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on 29 June 2008
If you are taking the books name at face value you could be dissapointed, the subjects covered don't go very deep. It is not really a complete guide, more an overview. You will find many unanswered questions.

That said however it is an excellent book which is easy to read, honest, inspirational and useful. I have been taking photos professionally for the past two years and have been on a couple of Damien's photography courses. Damien rally knows what he is talking about and has an infectious enthusiasm for photography which I think comes across well in this book.

Some people think that this book is a bit of a boast with the mention of expensive equipment, but I disagree. I think it is more factual and it just so happens that (understandably) that is the kit he chooses to use for his high class clients.

You'd no doubt learn more from one (or two) of his photography courses, but this is a good cheap start to improving your wedding photography techniques and believing more in yourself as a photographer.

I'd recommend it if only for inspiration and an interesting read.
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on 18 May 2008
Before buying this book I thought that anyone considering a photography business would have to read a multitude of books in order to be able to make an informed decision and take the right steps. Forget that!!

This book guides you through all the necessary points that require your attention when nursing your business into development and eventually maintaining a solid market share.

Photography techniques, equipment, lighting, catering to the couples needs and expectations, and all round tips on what to expect and how to prepare before and during the wedding are all beautifully presented.

Unlike most photography books, this book delves deep into the financial aspects of running a business and does not overlook financial details of a business that could have serious results if overlooked.

Basically, it handles the whole issue in terms of a business, an art and as a profession.

I recommend this book to both professionals and ametures alike... there is a great deal of knowledge to be gained!
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on 30 October 2013
This is a thoroughly enjoyable and readable book. I think it doesn't give as much to a beginning wedding photographer as it does to an already seasoned wedding photographer who wants to upgrade clients (and fees). It does however give you an excellent understanding of the length and depth of effort required by anyone who wants to become as good (and well paid) wedding photographer as the author.
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on 6 February 2016
Got this used from my local charity shop so how lucky was that, have read with interest the negative reviews with f4 seeming to be a sticking point and was surprised to see that some reviewers think there work far surpasses that of one of the UKs top shooters. The images in this book are as Damian says in the Lovegrove style and really gives you ideas to incorporate into your own work, one reviewer tells us he would not trust the advice of a man that went into debt to buy a Hasselblad well I would not trust a man that turns up to shoot a wedding with a £400 SLR and kit lens from Curry"s as is what happened at my sons wedding, it was pure luck my wife had told me to take my own gear and I second shot the wedding and with good cause. a nice book from a true professional or you could ask those who think the photography mediocre in this book to give you the link to their own publication. I will end by saying I wish I was as successful and this as given many ideas for my own work and my clients have loved it.
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on 25 April 2009
I bought this book based on the other reviews and must say I was very disappointed. I completely agree with the other reviewers that Lovegrove spends much of his time patting himself on the back and in my view unjustifiably so. Flicking through the book as soon as it arrived I was instantly disappointed by the images, especially as he shoots on a Hasselblad Phase One. From a photography point of view his photos are distinctly average - poor composition, dodgy exposure, unflattering portraits. He had some helpful pointers on the process of wedding photography which is why he's getting 2 stars. For a book that really gives you fantastic advice and beautiful, emotive photos to aspire to I can thoroughly recommend Marcus Bell's book. Master's Guide to Wedding Photography: Capturing Unforgettable Moments and Lasting Impressions
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on 7 December 2007
After reading the reviews on this book I felt I was in for a real treat, However I was less than impressed with the images within it. Pretty much all the pictures were taken using a 4.0f stop which works on some of the images, others however end up looking flat,the skin tones lack warmth (which I suspect is why many are converted to B&W), and quite a few look "washed out" due to harsh artificial and sometimes natural lighting. If you're looking to improve your photography skills this isn't the book to do it with.
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on 7 October 2015
It's very slow to get going. The writer blabs on about his old career at the BBC so much that it's so irrelevant to the topic. The information in the book is very slow at getting to the point. Has good info, but not the best read.
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on 21 November 2007
When I heard and read that Damien Lovegrove was to release a book I smiled and thought YES.A portfolio and notes of advice all rolled into one from one of the UK's most sought after Photographer and Speaker is certainly worth a second look. Knowing Damien and his work like I do, it was no surprise that I would be ordering one as soon as the chance presented itself. Having being on one of Damien's Location Lighting Courses, I was in receipt of a set of notes at the end of the course which are kept on a safe location in my bookshelf. These aforementioned notes are still an important reference document. Shelved alogside this is my new investment (Damien' Book, The Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography) It is up ther with Bambi Cantrell and Julie Oswin.
The book itself is well presented and feels good tothe touch, like a wedding album which is to be cherished. It is full of well lit and well composed images with metadata attached so that you the reader can get an insight into the creation and the story of the image. The text is carefully worded and easy to read and anyone who knows Damien's voice you could be forgiven for thinking he was reading it to you.
I refer to it for both ideas and reference so that I am not outdone by the challenges that the present day photographer has to face.
Get your copy, it is well worth twice what you would pay, you will be sure to get several ideas from it, if you only get one it will still be worth it.
I hope you will enjoy the book as my as I have done,

Tim Collins.
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on 27 December 2007
I couldn't wait for this book to come, ready for Christmas. I know of Damien Lovegrove, his history in the industry and the workshops he gives. From the synopsis and discription given on Amazon, to even looking at the front cover, I was expecting a book full of inspirational images, sound technical advice giving any lighting situation, as well as an insight and an awakening, into how to fulfil and photograph a wedding.

How disappointed I was with this book. The images are boring and lack any vision by Damien, suggesting that his best work has not been put into this book? I see no difference in his work in this book than any other traditional wedding photographer. Is this a selfish act by Damien unwilling to share in his best work? I don't know? His technical advice into 'mastering light', 'composition' and 'post production' left me feeling cheated by these claims as there is no real input in this book covering these subjects adequately, just merely skimming the surface. Marketing, managing and finance are the only areas where I can see some thought going into the chapters, but even here the information is bitty and lacking.

The book is full of words where Damien pats himself on the back and gives his ego an even bigger boost telling us how great and how 'Lovegrove' the images are, and how expensive his equipment is. Instead of the book giving us inspiration, sound thought out advice, tips and tricks as well as what us photographers really want, the technical and atheistic methods behind a professionals work coupled with business management, it gives us a 'skimming overview' leaving me feeling like I haven't really learnt anything at all. Most of the advice given in this book is simple common sense. This is a shame, and I doubt I will ever be picking up this book frequently.
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on 11 October 2007
I have been on three of Damien Lovegrove's courses based in Bristol, and this book is the perfect accompaniment. It goes into incredible detail about the actual wedding day process, as well as marketing, creating a brand and post-production. He clearly demonstrates how it's so important in this industry to create a name for yourself and a definable "look". So many wedding guests will have a brand spanking new D80 or 30D along with reasonable photographic skills, and will soon put an end to many of the wedding photographers in the lower sector. This book emphasises the importance of keeping ahead in a changing market. Definitely recommended for anyone serious about setting up, and I also advise you to take a look at his training courses. Although they're not cheap, they're well worth a look. The Business of Weddings course is a real eye-opener.
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