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4.3 out of 5 stars103
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2014
This is space opera at its best, having read all of Banks' Culture novels I didn't think I could get into this type again. With much more of a human feel and many links back to our culture now this author spins complicated epics that feel scientific and adventurous.
Enjoy this as part of the trilogy and then I'd recommend North Road to follow,....
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on 14 July 2015
Another great sci-fi read
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There are pluses and minuses to Peter F. Hamilton's second volume of the Void Trilogy; `The Temporal Void' (TTV).

In the plus column are:
1. The quality of the writing is as high as always.
2. There is plenty of exciting, well written action.
3. Its chock full of ideas.
4. The future it envisages is brilliantly conceived.
5. It juggles multiple plot strands with deceptive ease.
6. There is a welcome lack of the cringe making sex that Hamilton sometimes seems slightly too fond of.

In the minuses:
1. There is no preceding summary of events thus far. Having read The Dreaming Void well over a year ago I struggled to remember who everyone was and what they were up to. Surely it's not beyond the publishers to include a quick recap up front.
2. Whilst Edeard's adventures were the strongest element of The Dreaming Void and whilst they are still enjoyable there is simply too much of them here and they go on for too long. They could have been substantially truncated with no real loss. Instead they feel self-indulgently long winded and limit the amount of time given to the other plot strands. Araminta's adventures especially feel very shortchanged.
3. The pacing is off. By the end I was tempted to skip forward to find out what happens. Partly this is due to the surfeit of Edeard's adventures and partly because in the final quarter nothing terribly `exciting' happens. Yes, there are revelations aplenty but the no real action to speak of. Plus too many plot strands are just left waiting for volume 3, without a cliff hanger or big finale to keep the reader interested.
4. Its 700+ pages long. I don't have a problem with long books in principle. I do wonder however, whether the length is entire justified here. I think some trimming could have been done without the book losing anything.

Overall TTV doesn't quite live up to the standard of The Dreaming Void. It very much feels like the middle chapter of a three volume series, with a great deal going on but no resolution. It's also feels somewhat self-indulgent in places, and struggles to completely hold the reader's interest for its not inconsiderable length.

Despite these problems however, it remains first class epic sci-fi. Hamilton is one of the best writers working in the genre at present and I will eagerly await the trilogy's conclusion. Who knows, when viewed as part of the completed saga I might find that my opinion of TTV needs to be reassessed.
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on 12 November 2008
While I agree with one reviewer about the usefulness of a summary of Part I, I also think that you just have to sink yourself into Hamilton's marvellous universe (or universa?) to fully appreciate the wild and convoluted rollercoaster you're about to undergo.

Plus that I think Hamilton is one of the very few to have created a consistent universe, including delightfully contradictions. I'm wondering why others in this region (Iain Banks, Terry Pratchett, Alastair Reynolds, to mention just a few) are all British writers. Mmm... something to do with Empire-building... ;-)

In the meantime, enjoy Hamilton. And now we have to wait about 1 1/2 year for the conclusion...
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on 27 January 2009
Having read all the late and great sci-fi writers for over forty-five years it takes someone special to impress me. Peter Hamilton does just that and then some. I'm not going to go into the synopsis of this book as it's been more than covered in the previous reviews. This is more in the way of a recommendation for the author in general and his books in particular, and I've now read all of them.
I've yet to be disappointed.
Peter Hamilton is one of those rare authors who can produce quality in quantity at a consistently high standard. He doesn't do pot boilers! Whether it's imagination, concept, plot, characterisation, descriptive prose or all the other things that are required to make a good book great, Peter Hamilton produces them in abundance. In short, simply awesome story telling in every department! It's now got to the point where I don't even read the synopses before I buy one of his books. I just know I'm going to enjoy whatever he produces. I can only think of two other authors of any genre that I've regarded in the same manner - Alistair McClean and Ian M Banks - so we're talking real class here and, out of the three, Peter Hamilton's moved up to number 1 in my book (no pun intended).
As far as I'm concerned, his next book never comes out soon enough.
No pressure Peter!
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on 5 January 2009
This second part of the Void trilogy glides perfectly on from the first. The skill involved in melding sf with fantasy on this hugely expectant level is very brave, but crikey, it's simply, uniquely, fantastic.

Peter keeps the sex to a young adult level in this series, which should make it universally appealing for those 'shyer types'...

I am busting my chops waiting for the final instalment of this deeply moving tale.

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on 14 March 2009
I have read everything that Hamilton has written and I truly believe he is the best SF writer writing today. I have to admit that I preferred both of the previous series to the Void series but, if I had not read them, I would have thought this perfect SF. I cannot recommend Hamilton enough and, if you have not read him, I think it is time to start.
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on 21 January 2009
My son gave me the Dreaming Void for Christmas. He knew that Hamilton was my favourite author - at the time. Frankly, I found that initial volume brimful of good ideas but also full of really bad prose. Did Peter Hamilton actually write it or did he employ a committee to produce it, because it was a bit of a camel.

I read the brilliant reviews about the Temporal Void on here so, believing what I read I bought it. It's like something Enid Blyton would write, but in the science fiction vein with puerile sex.. Bloody ridiculous!

PS For some reason I stupidly referred to Neil in the original Review.. Must be my age :)
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VINE VOICEon 31 May 2010
Last night I finished Peter F Hamilton's Temporal Void, the second in his Void trilogy. I'd enjoyed the book, but got an incredible feeling of deja vu for the last 50 pages. I KNEW WHAT WAS COMING NEXT. Could not work it out until I logged onto Amazon, tried to review it and they told me I ALREADY HAD

Which means that I have read this book before and completely forgotten having read it and, even worse, not remembered until the last 50 pages. Extraordinary.

So, as other reviewers have noted, this carries the story forward of Edeard, the Waterwalker, and his time in Makkrathan and then a variety of other characters as they try to cope with the sudden expansion of the mysterious Void.

There is no synopsis of what happened in the previous book and that is a huge mistake. There are so many plotlines and characters that it strikes me as almost unreasonable to expect the reader to remember. It's also much, much too long.

But it's fairly enjoyable for all that. My original review gave it three stars, but I'm taking one off to mark the fact that you can read it a second time and not even realise you have read it before!!!!

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on 2 July 2014
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