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on 15 March 2014
'Demonic' has opened my eyes as to how liberals function. I've never quite understood the tendency there is on the left (which sometimes also finds its way into some right-wing populist movements) to center their political activity on slogans, demonstrations, and group-think. Coulter's book links this back to Le Bon's groupthink philosophy. She summarizes his main arguments on the topic and applies it to our times with great effectiveness.
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on 11 July 2011
If you are programmed to dismiss anything a conservative says then you will hate this book. If you take the time to read it, Then check out the facts, It may open your eyes as to whats happening to your great country.
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on 9 March 2016
Great read.
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on 22 July 2011
This book will drive anybody with any political leaning anywhere left of the far right crazy. It is not meant to be read by liberals, but to bring comfort and warmth those who want disagree with them. One seeking a rational argument will not find one here as is not the republican habit. The premise of the book is that liberals form mobs like those of the French revolution, and popular peasant uprisings. Of course, its well known that these uprisings were born out of conditions of extreme poverty, a rebellion against a ruling class that cared more about their own wealth and less for the welfare of their subjects.

From the same stable of perverse logic as Glenn Beck and others, this book forms another chapter in the right wing propaganda library alongside books written in a similar, angry, inflammatory and dis-compassionate way, with equally corrosive titles. Where democrats like to base their political agenda on facts, republicans like to appeal to the emotions of their followers by demonising and dehumanising those who might differ in their political view, the kind of commentary in this book serves to reinforce the agenda of the right, continues the slow but sure drift of the republican compass to the right, and preaches directly to the converted regular republican. Ms. Coulter does this well, with regular inferences to communists, terrorists, revolutionists, immigrants and other perceived threats to American society.

The book is particularly tedious, like sitting next to an incessant gossip on a long haul flight.

Ms. Coulter uses frequent biblical references, shunning concerns of environmental damage which are so much in evidence, for example, in natural gas exploration in Pennsylvania. In proclaiming that God has given us dominion over the earth to do as we will. Ms. Coulter misses the point, we have dominion over our children, but we know well that we should not beat them or send them out to work instead of school, we know that if we do so things will not work out well for them.

To be kind to Ms. Coulter, one might say that she is, in this book, describing human nature, that none of us perhaps like to go against the flow, liberals did not turn out in angry mobs at town hall meetings after reading about death panels, or attend tea party rallies which have been known to have gun toting members of their congregation.I believe that in comparing liberals with Maoists and baby killers goes much to far to bring about the sensationalism that Coulter obviously likes to use to reinforce her point.

Coulter is a dire contradiction, it is extremely difficult to write a book that identifies one part of society with certain behavioural human traits, which are common to all, and of course Ms. Coulter fails miserably at this. At one point, Liberals are accused of tending to cling to messiahs and heroes, and Coulter goes on to say "There are, of course, great men who change the course of history and seem to have the spirit of the divine working through them. Most of our founding fathers are among them. Reagan is among them. We honor them. We view their service with reverence" I would find it hard to find a better definition of hero, of course Coulter is correct in that the left was looking for a messiah in Obama, that he would bring about fairness and equality in a country where millions have no access to healthcare and has the highest levels of poverty and infant mortality in the developed world. The gulf between the ultra rich and poor has widened to levels never seen before.

Even her self description is a contradiction:

"I'm a Christian first, and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don't you ever forget it."

Interesting word use:

In 240 pages the word "liberal" is written 540 times, "not" is used 469, democrat 403, mob 378, revolution 301, president 239, American 219, republican 214, obama 206, conservative 198, black 175,Bush 166, Reagan 142, kill 118, rape 113, crowd 105, war 102, Palin 100, Clinton 97, violence 91, white 90, Le Bon 83, terror 76, gun 74, sex 73, Nixon 70, murder 69, hate 61, death 60, accuse 57, conspiracy 56, violent 54, shoot 52, justice 48, communist 48, racist 40, shot 38, tax 36, tea party 32, Christian 30, guilt 30, agree 28, 9/11 27, destroy 26, love 25, blame 22, patriot 18, Hitler 15,Islam 14, warm 14, fair 13, Nazi 13, easy 13, respect 13, Stalin 12, fanatic 12, illegal alien 10, delight 8, advocate 6, balance 5, forgive 4, brilliant 4, share 4, proud 4, charitable 3, safe 3, mercy 2, righteous 2, concede 2, compassion 1, injustice 1, mighty 1, poverty 0

It would be nice, just once in a while to read something from the right, that is clever, considered, intelligent and set out to address the problems that face us in the next couple of decades rather than the smoke screens like this that hide the REAL ISSUES, for most republicans these problems, like global warming, polluted water courses, peak oil, global food security and financial meltdown don't seem to exist and are conspiracy theories made up by crazy liberals, I find it difficult to believe that Ms Coulter actually believes anything that is written in her book.
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on 12 June 2012

enjoy and then decide if you ought to buy this book and make this woman some money! It is unbelievable anybody would buy her books
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