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4.6 out of 5 stars81
4.6 out of 5 stars
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23 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 3 May 2005
The fourth Artemis Fowl book from Eoin Colfer is another brilliantly written story that is original and enjoyable. This time, the fairy people realise they need Artemis Fowl again after an old friend (the clue is in the title) returns to get her revenge. However there is one teensy problem ...
... Artemis remembers nothing about fairies. His mind wiped at the end of the book 3, he is rendered far less useless than he has ever been. With Holly accused of murder, and an ally they will definitely need in jail, the race is on, with very little time to save the fairy and human world - and with everyone against them, it is going to be incredibly difficult.
Despite a few shaky points where you consider the possibility of plot holes and inconsistencies with the other books, this book is highly enjoyable. Eoin Colfer never resorts to a typical formula, each book taking on a new form - and this is no exception. Instead of Artemis hatching a plan (books 1 and 3) or him making a deal with the fairies for them to both complete missions (book 2) they are now solely depending on him, with him not remembering anything about what the last few books have contained.
One of the brilliant things about the books is the incredible plans that Artemis creates to get out of impossibly scenarios. They never fail to amuse and amaze, and always extend the credibility of his character - a fair task when he is 13 and a criminal genius. One problem with Eoin Colfer's writing is his way of flipping back between times so much (ie telling the same scenario through different eyes). The fact that he does it is not the problem, it is more the order in which he does them that is annoying - a fact that may be visible to people reading the book.
Well, writing this took 10 minutes. I think that's substantial. I look forward to the next book - there'd BETTER be one!
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on 27 September 2007
Colfer has been doing an impressive job with this series, with great character development, enthralling plots and full-speed action. This case is no different, except for the fact that the story turns a little darker, when compared to the previous three books. This is understandable, since it allows the author to get to the next level in the story, and that is exactly what he has done.

At the end of "The Eternity Code", the fairies wiped the minds of Artemis and his friends. One of the most relevant consequences from this decision was that the progress Artemis had made towards becoming a "better person" was halted. Now we find him going back to his old ways and planning heists with his faithful sidekick Butler. Meanwhile, something is going awfully awry in the fairy world. Opal Koboi, the mastermind behind the goblin uprising, is in a psych ward faking a catatonic condition. In reality, she is planning her revenge, which includes getting back at Captain Holly Short, Foaly the centaur, Commander Root, and of course, Artemis Fowl.

Holly is going through a tough patch. Even though she hated Artemis for a while, she had established a friendship with him, and now she feels she lost that. The fact that she is in line for a promotion does not help in the least, since this means a reduction in field missions and fewer trips to the world of the Mud Men. When Koboi starts striking back at those Holly loves, she needs to gather her wits and fight back, regardless of how insurmountable the odds look.

I am completely satisfied with the experience of reading the fourth book in this series. I think that Colfer is becoming even more proficient in using the unusual characters he has created for delivering some really fine humor. He really did kick it up a notch in this sense. If you enjoy characters with a healthy amount of sarcasm, then you have to be delighted by the passages dealing with Foaly and Mulch Diggums. The latter is one of my favorite characters in this series, and the things he does with his body usually crack me up.

If you have been following this series, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by this new installment. For those that are new to Artemis Fowl, my recommendation is to go back to Book 1 and read them in order. To finish, I'll just quote Colfer..."More to follow".
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 2 October 2005
This book, like all of Eoin Colfer's so far, has delivered a powerful warning shot to all the legions of Harry Potter disciples - there are other childrens/adults books out there, written with the same attention to plot and cadence, with the right mix of gags, punchlines, graphic cartoon violence, slimy monsters, and Sam Spade one-liners. This book, like all the others in the series, is a joy to read, and has had me laughing out loud, much to the discomfort of my early morning tube train companions. The whole series appeals to the 8 year-old prankster in all of us, yet has a puckish good humour that cracks even the most cynical old crust on occasion, and the inventively outlandish gadgets, locations and otherwordly species that pop their spiky heads in and out of the narrative only serve to drag you in deeper. Colfer positively revels in describing loathesome characters and their body functions, drooling monsters with impossible abilities, nose-picking halfwits, technological marvels we all secretly wished really existed, and inventively explosive bad endings for some of the bad guys. All the children I have bought these books for have lapped this all up and begged for more.
I bought the first book for my young-teen daughter, so far all subsequent episodes have remained firmly on my shelves! Part of the appeal of the stories is that they read like an old Saturday morning cinema serial, where each episode ends on a clifhanger, after some unbelievable plot twists, and the following week the heroes have to pull off even more outrageous and unlikely stunts to extricate themselves, win the girl and get the kiss. I hope Eoin Colfer keeps Artemis and his cronies on the shelves for many years to come, after all, my generation had William and Jennings, this generation needs Artemis Fowl!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 22 May 2005
When receiving the first book of the series, back four or five years ago, I loved them. This love has continued. I am now old enough to stop reading these books, I shouldn't have read them four or five years ago.
The Opal Deception is an enjoyable read. As you can guess from the title, this books concerns Opal, the pixie. It is a long story, with an enjoyable storyline. Some of the areas are a little vaguely described; however, the overall effect of the books is one of joy and brilliance. There is a twist at many of the crucial points. This adds to the brilliance.
This is a enjoyable and fabulous addition to the series.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2005
I yelped with delight this morning as my new amazon package came through the door. I started reading straight away
Now I've finished it I must protest. Its the best Artemis Fowl book yet!
Incredibly personal its a whole different style, less quips and more emotion. As soon as the book starts you're thrown into it with an excellent robbery by Artemis and a nail-biting face-off including Root and Holly.
The plot twists and turns and once again I was amzed at the sheer birlliance of Artemis's genius creating an amazing plan.
A must-read for all childrens book-lovers
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 7 June 2006
Goblins and gizmos, fairies and flatulence. Darvit! Colfer can sure spin a splendour with the return of psychotic and paranoid pixie Opal Koboi. And guess what she wants for dinner....revenge.

Having been foiled two years previously, Opal is now set to wreak havoc on those who foiled her nefarious scheme. Namely two (usually) law-abiding fairies and two mind-wiped (but nonetheless crafty) humans. Oh and the return of the ever-loveable Mulch just to stir the air.

Can Artemis, Holly and Co stop the human and fairy worlds from colliding? Can Opal truly be brought to justice? Can Artemis stop being such a spoilt mud-whelp and become who he was? And most importantly....can Mulch ever get it in his head to buy some deodrant????

Tantalising, exciting and downright marvellous. Colfer's Fowl series appeals largely to children but also to the big kids with a fabulous range of characters and colours. Pixies, sprites, dwarves, elves, a paranoid centaur and a couple of mudmen...what ever is missing??

oh yeah - a Whitbread award!

Pick it up with no regrets!
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 1 October 2006
The Artemis Fowl series is amazing as and well deserving of the praise that it has recieved. The first three were superb, very original. However, although the Opal Deception was good, it wasn't as great as the first three.

The opening was inventive and had the 'unputdownable' quality of the first three books, but towards the end the story became rather predictable and I found myself hoping there was some kind of twist, which there wasn't. However, overall it is still a great and interesting read, if not matching the very high standard set by the first three Artemis Fowl books.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 December 2006
Admittedly, all of the Artemis Fowl books are great. But the Opal Deception is probably the best and most exciting of the series. The usual characters emerge (on and below the earth). Commander Root, Holly Short, Foaly, the much-loved flatulent, kleptomaniac dwarf convict Mulch, Butler and of course, Artemis himself.

Psycho pixie Opal Koboi is back - but in a 'coma'. When things go wrong, very wrong, Holly is on the line for murder and the only person who can help is - you guessed it - ARTEMIS FOWL!

But Opal seems unstoppable; she is always one step ahead. And with Artemis's brilliant mind wiped from all trace of the People, can he really help them this time?

Colfer's master series just gets better and better every installment! Who knows what's coming next? A great book!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 November 2006
This is a good book in a great series that makes a fun and quick read. The villain from The Arctic Incident returns to plague all the characters we love, including young Artemis Fowl, manservant Butler, the elf Captain Holly Short and her commander Julius Root, the centaur Foaly, and the notorious criminal dwarf Mulch Diggums. Add the usual sarcasm, hillarious moments, and criminal ingenuity, you have another amazing book in this amazing series. I truly enjoy the entire series and look forward to the next book. In fact I like reading series. A new series of so far three books, that I recently discovered, and will definitely continue reading, is "Why Some Cats are Rascals" - Delightful.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 2 August 2005
Eoin Colfer is an extremely talented author. All the previous Artemis Fowl books have gripped me, each with twists and imagination at every turn, the Original book pushed Colfer into the limelight - and thankfully, he has not turned back. "The Artic Incident" was more exciting than the first and "The Eternity Code" was one of my favourite books last year. Thus, I was delighted to find "The Opal Deception", and began reading asap. And it did not disappoint. From the moment it starts it oozes charm and imagination - the troll chapters are incredible. I have no trouble in saying this was a most enjoyable read.
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