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on 4 September 2002
More than a 'how to' manual, Nick Rampley-Sturgeon presents a clear and compelling argument for personal financial freedom through developing a portfolio of property. Once considered the domain of the wealthy or the unscrupulous, Buying To Rent demonstrates how simple it can be to get started.
Thought provoking and insightful, the reader is challenged to explore their motivation and expectations before being guided through the process. Illustrated throughout with case studies of those who have already taken the plunge, the author is keen to highlight the variety of circumstances through which people buy to rent.
As one would expect, this is a specialist title and without listing the contents it is hard to impart what is covered. Those looking for information on finding, financing, buying and maintaining a small portfolio of investment properties will not be disappointed. As somebody who prefers to read for pleasure rather than reference, I was impressed at how easy it was to turn the page, rather than diving for the dictionary to make sense of jargon. The author's passion for the subject is infectious and difficult subjects have been thoughtfully presented with the non-specialist in mind.
Who am I to review this book?
I am not a financial adviser, have no property management qualifications and to date don't even have the money for our first deposit. My wife and I bought our first house two years ago and worry that our salaried income does not provide enough extra for the things we want to do now, never mind a comfortable retirement.
We have always liked the idea of owning further properties to provide for our future but lacked the knowledge and confidence to turn this dream into reality. Now that we have both read Buying To Rent, we are very excited about creating our own opportunities for the future. I am sure that there are many like us who would benefit from investigating the subject based on fact rather than hearsay.
Whilst I imagine that this book will provide less insight for the experienced landlord, the plentiful tips, checklists and sources of reference deliver a feast of information that could add value to any individual's procedure and strategy.
The author makes a point of highlighting the negative aspects of buying to rent, presenting a well-balanced argument for potential landlords to consider. With topics covered in a logical sequence it is easy to ponder on the areas of interest and skim through areas less relevant.
Perhaps it is ill considered to write a review in advance of acting upon the suggestions and experiencing their outcomes. However, I get the feeling that everything imparted has been well reasoned and there is no reason why even a complete novice like myself cannot build options for a flexible financial future - one house at a time!
I similarly look forward to reading other titles from this author and recommend Buying To Rent for the experienced investor and first time buyer alike.
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on 24 December 2002
This book is a great starter for anyone who is interested in buying properties to rent or those with several properties like myself. It covers all the basics including strategy, reasons why and why not, affording the investment, the buying process, the professionals involved, property management and borrowing. Although well presented, understandable and easy to read with enough information to go ahead and make the 'buy-to-rent' investments happen the real strength of this book is in the building of mental foundations required to take the leap of faith required to be a property investor.
The needs of different people are catered for as the reader is taken through a pathway and encouraged to think about the subject from good first principles. It reviews some of the mental aspects required such as how the reader treats money, their spending habits, and their prior role models around money. It also addresses how to get started if you have little money.
Describing how 'buy-to-rent' can be a viable alternative to a pension plan and shining light on 'buy-to-rent' as an escape route into the state of financial freedom, where one is not reliant on a job to pay bills. The book warns the reader not to become another 'buy-to-rent' trend victim and grounds in the fact that 'buy-to-rent' investments are mainly for the long term. It advocates a realistic and well-planned strategy encouraging the reader to plan before doing. It illustrates how a portfolio can be built.
Highly recommended, a great book for someone who is new to 'buy to rent' property investing and a good book for those that have a few 'buy to rent' investments and are near to or have just achieved financial freedom like myself.
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on 6 September 2002
In this book, Nick explains clearly and without any jargon how to go about finding property, financing the purchase and getting tenants paying you rent. There are lots of case studies which illustrate that it's not one size fits all and how you can get property to work for you. I'm a property coach and work with clients who want to invest in property for all different sorts of reasons. But it's a confusing and potentially risky subject, which is why this book is such a godsend. I just wish there had been such a high quality book around when I started buying to rent. Highly recommended to show you the way to have wealth after work.
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on 6 September 2002
If, like me, you have toyed with the thought of the "buy-to-let" market, but not knowing where to start has held you back, then this is the book for you. This book will effectively hold your hand through the process of setting yourself on the road to becoming a property investor. It answered the majority of my "too stupid to ask" questions, and helped me crystalise my own priorities and goals, enabling me to better decide which route to follow.
It is not a vast and forbidding text book that just begs to fill a chasm on your book-shelf...instead its inviting style urges the reader to read on. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about life as a "buy-to-let" landlord.
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on 5 December 2005
I was really disappointed by this book for a number of reasons.
Firstly was that it was so out of date! Although it was first published in 2002, it hasn't been updated and the figures have change dramatically in that time.
The book describes buying UK properties for £10k - £20k and receiving rents of £400 - £600 per month.
Since 2002 the average UK property now costs nearly £200k and rents are still under £1000 per month... so the sums simply don't add up like they used to!
Also, the author suggests that it's only worth buying a rental property to generate immediate income. With todays high prices this is not possible unless you have VERY large deposits.
Most property investors will be looking for long-term asset growth, and a monthly income 15 - 25 years down the line (when the mortgage has been paid off).
These facts aside, I still wouldn't rate this book. The writing style is hard work, and there is very little real content.
Plenty other books available on this subject.
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on 30 July 2004
After reading the other reviews of this book, I decided to buy it, however I am under the impression I must have bought the wrong book.
This book is out of date, the figures in it bear no proximity to reality.
The first few chapters are all about financial budgetting and understanding your own reasons for wanting to enter the market and nothing really to do with actually buying to let.
The remaining chapters are simplistic, with only really one chapter being of any use.
Needless to say I am very disapointed.
I am sure there must be better books on the subject out there.
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on 14 October 2002
If you are serious about buying to rent this is the book for you.
Having been to see many of the gurus speak about how you can make millions through buy to let (usually about their experiences in the US and Australia) its good to see a down to earth, practical book written by a Brit for us Brits about our own property market.
The book covers everything you need to know to get started as a landlord in a practical and easy to follow style. It focuses on learning to become a good landlord to maximise returns from your property portfolio. The case studies bring the book to life, as they are real examples in UK cities. I like the fact almost anyone can become a landlord, however much (or little!) they are earning.
I've read many books like this on buy to let but this is the most important one on my bookshelf. Buy it now.
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on 18 March 2004
This is the book that got us properly started in the buy-to-rent market and gave my husband and me the confidence to achieve our initial aim of acquiring a solid portfolio of buy-to-let properties efficiently and effectively.
As a starting point in any research into the area of buy-to-let this is excellent because if used properly it makes you question right from the outset what it is you are actually hoping to achieve without being dogmatic about the strategy which you will be employing to achieve your aims. Other titles appear to me to be far too prescriptive about strategy - what is right for a go-getting individual at the start of their careers is not necessarily a suitable approach for someone starting to think about their retirement. Also, what you can expect to achieve in financial terms is presented in a far more realistic way in this book than some other popular titles which might lead you to believe that buy-to-let is a licence to print money!
This is a well written book, logically organised, presenting a balanced and commonsense approach to the subject which at the same time does not bog you down with lots of information which can very quickly become dated in a market which is changing at a rapid rate.
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on 10 May 2004
This is an excellent book for both the first-time investor and one who already owns a few properties but looking to increase their portfolio.
I currently own several investment properties, and have learnt much from the information in this book. It covers all aspects of becoming involved in the buy to let market, starting from one end of the spectrum to the other, providing vital information for dealing with the whole process of buying through to successfully renting a property and maintaining a well-managed portfolio.
Knowing that the author has been a landlord for approximately 15 years gives you the courage and confidence to apply the advice and information to the growth of your portfolio, information that includes the negative and positive sides of the subject so that the reader gains a balanced view.
As in all areas of life, having the appropriate mental approach is vital, a subject also covered by the author, and one I believe to be well-worth including, as it is all down to one's attitude and determination as to how successful you become as a landlord. A highly recommended book.
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on 8 December 2003
This is a very disappointing book. I bought this book, along with a few others, to gain a better insight into the world of buy to let. However, there are many other books out there which are cheaper and provide more detailed information. I'm not sure why, but there is too much padding in this book which takes up a lot of unecessary space, wastes everybody's time and contains very little useful information. I'd much rather all of this was excluded and focus was placed on the dos and don'ts of buy to let. Not recommended.
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