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4.3 out of 5 stars19
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 March 2011
I read the Original Bible code book when that first came out and loved it.
Bible Code two i thought was even better and so intriguing.
The good thing about these first two books is that they are very enjoyable to read, no matter what you actually believe about the codes.
I seem to have been waiting years for bible code three. At first i found out that the new title for the 3rd book was set to be "The Quest".
That really excited me as i imagined this "Quest" that Drosnin writes about to be the next natural step in the story.
The name however was changed to "Saving the world". Maybe that should have made me realize something had gone wrong for the author and this book was not going to be the way he intended it.
Unfortunately for me when i did receive the book i had a quick look first and was disappointed at the size and little content, lots of space is taken up by the Code matrix diagrams and much of the content is repeated.
I felt as if i had learned nothing new and the story had not progressed as well as the other two books did.
My conclusion was this:
Drosnin seems to have been under pressure to complete this book from publishers. He also was refused by a certain government to take part in a task that was crucial to the writing of this book (this is explained in a couple of paragraphs in the book right at the end)
This is not the book i was expecting and more to the point not the book Drosnin wanted to write either.
Now i can only imagine two outcomes, either this book is a "filler" while he can get the things done that he needs to write the "Real" book
or he gave up due to the circumstances that prevented him from doing what he needed to do in aid to write the book he wanted to.
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on 11 March 2013
I found Bible Codes books 1&2 in a charity shop! Totally stunned by what was revealed in them, so had to order book 3! So much of what is happening in the world today is revealed in these books that is actually contained in an encoded from in the Torah, and is coming to pass year on year before our very eyes! It is utterly 'gob-smacking' and extremely sobering....the world needs to Wake Up!....very quickly! Whilst the author of this book openly admits that he does not believe in God, he does frequently refer to the Bible Scriptures that are written in the original Torah text to confirm the Bible codes accuracy in revealing World Events.
This is a book that ought to shake sceptical 'unbelievers' to their core, and also wake up the 'slumbering' Church to the fact that what is happening in the world right now, on an ever escalating scale, might actually have something to do with the approaching end of the world/return of Jesus, as confirmed both in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Holy Bible....'End Times' Bible prophecy is being revealed and fulfilled in the times we are now living in, and this book is a 'non-believer's' confirmation of this reality!
Great book Michael! Thank you for responding to the compelling need to expose all of this to the world!
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on 22 October 2010
After countless delays, "Bible Code 3" (Saving the World) has at last been published in the UK. I found this book a lot easier to read than the previous two:- "The Bible Code" and "The Bible Code 2: The Countdown". It arrived at lunch-time, and was read by bed-time, including the Coda, Chapter Notes & Appendix, but that might have had something to do with my having read the two previous books (albeit years ago) and my own research into the subject.

I started off highly sceptical of Michael Drosnin's work... it just didn't seem possible that such information could be encoded in a document written thousands of years ago... but I am now convinced that there is a lot more to this Bible (Torah) Code stuff than anyone could ever imagine.

Some of the findings are absolutely incredible. Most relate to past events, but some have come to light before the event (and are well documented as such). This is an important development in the study of Bible Codes. There is a big difference between codes found after an event (when you know what you are looking for) and "predictive" codes that are documented before the event and independently validated thereafter. Perhaps people will take a bit more notice now.

There are mathematical codes & patterns in the Torah; I know, because I found them (well at least some of them). Other Bible Code researchers (around the world) have found a whole load more, and I am sure that there is a lot more to be found... including the all-important "Code Key"... if only we knew where to look, and what to look out for.

Michael Drosnin is of the opinion that the "Code Key" is a physical object that may be found at a particular location encoded in the Torah. He might be right, but I still think that it is encoded in the Bible Code matrix itself. We could both be right... multiple clues for us to find when the time is right... and that time is probably not that far away.

I get the impression that this book is not the last in the series, just a statement of where we stand at the moment. There is a lot more to come.
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on 10 March 2012
After having purchased Bible Code 1 & 2 and thoroughly enjoyed both, I found Bible Code 3 even more interesting and was not able to "put it down" until I had read it cover to cover. I recommend all three to anyone interested in the future and what the Bible Code reveals.
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on 7 January 2014
Loved the book.I can't wait to read the next book. I recommend this to all my book reading friends and anyone else who will listen to me.
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on 7 January 2016
Utter dross. An insult to the intelligence I'm afraid. If it were possible to give a negative number of stars I would happily do so, but sadly it isn't and so I shall have to content myself with one, despite the fact that the book is nowhere near as good as that.

In my humble view, this is nothing more than elitist propaganda and lies masquerading as the truth.
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on 4 January 2015
Fascinating story but it would have been better if the subject matter hadn't been so repetitive. It is over priced too.
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on 22 February 2013
As a follow up to the previous two books, it was as expected and I found it interesting and look forward to any others..
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on 10 June 2011
After having read the bible code 3 and also the 2 previous books one think that there must be something very special about the bible. Is there really a code hidden there for us to slowly unravel? The book is great because it does not try to make you believe in weird or fantastic scenarios. It just states the fact there for all to see. It is up to us the readers to draw conclusions about who have written the bible? Who put the code there? Why was it written?
The text is easy to read and I was reading it from start to finish without putting it down. Fascinating and super exiting material. Cannot wait for the next book.
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on 29 January 2011
If you like future mysteries you might like this!
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