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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars336
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2000
The effect of these books upon the reader is unique. Certainly the only books I have ever read that draw me back to re-read them again and again. They are more than just literature, they are priceless works of art. The gift of a brilliant writer possessed of an imagination that has no parallel in the history of literature to a world finding itself sadly bereft of tales of beauty and of wonder.
Drawing upon Tolkien's ancient histories and legends of Middle-earth, these tales tell of The War of the Ring and the events leading to the end of the Third Age. Tales that will bring unimaginable vistas vividly before your eyes and characters that will haunt your imagination for the rest of your life.
You simply must read these books--and what better editions? These are superbly illustrated with water-colour paintings by Alan Lee. Mr Lee is one of the conceptual artists currently assisting Peter Jackson bring The Lord of the Rings to the big screen in New Zealand.
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on 25 December 2012
It seems crazy to me that Amazon lump together reviews for different products, which is why I've written this note. This review is for the 19 CD set of the BBC radio adaptations for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. It was written from that product page & so belongs with that product. If Amazon put it somewhere else, that's their decision, not a result of this review...

It may seem expensive, but this product does contain 19 CDs, although the CD with music from The Hobbit is rather short at under 10 minutes.

The first 13 CDs are the BBC Lord of the Rings radio episodes, presented as 1 hour episodes, one episode on each CD. Each episode contains opening and end credits - it is not the re-edited version which was brought out a few years ago with a new introduction by Ian Holm. The 14th CD contains music from the series.

The next 4 CDs consist of The Hobbit - 2 half hour episodes presented per CD, without opening or closing credits. The final CD is, as mentioned above, is a CD of music.

The radio adaptation of The Lord of the Rings is widely acknowledged to be a classic, and I'd go along with this; it's wonderful! Jsut to pick out a couple of highlights; I particularly like the exchanges between Frodo and Faramir in Ithilien, which are much superior and truer to the book that those in the film, The Two Towers. Another classic section is the last episode "The Grey Havens" which adds more detail to the end of the story than the film.

The Hobbit adaptation isn't as good in my opinion. There are a lot of excellent parts, but there are some intrusive special effects at times, and some grating mis-pronunciations of names (Gollum = Gol-oom). nonetheless, considering it was first broadcast 45 years ago, it has dated well.

All in all, a good version (It would have to be for me to pay good money for something I've already bought before; I have a copy of the re-edited version on cassette) and highly recommended.
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on 10 August 2012
I bought these books after watching the Lord of The Rings films, so, they arrived very quickly, although I picked super saver delivery. I was slightly reluctant, when they arrived, as I heard they are slightly hard to read, and that they have slightly different language from then today, as I am only 13, I am 1/3 through the hobbit, which fantastic, the travelling parts, can get a little bit boring, but the suspense, and wanting to read more at the action bits, make up for that.
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on 22 January 2015
So, how many different (anniversary) editions of `The Lord of the Rings` can you/should you put in your bookshelf? As far as I am concerned, never enough... with this having been said, how does this 60th anniversary edition do in comparison with other editions? To make things short: It is a nice but certainly not a great edition, especially if one considers the set`s official, (non Amazon), price. This doesn`t mean that you are getting an inferior product, absolutely not, but in comparison with other available editions in a similar price range, this 60th anniversary is, at least in my humble opinion, by quality not quite on the same level.
But starting with the positive points: The set presents itself indeed nicely. It comes slipcased, with the three volumes the Lord of the Rings consists of (`The Fellowship of the Ring`/`The Two Towers`/`The Return of the King`) presented individually. In addition the set contains a fourth volume, a highly informative `Readers` Guide`. If you are one of those readers who enjoyed the appendices to the `Lord of the Ring` and feel you want to know more about the background of the LOTR, you will definitely want this 60th anniversary edition just for this extra volume. For the casual reader who is just interested in the story, this `Guide` with all its in-depth information might probably not be of too much interest.
The reason why I am not too happy with this edition is the paper quality, which in comparison with the other LOTR editions in my collection, feels somehow cheap and might in a few years show so in form of yellowing pages. I am fully aware that to many readers of this review this might come over as small minded, but as a book collector and considering the price of this set I would have expected a little bit more quality.
In conclusion: This 60th anniversary edition comes in a beautiful but not necessarily impressive design with an additional volume of valuable extra information, which would make purchasing this set worth it. The books' paper quality is o.k. but not as good as could be expected and if you are o.k. with this you will certainly be happy with this edition. For those willing to invest a little bit more money I would recommend considering to buy either the British deluxe 50th anniversary edition or - if you can still find it - the American 50th anniversary edition.
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on 6 January 2016
The book is amazing and I'm loving the looks of it without the paper that's wrapped around it.

The pictures in its description can be deceiving though (I'm not implying it's done intentionally of-course). But I'd buy it eitherways. To elaborate, the books' hardback is plain black, there's nothing pictured or written in their hardbacks, except on the spine, where there are golden, excellent quality, gilded letters, the classic Tolkien mark, and the Harper Collins mark. The pictured "minimalistic" drawings on the books, are but (not very) hard paper, wrapped around the books, and it is NOT sewn, meaning that it can be wrapped and removed at will. It kind of gives you a choice, to use the coloured paper around the book, or to keep it just with the plain black, classic-looking, hardback.

The case, is also black, very similar to the hardcover of the books, with golden gilded letters on either sides, and the "picture" of the Fellowship of the Ring that you can see in the item description pictures (the ring, the elf-letters, the 3 rings around it), golden gilded again of-course.

The only negative comment about this boxxed set, is that the paper back that I have spoken off, is not perfectly aligned in two of the books (the spine is a little bit off to the right or left), which messes a lot with my OCDs, but, for other people, it might not even be noticed.

There are some photos following which people can advise to check what the item looks like. On the 2nd photo you can slightly see the alignment issue I've mentioned above.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 31 January 2002
I bought this book set for my grandsons as an introduction to Tolkien. The typeface is clear, the paper good quality and the illustrations are mystical. My grandsons love it.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2013
I got this handsome set for my eldest nephew, as other reviewers have commented this is good way to introduce anyone to Tolkien's work; they are nicely bound with really classic pictorials. Like other reviewers have remarked the narrative is unique and I have never tired from re-reading this epic narrative every year, since I first read the saga. Every re-reading has been a joyful experience, and I have come away learning something new on each occasion. You can really feel the magic of Tolkien's' word on the page. This is a unique literary fantasy, borne out his affection for Anglo-Saxon folklore and heritage. I hope that my nephew has the same experience. I also got him to use a dictionary along with his reading, as some of the language, or shall we say word usage is not as common these days. So far he has really enjoyed the read and the magical world that Tolkien created.

My nephew gives this a full 5 star rating.
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on 3 December 2013
Very beautiful editions of my favourite series of all time, I have always wanted to own a nice edition of these books and these are very nice. Good quality of paper and great detail of Tolkien's drawings makes this a great purchase. I'll admit that I would have liked an attached ribbon to use as a bookmark but this only a small problem and obviously does not ruin the quality of the books.
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on 22 December 2005
Obviously, I don't need to blather on about how amazing the LOTR is or how much of a genius Tolkien is... there are many reviews that have already done that. Instead, I would like to comment on the actual edition of this book set - something I think will be a little more helpful to those of you deciding which set of LOTR books to buy.
Advantages of this edition are:
1. This 4-book paperback set includes "The Hobbit", which is a must-read before starting the LOTR trilogy.
2. I would describe the paper as "normal" paperback quality.
3. The presentation box is nice and sturdy.
4. The cover artwork (though not from the film) is really nice.
However, there is ONE major disadvantage of this edition:
1. THE TYPSET. The typset of "The Hobbit" is great - nicely spaced and easy to read, but don't let that fool you... The publisher has made the decision to make each of the 4 books in this set the same size (I assume for aesthetic purposes). Therefore, as each book of the trilogy is much longer than "The Hobbit", the typset for each of these 3 books is very small and very close together. Make sure you have a good pair of spectacles and/or a very well lit room and you'll be fine!
All in all a good price for a box set of 4 books. However, if you're looking for paperbacks that will get worn after re-reading many times, I would suggest purchasing the books individually in a more "eye-friendly" edition!
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on 22 February 2012
I bought this box set but always felt I wanted the illustrated set, so I bought that as well!

This set is printed on yellowy paper with very small print (too small in my opinion).

The illustrated set has better quality paper (whiter) and more pages (bigger print).

My advice is buy the illustrated set and pay the extra 10 quid. Well worth it. The images and better paper / type are definitely worth it.

By the way, I really enjoyed the Hobbit. The quickest I've read a book in years. Now on to the rest.
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