smooth.
R.I.P Adam Brown, your story is aspirational
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on 25 May 2012
Quite simply this one of the best books you will ever read. It is an incredible story and provides a lesson in living life.
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on 22 April 2016
I’m not easily impressed, but this well-researched book makes for incredible reading. It’s a book that will appeal to either gender for both similar and different reasons. I've read another book of similar vein ('Lone Survivor - the story of Marcus Luttrell') which lays focus on training and the military operations of Marcus Luttrell. However, though ‘Lone Survivor’ is a good book in itself, I think ‘Fearless’ is a superior read. It covers the life experiences of one man and touches on so many different themes beyond training and behind-the-lines action. The writing flows well, the chapters are carefully structured and interspersed with occasional photographs and, overall, it is a very well written book.

The story covers the life of U.S. Navy Seal Adam Brown from his childhood upbringing through to his eventual death whilst in action. In doing so, it reveals a true life account of human weakness which is eventually overcome by sheer will, incredible strength of character and inner spiritual strength. It describes his early addiction to drugs, hanging out with low-lives, his time in prison, and his attempts at overcoming the addiction and progressing to, what was for him, a lifeline - being accepted for training in the Seals. Beyond the dark issue of his addiction, it also covers his development from childhood through to adulthood, his home life, set-backs, falling in love, etc. However, beyond all else, it show the incredible stamina of one man’s struggle in the face of adversity and succeeding against all the odds levelled at him.

This book is as much about a personal triumph of good over evil as it is about his preparing for the physical and political war against the evil of terrorism. Unlike other books on the subject, it speaks the facts plainly and simply. The author has done a magnificent job on this well-researched book. As stated, it was written posthumously and based on individual accounts provided by those who knew Adam Brown - his friends (including his buddies in the Seals), family, amongst others and, therefore, is not another bombastic, self-glorifying eulogy. Their individual accounts of Adam Brown are reliably consistent and paint a picture of a humble, loving, exceptional man who overcame the demons in his own life and set an example that gave and continues to give hope to others. He was a man who was tough on himself but gentle on others in the weakness. Two themes that stood out in the end were: (i) Never give up in life when things are going against you – no matter how bad, don’t let circumstances or others define you; and (ii) Never accept being second-best based on apparent limitations in your life. Set the bar high and get up again when you fall. As someone once said, ‘there is no shame in failure, only in failure to try’.

If you want to buy just one book on Navy Seal operations and read about the life of a man who rose from the dumps (literally) to reaching the top of his profession, then buy this book. It is 240 pages long (excluding Epilogue, Afterword, Acknowledgments, etc). Overall, it comes to 273 pages and is written in a small type font (10 or 11). Regardless, it’s worth every cent.

Title: Fearless
Author: Eric Blehm
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Year: 2012
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on 12 August 2012
Gripping and immersive, takes you right into the life of a man who will inspire you to be more than you think you can be. Demonstrating the amazing things an individual can achieve with focus and the support of amazing people. When I read this I couldn't put it down. The real story of a true hero in more than one arena, leading to the ultimate sacrifice for what he believed in, exceptionally well written. I can't recommend this book enough, buy it and enjoy.
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on 11 September 2015
Just finished reading about this incredible man, and find myself truly moved. Not just by his bravery and sacrifice, but the sheer determination, will and complete grit and ambition of Adam. A truly unconquerable soul. A warrior and a gentleman. One of the most inspiring books I have ever read.
I promise by the time you're done reading this, your outlook on life will change. You will feel that anything is possible, anything is achievable. If Adam Brown could do it, with all those injuries and obstacles in his way, so can you! Change your mindset.
Its difficult to realistically put into words the respect I have for Adam, and all of the other fallen warriors of his unit (and the rest of the military as a whole). Their skill and bravery is unmatched in nearly all walks of life. They should all be admired, revered and held in the highest possible regard.
So I just want to thank Eric Blehm for writing this book, and the Brown family for allowing us to read about the incredible life of this born warrior.

And thank you Adam. My son is due to be born in January, and if I can instill in him some of the values you possessed and showed in your remarkable life, he's gonna be a fine man indeed.
Rest easy brother.
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