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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2012
I enjoyed The Siren (book 1) but I didn't love it. The Characters annoyed the hell out me but the plot and the darkness was intriguing. So I was pleasantly surprise that I actually almost loved The Angel. It is even darker, even sexier and I actually liked the characters in this one.

The Siren was all about Nora and her story. The Angel was Soren and MIchael's stories. Soren is such an interesting and quite scary character. He isn't in book 1 much so we don't really get to know him to like him. But in The Angel we learn about him and his past and I think I may have feel in love with him just a little bit! I couldn't help it. He is all about being in control and having power but I liked it ;) Everyone seems to be drawn to him whether they liked him or not. And here comes the spoiler from the previous book. In book 1 we find out Soren is a Catholic Priest! I personally didn't find that shocking but I know people will. And when we learn about his past he is perfect at being a priest. He is devoted to God, he wants to help people so who cares that he has a kinky sex life with Nora? He loves her, he loves God. He isn't hurting anyone who doesn't want to be hurt. I have always said priests should be able to have relationships, just like reverend and vickers. That is just my personal opinion though!! Don't shoot me!!

Now, Michael, aw sweet Michael, he is introduced briefly in book 1. Soren saved Michael, after Michael tries to kill himself because he has submissive urges. So Nora takes him under her wing and trains him as a Sub. Michael really grows within the story. He finds out who he is and begins to love himself for it. And learns that just because he is doesn't want a "vanilla" sex life, it doesn't make him abnormal, that he is perfectly normal to have a kinky and safe sex life. And that people will love him for who he is.

The Angel is told from different POVs, Nora, Michael and Suzanne. Nora I did begin to like her. She is in the book a lot but there isn't as much told from her POV. But I felt for her during this one. She is missing Wesley and I believe even though she is loves Soren, that she is madly in love with Wesley aswell. Suzanne is a reporter who received a tip and starts to invesigate Soren/Father Stearns. And this is how we learn all about Soren and his life before being a Priest. At first I was wonderng what is the point of Suzanne. Couldn't we learn about Soren a different way but as the story develops we understand why Suzanne is introduced.

The Siren had an interesting plot line but The Angel, well that wins hand down. It was fast paced, exciting and so freaking sexy it hurts. However, it is a lot darker and I wished someone has warned me that Blood Play was involved. It turned my stomach. Each to their own. If that how people get their kicks than that is awesome. I'm pretty damn open minded. I just don't like blood so it put me off it a little.

Tiffany Reisz has created a fantastic sequel and an enticing, dark and dangerous world that will capture you and leave you begging and pleading for more. She is an amazing writer. Her words jump off the pages and you feel like you are watching a movie. I am so glad I have the next book, The Prince because The Angel ends of an amazing cliffhanger. Tiffany really knows how to tease her readers!!

If you have read The Siren, then get reading this one. And if you haven't read the series yet go now! They are not to be missed. But be warned! These are NOT romance novels ;)
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on 13 November 2012
Ok I've finished the first two books (the Siren & the Angel) and cannot wait for my pre ordered third book 'the Prince' to be released on the 20th of November. Why? Soren of course! In the Siren we meet Nora, a heroine who is not a virgin, gasp; she is an adult woman who actually likes sex, hurrah! She is a strong female lead who has a complex life with lots of emotions involved. I adore all of her men (intellectual Zach, beautiful Wesley, hot Griffin & sweet Michael) but it is Soren I love the most and it is in 'the Angel' that we finally get to really meet him. He is the best of all the angst ridden, damaged Doms that are sweeping the zeitgeist because he actually loves Nora from the beginning and theirs is a relationship of equals (as much as a Dom/Submissive relationship ever can be). Their love affair is beautiful, complex and fragile so I'm really hoping they get a HEA as it would be the perfect end to the best love story I've read in this new genre....
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on 31 December 2015
Written differently to the first, this was a much swifter read with the pages turning faster. The Siren asked the reader to ingest and then stop whereas this one had more pace. I have to say, I missed Zach Easton and the fog he brought in the first book. I was sad that I invested in Zach only for him to be missing from this book. The Siren felt more of a literary novel with Zach hovering in the background and it was so cleverly done. I also missed Wesley in this one. I was happy we got to know Soren a little more in The Angel but I wasn’t as in awe with this book as I was with the first.

I’m in a personal quandary about whether I want to continue with this series. The thing is, there are six more books and all the shorts in between to explore too! I know some readers love this aspect - really getting underneath the skin of every, single character. Sometimes in The Angel, however… I was wishing for something more. There's so much attention to detail, so many memories, but sometimes I almost skipped some of the mental flashbacks to get back to the story. Griff and Mick's story was sweet but nowhere near as interesting as other relationships forming in these books and the part with Nora and Michael in the bathroom was a little thrown in (the teenager had just realised his love for someone else but then slips inside her instead!). I guess this is where these books are becoming a challenge but for me - I just found that a stumbling block to plot progression.

The Sinners series continues to arouse the senses, the hottest scene in the book a threesome. Sex isn't sacred in these stories and I've already begun to wonder… what is sacred? The words on the page are always beautifully written, the attention to detail fantastic and yet I’m just wondering… can I stay eight books? I think I will take a break before continuing the series and come back with fresh eyes.
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on 25 September 2012
How I wish I could give more than 5 stars, this book is so delicious that if I could, I would eat it.

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST READ THE SIREN FIRST, before any of the books in the 'original sinners' series.

This is the continuing story of Eleanor (Nora) and Soren, the 'world famous' dominatrix and her priest. The 'Angel' is Nora's name for Michael a very troubled young man who is 'given' to Nora for a night and then a summer at 'Griffin' Fisk's, palatial home.

We learn so much more about the sadist Soren, his background and his devotion. About Nora and her troubled past that shaped her. Soren has to send Nora away as he in line to be a Bishop and the clerical spotlight shines his way. Nora is sent with Michael to begin his training as a submissive and at Griffin's home, Michael and Griff begin to very gently and beautifully fall in love. With instalments from the incredibly sexy Kingsley and a reporter who is determined to 'dig the dirt' on Soren. The only one missing until the very end of the book is Wesley although Nora refers to him often.

I just closed the final page and feel so 'in' the story that it may take a day or two for my thoughts to become once again my own. It's the wonderful, rich and colourful characters, the depth of the story from each main character's perspective, the beautifully woven relationships, the emotional range these characters feel and of course the erotic, beautiful, damaging, liberating sex that occurs frequently throughout.

The sex contained in this book is explicit and includes some knife play which some may find disturbing. This is a book based on characters who indulge in kinky sex including multiple partners, rough handling, same sex relationships including anal sex and all aspects of BDSM. Basically, sex in all it's glorious forms!!!

I adored this book and cannot wait for the next instalment of the 'original sinners' series, 'The Prince' due out in November 2012 and concentrating on Wesley's story.
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on 18 July 2016
This one picks up about a year after where The Siren finished with Nora and Soren back together.

Soren is up for promotion, shortly after the announcement a reporter receiving an anonymous tipoff that Soren's promotion is a conflict of interest. He sends Nora away pending the investigation. Nora stops with a one time love interest Griffin Fiske and a new trainee, Michael in his country estate and waits to be told she can come home.

We also learn a little bit more about Soren and Kingsley's past as the story unfolds.

Once again Ms Reisz crosses the line into taboo territory, with characters you just want to fall in love with and a book that you can't put down. There were a couple of scenes that made me cringe and I'm like "I can't believe she just went there"! Wait, of course I can, this is what I have come to expect now from here books. You can feel the dominance and power of both Soren and Kingsley once again. Absolutely love Kingsley with his super sexy French accent. If you're not into MM / MMF relationships or BDSM then please don't read, this book isn't for you. I however, have crossed over to the dark side! Onto book 3!!
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on 10 September 2013
After reading the 1st book in this series is was looking forward to this book and it didn't disappoint me, it is better then the first.

I still Love Nora, Soren is even more scary although you get to know him more in this and understand why he his like he is.

When I finished this I was so glad I didn't have to wait for the 3rd book to be released, the ending in this is brilliant. I really hope these two get the happy ending but I'm not sure they will.
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on 7 April 2016
I had already read this full series in paperback before 'one clicking' this copy. Tiffany Reisz is a fantastic writer. Soren Nora and Kingsley are absolutely fab throughout, with the addition of others.....griffin, michael, zach, grace, laila etc etc etc.

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on 12 July 2016
I couldn't put this book down the story of Nora and Soren is their love story the way they interact with the characters around them is brilliant. So well written I can't wait to reread the next in the series. This book takes you into the world of D/s where there is such strong love between them nothing is taboo. What will happen between Nora and Wes will they make it or will Nora`s need for kink keep her with Siren
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on 7 July 2016
Nora, Søren, Kingsley, Griffin and Michael are interlocked in this BDSM story .An explicit romantic love at first sight relationship develops between Griffin who is rich and an attractive Michael who is poverty stricken. But will they ever declare their love for each other? Read and find out.
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on 9 June 2013
Not going to give you a it and give the writer her dues.
If you've read anything else she has written you will love it.
I acted the cliffhanger...I'm all about instantaneous gratification, but sadist that she might wasn't to be.
I just really hope Nora does the right thing.....
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