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4.6 out of 5 stars79
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 6 September 2011
Mindboggling parallels between science and spirituality.

Wilcock says he has presented the very best science from 30 years of dedicated research, which culminated in two years of focused, concentrated effort to connect all the seemingly unrelated cutting edge data into an entirely new pattern. You will be stunned by how much is already known about the unseen force he calls the Source Field. The implications are staggering.

He defines the Source Field as a living energy field, a universal loving intelligence that the Universe is built from and that many great researchers have independently discovered and given their own names to. Just a few examples are the Field, unified field, morphic field, Secret Force, Conscious Universe, nonlocal consciousness, Divine Matrix, Living Matrix, zero-point energy, virtual particles, and quantum foam. The Source Field is actively responsible for keeping matter going - moment by moment. It is automatically, by design, the Source of all space, time, matter, biology, energy, consciousness and life in the Universe. It is the energy of Mind.

The book's 500 pages are an easy and pleasurable read. Wilcock shows how "Consciousness is not merely a biological phenomenon - it is written into the energy of the Universe itself." The author starts by looking at the consciousness of plants as discovered by Backster decades ago. If you "pray" over your food by sending it positive, loving thoughts, it then seems to accept its role in helping you stay alive - and the severe plant reactions recorded when they are "killed" no longer occur. Many cultures and spiritual traditions encourage us to thank our food and we now have evidence that this seemingly unimportant behaviour - from a scientific standpoint - has a definite purpose.

Wilcock covers many alternative fields such as precession, the potential of the pineal gland, lucid dreaming, the healing abilities of pyramids, the 2012 prophecies, antigravity, dematerialisation, teleportation, time travel, vortex points, and quantum geometry. His fascinating guided tour into the deeper mysteries leads us to the possibility of a fundamental change in our understanding of the nature of time and space itself. In every field he provides information new to me despite my own wide research over several decades.

He demonstrates the scientific basis for the ancient wisdom traditions, such as: we are all connected, thoughts create perceivable effects, what we consider to be reality is actually a lucid dream that can be changed by acts of will, and this reality is a manifestation of a hidden realm. The author provides masses of PROOF that the universe is alive.

One example is a stunning discovery made by British astronomers that has been ignored for over half a century: the vast majority of dust throughout the entire galaxy is actually freeze-dried bacteria. As he points out, it is a much greater step to realise that bacteria are everywhere because that's what the Universe does: create life. He refers briefly to the extensive conspiracy to suppress any scientific discoveries of the microbes that appear spontaneously through non-living material, not through allegedly "random Darwinian mutation".

The Source Field is a basic energy that is more fundamental than anything else. The entire Universe is formed by nothing more than motion. Gravity, electromagnetic energy and all the other forces associated with quantum mechanics are side effects and are just different ways of talking about that basic energy, which appears to be fluid-like in its actions.

Everything else emerges from this basic energy, which may also explain dark energy and dark matter. For instance, the flow of gravity is the flow of time as well as the flow that makes matter. Gravity doesn't pull us downwards as we are taught, it is actually a push. It's a great river of energy flowing down into the earth and there is a different, slightly weaker, force flowing upwards.

The three dimensions we see all around us - as the real world - form only half the picture. Space and time are exact opposites of each other and create parallel realities where a wave over here is a solid particle over there. All the energy that makes space in our reality is the same energy that powers time in the parallel reality and vice versa.

There is a simultaneous and constant flowing exchange between space and time. They are intimately and totally dependent upon each other and neither can exist separately. However, neither is real.

What is genuine is the three real dimensions they both are part of. Further, the Source Field is not confined to linear time: time is three-dimensional. Past, present and future are all there at once, just as the mystics have said throughout the ages.

Wilcock sums up that the Source Field ultimately unifies all of our thoughts together as One - in directly measurable, provable ways. With this knowledge come powerful new tools that help us evolve as conscious beings. We gain new methods to heal ourselves and expand our own evolution in a remarkably short time. We can create limitless, clean, non-polluting free energy. We can create spectacular new healing technologies. We can conquer gravity, space and time, and move effortlessly throughout the galaxy. We can heal the world.

His fundamental message is that modern research supports ancient wisdom teachings: we are co-creators of our own reality, our destinies are guided by a benevolent hidden intelligence, and we can choose a golden age at any time, and for all of us.

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on 9 September 2012
This book has opened doors for me ,I was so excited by it that I could,nt sit still .some of the technical stuff is a bit hard to asimulate however it is written in a user friendly way so that even a technophobe like me can understand .The science is presented with lots of corroboration ,evidently a well researched book,which ties myths,history and science together .I would recommend this book to anyone with a curious mind
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on 29 September 2011
I waited a long time to read this book, and I have not been disappointed. This book is packed with new ideas, concepts and heretofore unrevealed (at least to most of us) science. David Wilcock's ability to render difficult concepts (at least for me) into understandable, readable English is exceptional. He has a conversational style in much of the book, and his excerpts from 3rd party sources are well-chosen and support his points well. There are pages and pages of footnotes (46 to be exact) for all of the claims (and a 19 page index as well), so persons interested in the discussed concepts and illustrations can explore further if they wish. Unavoidably, certain subjects are so far beyond one's normal information level that they sink in only at a 10% level at the first reading (at least for me) - some examples being his in-depth discussion of higher dimensions, parallel universes, wormholes, and space-time vs time-space, just to name a few.

David takes you step-by-step through this "synthesis of hidden science," building your understanding at each stage so to prepare you to consider the next sequential subject. I suggest that this book is essential reading, and you will probably wish to read it again and use it as a reference. Well done, David!
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I have only recently been introduced to the work of this brilliant writer and investigator, David Wilcock (who reputedly is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce). But I have greatly enjoyed reading his book.

The book is a masterpiece, a bringing together of centuries' or more work of delving into the mysteries of the universe, understandings about consciousness, energy, physics, time, space and so forth, combined with Wilcock's own original thinking and understandings.

The "Source Field" is Wilcock's phrase for what Gregg Braden has termed the "Divine Matrix", and what Lynne McTaggart simply calls the "Field", that is, the energy behind everything, the entire Cosmos. Some may call it God. I personally experience it as pulsating Love.

This is a colossus of a book, comprising over 500 pages. So make sure you have plenty time at your disposal before tackling it.

In the preliminary chapter we're informed or reminded of Cleve Backster's experiments proving the mutual connection of all life: it is not pleasant to boil an egg or even chew your raw food subsequent to reading these revelations - eggs "scream" when one of the others is dropped into boiling water, and even the cells in raw food "scream" when eaten, However, it is apparently helpful to the "victims" to pray over them before consumption (as I already do, thankfully).

The pineal gland and third eye are dealt with at length, ancient knowledge of their significance being presented.

Wilcock discusses remote viewing, healing the world by healing yourself, the precession of the eqinoxes - "a 25, 920 year wobble in the Earth's axis", and the building and purposes of the Great Pyramid. I had no idea it was so huge! Also its diagonals (the distance from one corner, over the top and down to the other corner - 25,826.4 pyramid inches) is "remarkably close" to modern calculations of the true length of the precession of the equinoxes in years.

In a fascinating chapter the author educates us about pyramid power and the Russian experiments carried out by Dr. Golod in the 17 pyramids constructed within Russia and the Ukraine completed in 2001; by 2010 more than 50 pyramids were built world-wide. A significant feature of these pyramids was their use of "non-conductive materials without a single metal element". The results of these experiments suggest that pyramid technology and its offshoots could save the world and "substantially improve our physical, mental and spiritual health along the way".

In one study a simple drug to help people fight viruses was made 3,000 percent more powerful when stored in a pyramid for a few days. Moreover, a simple placebo sample of 40 percent glucose in distilled water, after being stored in a pyramid, saved twenty premature babies that otherwise almost certainly were going to die. Groups of laboratory mice given a strain of the typhoid fever virus had 60% survival when kept in a pyramid.

The book gets more and more fascinating with each chapter. The results of new experiments involving spontaneous generation in sterile environments are revealed, together with ones changing one species to another (even more astonishing!).

The most interesting/fascinating section of the book for me was that entitled "Time and Space". Time/Space does not permit me to go into this (Ha, ha!) but much amazing material is presented about the flow of time, and details are given of experiments showing how time can be speeded up/slowed down, enabling levitation and flight.

Immense vistas are opened up in this second section involving time, sacred geometry (exact correlations between the orbits of Earth and the other planets in our solar system and beyond), the Maya calendar, "time slips, time warps and vortex phenomena". Wilcock distinguishes between space-time (the dimension presenting our normal view of reality) and time-space, the other (higher?) dimension into which we sometimes are catapulted.

This is one of the most exciting and mind-expanding books I have read in recent years, or ever. The facts and information presented are astounding but the material is exceedingly scientific, of course, and the book is thus mentally challenging, particularly for one such as myself unversed in science. However, I was not deterred, for Wilcock writes clearly, simply and intelligently.

Please read this book if you wish to be thus challenged, informed and mind-expanded.
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on 3 December 2012
A life long study and synthesis of hidden science and lost prophecies as they relate to a spiritual evolution or coming quantum leap in consciousness and a Golden Age. by both a quality intuitive and a provocative popular science writer who speaks of clues left by ancient civilizations and encounters with government insiders and contactees who have
encountered off planet intelligences. Highly recommended.
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on 9 October 2012
This book is an extensive research on the subject. It is very complete even though the difficulty of the suject. All sources are verifiable and given.
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on 22 August 2012
i bought this book for my hubby at his request for his birthday, he is into all things weird and wonderful, but does tend to get bored easily with books and put them down to gather dust! this book however has kept him glued, so i'm glad that i didnt waste £10ish plus p&p on yes its obviously a good read!
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on 7 September 2011
David Wilcocks 'Source Field Investigations' is mind shattering.

This work will awaken the most closed minded individual to the point that there views and opinions will change forever.
David's work is backed with solid scientific evidence.

We truly are infinite beings with more power than we could ever imagine.
We have been suppressed for too long on our true nature and technologies that would better mankind and the planet in ways we couldnt imagine.

This book brings us one leap closer to realising this.

If you buy one book then it should be this one.

The more people that read 'Source Field Investigations' the more our world will change for the better as our collective consciousness realises
our true potential.

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on 28 November 2012
An amazing book, opened my mind up to topics that I have never thought of before. Atoms 5%, dark matter 23%, dark energy 72%. The universe is not made up of atoms, oh no, if you want to understand your existence then remember those stats and read books like this one, your life will be one amazing revelation after another.
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on 29 November 2012
All I can say is, read it! (it is well written with great sources that is easily understood regardless of your education) and don't stop there, investigate for yourself :) We live in a beautiful 'time'.
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