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4.9 out of 5 stars60
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2012
In my role as a sales and marketing consultant I read dozens of business books every year and rarely feel compelled to write a review. This one was different!

Lee Duncan immediately comes across as "likeable" and "real", a trait so often missing from business experts who can seem arrogant and removed. This was not my impression with Lee.

I was a little concerned from the bold title of the book "Double Your Business" that the book would focus on gimmicks or novelty sales or marketing ideas to grow a business, but thankfully that could not be further from the truth. This is a really practical, hands on, easy to read and easy to use book.

What particularly impressed me was that it is not just about sales and marketing. For any business owner trying to grow their business I often compare their business to a leaking bucket. Often there are leaks in their bucket that need fixing before putting more clients or customers into it or they will simply leak out. Lee's system helps you to identify the leaks, fix them, and then grow your business.

The system is simple yet I believe will be effective for every small business owner out there:

1. Identify the reasons why their business is not growing as they would like (the Barriers To Growth);
2. Read how to fix these problems; and
3. Take the advised action to grow their business (by following Lee's "Growth Blueprints").

There are 22 Growth Blueprints to follow, covering everything from vital cash flow and accounting issues (in my experience often the biggest source of problems for small business owners) to proven sales and marketing ideas and team selection and management.

The book is incredibly well written and edited (so you are not constantly thinking "how did this get to print" as so often I find I am) leaving you free to focus on the good content and applying it to your business. There are many real life examples of people who have used the Growth Blueprints and many other helpful tools in the book to ensure that you take action. There are more tools available on a sister website for the book!

Thoroughly recommended for ALL small business owners.
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on 2 April 2012
I read this from cover to cover in two hours on Sunday afternoon. As a small business owner looking to grow my business, I wasn't a casual reader - I was looking for insight and tips that I could apply. I was not disappointed.

Lee's style is easy reading. Its not academic, and its peppered with real life stories to illustrate his points. But don't mistake easy reading for soft. He does not pull his punches, and I had several uncomfortable moments as I realised he was outlining areas where there was definite room for improvement in my business.

You can tell Lee has spent several years at the coal face working with real businesses. He gets to the heart of the matter, and then outlines very practical steps for how to resolve them. He outlines 22 potential barriers to growth, and then works through how those barriers can be removed.

I read this all in one go to get a feel for the overall approach. But I think to get the most from this book, it needs to be used as it was designed - as a manual to work through slowly and carefully. The order which the barriers are explained has also been well thought through, so that some of the more fundamental issues are dealt with first.

I suspect that working with Lee as a coach would be the optimal way to double your business. But I think he has probably distilled a large amount of his coaching know-how into this book, and using it as manual to work through over a period of months is the next best thing. I took away 5 key areas that I need to go to work on from my first reading, and fixing those alone could easily double my business. But if I work through each of the potential 22 barriers to growth and use Lee's insight, then I think my business could be unrecognisable in a few years.
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on 16 April 2012
I've recently started as a business coach after a successful career as a management consultant with PwC Consulting and IBM for 14 years. I stumbled on Double Your Business whilst looking out for frameworks to help shape my own experience, skills and expertise into my own client offering for small businesses and it has been invaluable. Lee's book provides a comprehensive overview of how to assess and tackle the issues that small businesses face and was exactly what I was looking for.

For me the key sections of the book are:
- the comprehensive and user-friendly diagnostic tool for identifying a businesses barriers to growth
- the down to earth and practical action plans for tackling the barriers to growth identified
- the excellent real life case studies included in every section
- the simple frameworks and tools that all business owners can use to move their businesses forward

I've used the book in two ways.
1. To action plan some key areas for improvement in my own business as I look to grows and attract more clients. The book has value to new businesses like mine as well as more established businesses.
2. To help reshape some of the aspects of my own coaching offering. This is perhaps the best compliment that I can give the book. I have different techniques and tools that I use as a business coach, but Lee's book has help provide a really useful benchmark for me to compare myself against, to learn from, and to enhance my own offering.

Double Your Business offers a comprehensive review of your business, and places in your hands practical, no nonsense ways of tackling the areas of your business that are holding you back. It's an action-oriented book that is both easy-to-read and easy-to-use. I am always on the look out for other plain-speaking, action-oriented advisers that deliver maximum value for minimum fuss - it's my own business coaching approach. Lee Duncan and Double Your Business definitely tick those boxes for me.

Reading this book won't turn you into an overnight success or immediately transform your business - success will still require hard work. However it will provide you (and maybe your enlightened coach) with a framework for planning and implementing the steps to make your business a success. I thoroughly recommend it.
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I got the book a week or so ago and it is fantastic.... I wish I had had it 15 years ago, it would have made me making a lot of costly delays and mistakes.

It is full of tons of practical advice and tips you can apply immediately to the wide range of problems small businesses get that stop them reaching anything like their potential.

Elements that have strongly resonated with me as I have read through include:

1 - solutions to problems I know are there, but for whatever reason I have not properly addressed them;

2 - solutions to problems I have encountered that I have successfully tackled (invariably taking a long while to figure out a great solution... which 9 out of 10 times is the one the book recommends. Reassuring, but having had the book at the time would have allowed a much faster and less painful resolution).

So, if you buy this book and the E-Myth book (there is a good overlap between the advice, but not duplication) AND implement effectively all their great advice... I have no doubt virtaully any business will double its turnover and profits in two years, and probably have plenty of momentum for several years after that too.

Check back with me in 2017 to see how I've done
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on 12 April 2012
Review of "Double Your Business" by Lee Duncan

If you own a business or want to learn about growing a business then YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

I don't know this author but I'd like to chat and pick his brain further.

This book is about pushing through the barriers to business growth. The author takes his clients real world problems and defines the barriers, educates the reader about the situation and provides individual blueprints for taking action.

This book could easily be called "The How To Manual For Growing Your Business". This book should be kept on your desktop for easy reference - not on a bookshelf. You'll be reaching for it throughout the year as you grapple with those barriers to achieve greater sales and higher profits.

The book details over 20 breakthroughs for businesses. You can easily find your own growth barrier and read how to solve it. Just take action and implement the steps shown in each blueprint. It's pretty straight forward and an easy read. And, if you identify your own unique barrier and don't have the time to do it yourself then just contact the author, Lee Duncan, and have a quick chat with him. His picture looks like he's a nice enough chap. The book contains actual customers and their stories of how they made their breakthroughs. The author included his email address and can be reached at

The chapter on "Understanding Your Accounts to Make More Money" is easily worth 100 times the price of the book.

There is also a special reward found the Introduction. The author has recorded an hour long special free CD "Unlock Your Growth Potential". I've asked for mine after reading the book and am awaiting it's arrival so I can't comment on the content, but if it's anything like the book I'll keep it on my desk as a reference tool as well.

I found this one to be one of the best "how to take action" books. Actually it's one of the top business books I have in my personal library.
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on 3 July 2013
I like this book, although I would take issue with the title. I don't know if doubling your business (turnover? profits?) is realistic simply by following the advice in this book. Obviously, it depends on where you are starting from. A business in a poor state and badly run could realistically see a major improvement in performance by following some of the advice in this book, but in reality I think many people who are small business owners would not admit that they are the cause of the problem.

Overall, the book contains a great deal of useful nuggets of information covering key areas of business that SMEs generally need help with. If nothing else, the main topics in the book can be used as a useful checklist for any business to review.

I would say that the book is most useful for established small/micro businesses, but there is some useful information that could help a start-up too, as well as some larger concerns.

Some parts I thought could be improved upon as I thought some of the advice was a bit old and outdated. The book could also do with a greater emphasis on the use of the internet in all aspects of today's business operations.

The book contained some useful case study examples, but there was far too much emphasis on running and improving restaurants. So if you run a restaurant you will certainly find some useful relevant advice.

Overall a good read and 'food for thought' for a small or micro business owner.
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on 10 April 2012
A really sincere attempt at helping business owners to make significant breakthroughs. It is refreshingly British in tone but universal in value.

Lee Duncan gets you to take a simple questionairre to identify the areas where the maximum gains can be made on day one and then points you straight to the pages that can help. This allows you to remain focussed on the job in hand and achieve instant wins,rather than reading the whole book in one go.

The author's experience and common sense shine through this really well constructed book and because of this I have trusted it to reassess and improve some of our own business practices. I didn't expect one business book to be that useful.
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on 14 January 2013
I run a business turning over between half a million and a million, and I honestly believe that if you are in this bracket, then this is the book you need! You probably could make good use of it if you are out of this bracket, but the book assumes that you are not that successful that you don't need any help, and not that small that you aren't able to spend time on your business and put new ideas and systems etc into practice.
There is a lot of really useful stuff in there particularly on marketing. The best example he uses in the book "If Duncan Bannatyne (or similar) walked into your business tomorrow what he would do differently? What would he change? Would he leave everything as it is? Would he make a success out of it?" Well of course he would, what would he/somebody else do? And this book gives you an insight into what a successful person would do to your business, then you just do the same!
I've completely changed the way I organise my day as a result of this book. The second thing I've done is to start to systemise my business ready for somebody else to do different parts of my job so I can spend even more time expanding the business and putting into action some of the things I've read in this book.
Well done Lee, this is in my list of 5 most useful business books that I've ever read. If you buy the book, just make sure you put these things into practice, you'll soon reap the rewards without a shadow of a doubt."
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on 19 June 2013
As most people may have done when one reads around a subject, a short list of a dozen or so books are ordered. Of these, most of them I found really insightful but I keep returning and reflecting on Double Your Business. The strategies and blueprints are very direct and geared for real world application. Mr Duncan has an equally no nonsense approach which I find gets to the point and does not waste what a desperate business owner has the least of - time. As as result the book is succinct but powerful.

Highly recommended. I have not yet fully implemented everything I require from this book but so far so good.
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on 16 September 2013
Lee Duncan tackles the problem that faces many business owners. Setting up and running a business is one thing, but how do you break through the plateau that many of us inevitably reach? There is so much info and practical advice packed into this book, it's clear and very well written. I have already started working through the blueprints and will continue to do so. A year ago I paid a very expensive business coach for several months to try and achieve the same thing. I wish I'd save the money and started with this book instead! The book starts with a questionnaire that helps you pinpoint the barriers to growth in your business. At first it seems daunting because I seem to be able to tick every box! I need to tackle quite a lot of things. But for every barrier, Lee Duncan has a blueprint for breaking through. Not just vague suggestions but serious practical steps you can take today that will make a difference. This is the best self-help business book I have read and at the same time one of the most engaging. As I only bought it a couple of weeks ago I cannot vouch for whether I will double my business, but I feel energised and empowered enough to give it a go!
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